Friday, December 01, 2006

I survived

This Week

Monday: 9 hours of meeting
Tuesday: 5 hours of meetings
Wednesday: Four hours of vendor meetings and briefings
Thursday: A total flop show by the Event Managers at the venue, redoing of stall at venue at the nth hour and 10 hours of standing and supervising that
Friday: still young ...

Monday I kick ass

R.I.P Ad Agency and Event Managers



Fleiger said...

That is one of the deadliest schedule I have ever seen. So many meetings?
And how was the stall?

Ajith said...

19 hrs of meetings till now..And, for how much time of it were u awake :) ?

alex said...

This is kick kick ass! OH man!

LI said...

Isn't this meant to be an excuse for not blogging .This seems to be a pretty easy schedule . :)

Dr.asish said...

so does standin at stall all day long make u a sales girl as ur aged relative once pointed out? LOL!

quills said...

Wow! That's a longggg week.

But I do like the way you start the week!. :)

Sachin R K said...

Did you get any work done at all? :P

silverine said...

Holla peoples!! I survived!!!!!!! It's gonna be a lovely weekend!!! :))

Fleiger: The stall was sooper as i ordered a ready made "really expensive" one that I am not gonna pay for :p

ajith: All the time :(

Alex: Yeah man!!

Li:Wanna switch? Now I know why the last incumbent dived out of the window hmmmmm

dr. asish: grrrr
LOL no I didn't have to stand at the stall, there were some college kids doing that :))

quills: What a horrible way to start a week. I coudn't feel my hiney for some days after that :(

sachin: LOL good one :))
But unfortunately it was a lot of work that I got done *sob* :((

Asterix said...

19 hours of meetings, and again, how many hours did you attend ? :)

I didn't know you had a second blog! Talk about serendipity.

quills said...

I meant you kicking ass next week. :)

silverine said...

asterix: Since I conducted the meetings I attended all the hours. The rest must have slept :(

quills: Ah! I got more sadistic pleasure mileage by giving a hint of the kick ass session to the ad guys and event managers today. They have the whole weekend to mope. Revenge of the client!!! muauAHAHAAHA!! :p

Fleiger said...

So that's what you meant when you said you are going to "kick ass"...

silverine said...

fleiger: yes!!! :p

Jeseem said...

as long as u hav energy left for weekend, alls well that ends well :)

Mind Curry said...

R.I.P Ad Agency and Event managers on monday means a new one will be born by tuesday? or are you going to take over?

you know..i really like the kind of work you do..

Anonymous said...

Yo baeby! Go tiger!

- GT

silverine said...

Jeseem: No energy, why do you think I blogged on a Friday night. Was home recovering :((

mind curry: I am retaining the ad agency cos they learnt quickly that the 'gal' they thought was a "piece of cake" had some grey matter between her two ears. The Event Manager gets the boot. But believe me it is not as interesting as you think. I am sooo dead beat and hopping mad!!!

GT: I did! I did!!

Mind Curry said...

does that mean i can manage the events now?


i promise lot of blood splattering and organs being tossed around..

Anonymous said...

you are going to kick ass and i wont be there to see it :-(

come baaaaaaaaaaaaack boo hoo :-((

trish palat

silverine said...

mind curry: "promise lot of blood splattering and organs being tossed around.."
With credentials like that I bet you can!!! lol

Trish: Missing you all and the good ol days too :(
Good news is that Jijo has joined us as Sysadmin, and Binoy will too soon!!! Jijo gave me a scare when the Internal Messenger suddenly flashed a message from Sysadmin about blogging policies. I thought I was caught!! grrr I chased him down and pulled his ears real hard. Anyways it's nice to have a small porton of the 'ol gang here :))

G said...

You so need to get a new Event Manager :P

We come cheap, just as long as we can blog on site.

silverine said...

G: "We come cheap, just as long as we can blog on site"

LOL spoken like a true event magr. Even my EM tried to do everything on site..that means he was not prepared :))

abhishek said...

Do you work at an event promotion agency? We were looking at a similar company in the US to invest. However, general feeling is that exhibit management is a saturated field here.

silverine said...

Abhishek: No I work for a software company and we use Event Managers for product launches, training pogrammes etc. :)