Friday, January 05, 2007

The Y generation

Yesterday, my cousin sister's 8 year old daughter acompanied me to the ATM. She stood watching fascinated as the man before me took out money from the ATM. When it was my turn to use the ATM, I noticed my niece going around and round the ATM with a puzzled look. Finally she looked at me and said "But where is the man who gives you the money?" :)

Kids are the cutest aren't they? She also taught me the worlds shortest Nursery Rhyme on the way back to her house and it is...

Baa baa black sheep have you any wool?
No! F**k Off!

...and I thought it was "three bags full"

...obviously it is not.


Neihal said...

me too thought it was three bags uptill now:)

Now my mom and nursery teacher had tough time putting that into my head...but your cousin's daughter did it just like that:)

Jay Sun said... imagining your expression on hearing the new version of the nursery rhyme!!! :)

btw, what did you say to her once she completed the lesson ?

Mind Curry said...

those bags used to be full those days i!! they are a handful alright!

geetha said...

wow! That is a modern but scary change of the nursery rhyme!

mathew said...

Lol!!!..ah..we are saints in comparison to these kids..:-P

atleast our slangs were restricted to..'you monkey ..donkey'those days..

Feel like a outdated product in the market when you see the next generation taking shape!! :-P

quills said...

LOL! Bet this is why rhymes are specifically called nursery only teach the lil' ones yet to acquire worldly knowledge. :) Past 1st grade they grow up.

Sachin R K said...

Syllabus okke maari :P

silverine said...

neihal: Even I had difficulty learning this one...wish we had to learn the shorter version :)

jay sun: Surprising...but I also learnt some colourful language when I was around that age. Of course I didn't know the meaning and I am sure neither does she :)

MC: They are a handful alright. You should hear some of the new versions of the nursery rhymes...amazingly short and to the point :p

geetha: Well...I don't think she knows the meaning of the word :)

mathew: Indeed!! We are saints compared to kids these days!!! And me too feel like a fossil when I am around the likes of Miss DAV :p

quills: Kids grow up so fast these days :)

sachin rk: LOL absolutely right :))

Neihal said...

for the 'colourful language' post.

Jay Sun said...

Just finished reading your post of the colourful language you had learnt on the cricket field :)

When i was a kid, learnt all my colourful language in hindi !!! and as you would know,lots and lots of colour in hindi !!! like you, i too did not know the meaning :)

alex said...

Y generation lol...wonder what they will be thinking about when they reach our age???


Jiby said...

and to think as an eight year old i carried around with a heavy heart, the first cuss word i learnt in english b***tard, as a big secret! reading this laugh about the days i frantically searched the meaning of the F word in countless dictionaries as a 13 year old after seeing it in a novel!

Jeseem said...

hey i also need to meet the man inside the atm. need to sock him. he is handing me empty receipts, which say " no balance left"

baa baa silverline, are there any post,
yes sir yes sir , new laughing full.

Rockus said...

The kids these days!

If they are the innocent lambs, then what are we?
(Lamb Chops? :P)

pophabhi said...

Small kids are beautiful...Well...were! :)

Nariyal Chutney said...

Hmm , Actually Your Cousin Sisters Daughter is a genius . She said something that is worrying all the major bank CXO's these days . Though it offers convinience , there is a growing concern about the lack of human interaction in customer dealings through bank ATMs . Studies have found out that the trust element and brand factor is decreasing among customers due to the increasing usage of ATMS.

OOpz , The Second part which is the new rhyme underlines my pint that she may be a genius :) . Just Kidding , But a little bit sad , you know when you see children losing their innocence :)

silverine said...

neihal: Thank you :)

jay sun: To answer your previous question, I burst out laughing when she completed the nursery rhyme :)

alex: I wonder too :)

Jiby: Me too...didn't know what the F word was for a long time :p

jeseem: Lots of people wanna see him and sock him :P

rockus: LOL 'lamb chops' was too good!! :))

popabhi: I agree :p

nariyal chutney:Dont feel sad...she doesnt know the meaning. and about banks and ATM's..gimme an efficient ATM any day than a cranky bank staffer!!

G said...



One More Reason said...

That was one cool & brilliant nursery rhyme :) :) :) :)

silverine said...

G: I know..I know!!! :P

riotofreasons: Thank you :)

Di said...

:O ..thats just my reaction..then just an old duddy-fuddy..