Friday, December 29, 2006

Creativity at work

Last week we had our Christmas party at this lovely Lounge Bar. It was a cosy get together of just our department folks. The highlight of the party was imitation of the big bosses and little quirks and eccentricities of the good folks in our team by a bunch of amateur actors in our team. Quite harmless and funny and hysterically funny after the cocktails started doing their stuff.

The most hilarious two was of a guy and the way he talks to clients on his mobile falling off the balcony and getting up without pausing and continuing his persuasive sales talk ( his mobile bills exceeded his Sales figures this year but he still met his target) The second skit was that of a gal and the way she parks her car.

The parking of a car by a gal was quite similar to the forwards you get in emails. Anyways, the 'actors' showed her driving in and nearly knocking a pillar or two of the basement car parking. Then she parks the car only to be told by security that it is wrongly parked. Finally she manages to park the car after several tries.

She then turns the rear view mirror towards herself and combs her hair, checks her makeup, pops an Orbit in her mouth, offer some to others in the basement and then gets down only to realise that her laptop and bag are in the rear seat. So she gets in again and removes the laptop and locks the car again only to realise that she has left her phone on the dashboard of her car. She retrieves this and then goes around checking the doors of the car that has central locking system. After she reaches the Lift she realises that she has left her tiffin carrier in the car and dashes back. By now she is loaded with a laptop, hand bag, Tiffin carrier, Mobile and car keys. She drops these in a steady stream on her way up the lift and to her floor with the security guys picking them up one by one. The last scene showed the security guys with a loaded cart coming to deposit her stuff in her workstation and the gal counting all her stuff carefully and then exclaiming, "but where is my IPod?!!"

I was laughing hysterically till my friend told me that it was me they were mimicking. Then it was not so funny. But a quick round of cocktails made me see the funny side of the performance again.

For our New Year get together, yours truly has something planned....and I have all the big bosses blessings too , heh heh which means quite a lot of skeletons of people are gonna come tumbling out la la la la

Life is good!!!!



Fleiger said...

It takes courage to laugh with others on self...

That said, was the cart the normal one we get at the shopping malls or the extra-strong airport variety? :D

Mind Curry said...

I was laughing hysterically till my friend told me that it was me they were mimicking.
i just burst out laughing here when i read that..and then i went back and tried to imagine you do all that..hee funny this..

great fun!

hope the new years party is even better!!

silverine said...

fleiger: Thank you kind sir :) It was a bar trolley they used in the scene :p

MC: he he they mised the one-last-look in the car glass to see if my hair was okay :p The buggers, I wonder when they observed all this!! But it was funny allright :))

Jay Sun said...

We all have our little quirks and eccentricities !

Always good to be able to laugh at them :)

All the best with the New Year Party !

Alexis said...

Hats of to your friends...I was ROFL when I read how they pulled your leg.

BTW did you get your iPod :-)

Wishing you a very happy and fun filled 2007 and hope the security guys have a nice time this year :-)

Praveen said...

so u didnt know that they were mimicking you :), thats funny.

Happy new year 2007.

silverine said...

jaysun:thank you :)

alexis: hats off indeed for thinking up this idea :))

praveen: guess you would have no trouble recognising exaggerated situations depicting you :)

Fleiger said...

Then that's not too big...

Happy New Year!!!

Fleiger said...

And given your well developed streak of sadistic pleasure, I would be hiding now if I was a part of that drama, or even had a hint of smile on my face during the performance.

Jeseem said...

great post.
glad to know there are people having fun at your expense.
of course they better run and hide now, before they face the silverline revenge :)

Nariyal Chutney said...

Silverine , We could understand from few of your earler posts that your humour had a rubbing effect on your family and cousins and we assumed that it was genetic . Now it is pretty nice to see the "rubbing" effect on your colleagues and this was hilarious :)

silverine said...

fleiger: lol no they needen't fear me, I really enjoyed this gag :)

jeseem: It was fun actually and reminded me of college days :)

nariyal chutney: Thank you :) Actually this place is filled with real sports. And I think this idea was a great one too :)

Sachin R K said...

"Blessed is he who can laugh at himself, for he shall never cease to be amused."

Waiting for your New Year gettogether post :)

Jiby said...

so...that much passed around forward of how a gal goes to an atm machine isnt too way off the mark...hehe. looking forward to read how you carried out your vendetta for new year!

read ur last many posts at one go now, both at poomanam and here...all good ones...the one post dedicated to ur eldest bro...i realized i have miles to travel to make my sis say something good abt me!

silverine, wish you a happy new year and all the very best for 2007. and thanks for the comment which really pepped me up.

silverine said...

sachin rk: NY party was cool, quite nice :)

Jiby:Thank you :) I didnt take revenge. The vacation in Keral put me in a good mood :)

Zoe tharakan said...

This is so hilarious!!