Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I was walking by this Mall today and there was this guy walking on the other side of the road, doing what most guys do when they see a girl i.e. stare. He was so busy staring that he walked into a lamp post. Straightening he kept walking glancing back with his jaws on the ground. Routine stuff with us girls. That got me thinking. “Poor guy. Nature has pumped him with some hormones to make him behave like that when he sees a gal.”

Suppose there was a sudden dip or evaporation of his hormone levels, would he feel embarrassed at all that he had done pre dip in hormones?

"WTF, err I mean what on earth! Why was I ogling at gals?"

Strip us off our hormones that makes us young males and females and what do we have? Some creatures that will look at each other and say,

"That human being with hair on his face is so weird no?


“That human being with no hair on the face is so annoying no?"

Look at the way Nature/God has created us. Each species is divided into Type A and Type B. Type A and Type B are equipped to produce more Type A and Type B so that all the species on Earth reproduce and keep the natural cycle going.

But in the case of humans, if a Type A goes with the Type B of another Type A it becomes adultery. Because he is supposed to stick with his Type B and vice versa.

In some cultures like ours, parent Type A and parent Type B decide which Type B should marry their Type A and vice versa. In some cultures, they allow Type A and Type B's to choose their types. In some cultures, Type B is kept under veils so that strange Type A's do not do what is programmed of them i.e. ogle at them and have natural thoughts.

In olden days, if a Type B even looked in the direction of a Type A not known to her, she would be labeled a charlatan for doing what Nature/God programmed her to do.

Then there are people who are aware of the Types inherent tendencies and make “literature” of things Type A’s and Type B’s naturally do in their bedrooms and make money or land in jail. On the other spectrum, we have "literature" like M&B’s that write about the excruciating emotional roller coasters and ego clashes some hunky Type’s and beautiful Type B’s ride, to finally say “Lets do the natural thing err I mean I love you”.

Then there are people, mostly Type A’s who want to do what is naturally expected of them with Type B’s and in absence of a Type B buy the services of a Type B who is looked upon by the society “types” for doing what is very natural.

The there are Type A's and Type B's who do not want just any other Type A or Type B. They want to be able to gel with them mentally too. This creates lots of problems as Nature/God did not take this into account. They i.e. Nature/God wanted to keep the species head count in a steady state thats all!!! But look what havoc the hormones are creating instead!!

The there is Type A's who like Type A's and vice versa. These people seem to be cocking a snook at Nature/God, but lets not go there now.

When you look at humans from this angle, so many things begin to look ridiculous no?

Sorry for neglecting this space folks. Life has become so hectic that I would outrun a Cheetah by a mile if the race was about the amount of work done per minute. But I am not complaining. The work is interesting!


scorpiogenius said...

Humans have encircled themselves in too many complicated webs of social fabric that what is natural has been deemed strange in many cultures. and in our country it has become even more perplexing, especially of late with all this Type A + Type A controversies. ;)

skar said...

And some Type Bs decide to make life a whole lot more complicated for dull-headed Type As by labeling the two sexes Type A and Type B in stead of what they are usually called :) (This Type A has temporarily forgotten what it is they are usually called because he can only hear Type A and Type B ringing in his head!)

RGB said...

I guess it takes all types to make this world a fascinating place. Imagine if Type A & Type B across all cultures and communities behaved the same way. It would be absolutely staid, aye!

Capt. Anup Murthy said...

LOL on the guy walking into a lamp post. Seen that before! So many Type A and B's, all I can see on my keyboard are those two blessed letters, you've got me in a daze!

Anonymous said...

Won't blame the guy in question :)

Nats said...

Doing what you do best I see! :-P

Anonymous said...

can you correct the mistakes in the post? lots are there. And not only Type A's like Type A's, but there are Type B's liking Type B's also.