Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yum T V Toadies

Pix courtesy Bryon

I hate Yum TV Toadies. Somebody please duct tape the Dysphoric Maniac who produces the show and the wimp he hires as anchor to compere the show!

I do not understand this show…so please bear with me here. We first have the channel advertising auditions for the Toadies show. After which we are put through a prolonged serial display of Dysphoric Mania with the Dysphoric Maniac (DM) and another wimp who apes him, selecting participants for the show in front of the camera.

The selection process does not allow anyone with balls to stand up to the DM and only people who the DM can intimidate are selected. But not before he humiliates kids half his age in front of the camera because they are so desperate for a break on television. Pathetic and absolutely abusive. If he thinks that Toadies is about toughness then he needs to kick himself out of the show and get some real men to select the contestants!!

After careful selection of the Toadies, the DM begins the show where a toy boy called Ran V Joy puts the toadies through various tasks. The Toy Boy looks ill at ease and stands like an emasculated eunuch when the Dysphoric Maniac walks into the show from time to time and abuses and scolds the contestants for the most weirdest reasons and walks out like a coward. After which the Toy Boy picks up the pieces and conducts the competitions and eliminations.

In between the tasks the Toadies face the camera and bitch about each other in Hindi. Just when you are settling in to watch the competition, in walks in the DM stand in front of the camera and scream his lungs out at the Toadies for silly reasons like failing in the tasks. His voice is weak, tinny and irritating and he screams like a spoilt toy dog at a dog show snugly sitting in his rich mistresses arms away from the big dogs. His eyes bulges out, the veins on his neck stand out and you wonder if this guy is addicted to anger! A most unpleasant sight.

And if anyone from the ranks of the Toadies has the temerity to stand up to him, he is summarily dismissed from the show. “GET THE F&%K OUT” are the eloquent words used to remove a contestant from a show because he dared to face the bully. The DM then walks off with a look of supreme satisfaction like a man who has just had his fix after a long bout of cold turkey.

If you must know I watched the show out of curiosity the first time and the next time recently as someone urged me to watch the tamasha. I don’t know when the publicity starved populace of ours will realize the difference between opportunity and abuse.

Watch ‘Dance India Dance’ on Zee TV Mr. Dysphoric Maniac and learn from the judges how to conduct a show.


Kamini said...

This is why I almost never watch TV! This was a good read, I really enjoyed it.

sandeep said...

he he he ... so ungirlish silverine :) some of the girls i know are huge fans of 'roadies' and luv run v jai and the twins! and yeah ... i can add that the show is called 'roadies' but hardly has anything to do with getting into the road. i know ... the participants tag along with a cavalcade and travel from place to place in between their tasks/abuses but thats usually less than 5mins in any episode

thomas said...

I never understood why people are so desperate to get on this show; come from far off cities to appear for audition. I watched this show 2 years back when in college (Luckily I have only DD now). I echo your voice -- some people have a misplaced sense of the way to show toughness and temerity. They don't realize that being abusive or doing some task that requires physical strength or skill is doesn't necessarily translate into toughness. But I guess the general public is thirsty for popularity, in whatsoever way to get it, they'll do it.

But I confess, I've been a fan of reality shows when the concept 1st launched. I have been a regular viewer of Survivor, the amazing race, the apprentice et al. But of late, I just despise all these reality stuff; in fact it's no more reality any more. It's just a way to give the audience what they want to see; and they want to see fights, abuses and all that stuff.

Think I overshot my comment space. :)

mathew said...

I havent had the 'honour' to watch this show...but I think I have got a fair explanation here to inspire me not to buy a hayabusa...ahem.

well this post would apply to most reality shows now...only solace being these shows give us gems like Susan Boyle which otherwise would never have been found!!

Sakeeb said...

Havoo.. Finally I found someone who hate this show. I was getting mad at all those sadists enjoy watching someone the humiliating, bitching and harassing each other. All these while I was thinking I have some serious mental problem that I am not able to enjoy that show. Thanks for the post. You saved me from getting admitted myself in a psychiatric hospital.

Pramod Abraham said...

Initially these reality shows were interestin' but later the charms wears off. The most of the judges don't know what to say.

I guess the judges take to abuse just to hide their own insecurity.


I never watch reality shows, or TV serials. Both are crass.

Movies are bad, too , but better than either of these for watching on TV.

Jane said...

Hey, did you by any chance happen to see another program in the same channel? Called splitsvilla. 2 guys trying to find their 'true love' or something. Yum TV guys are so creative, no? :))

scorpiogenius said...

I m hearing of such a show for the first time..thanks to you, I will make sure I stay out of the living room if this is on..:) *chuckle*

Kunjootty said...

silverine, you should definitely watch splitsvilla... and then you'll learn to love roadies!!
in roadies atleast in between all the bitching, shouting and abusing the contestants get to do/see some interesting tasks. but in splitsvilla.... well, i definitely dont know how to describe the show... i just go on to wonder just where is the hell is the moral police now??? when this is the most blatant and ugly exhibition of "again i dont know what to describe it as"!!!
as long as splitsvilla airs on tv theres no point in anyone talking or doing anything about "indian culture", valentines day, pink chaddis and shilpa-gere kissing in public!!

Dreamcatcher said...

Dear Silverine

WOW ! I am searching for words to I feel about your post.

HE..HEE..hEEEE.....Some one has shown the guts to write against reality show.... which has been rated top among the reality programs.

And also.. Some one who has been very much writing classic gossips is saying dis...”I am an angel and I dont knw gossips”...I cant digest it...Hee..heee..hhe

But let me tell u... your blog post is classy and with grace...and a rare pedigree of writing…..which makes me come back ..waiting for your next hot gossips.

With regards

Dream catcher

Anonymous said...

The way Raghu shouts and barks at the contestants is becoming more and more distasteful. He is ruining the spirit of the show by creating situations that brings out the worst in the contestants. The show is becoming another Ekta Kapoor serial with the drama, plotting and crying and all. Quite frankly it is just a bunch of people making fools out of themselves for the fools who like to watch them.

/urgu said...

I must confess that i like the show for two reasons: the tasks and the girls. The Roadies aint a test of manliness or anything cos the "Roadies" are selected based on their entertainment value. The USP of the show is undoubtedly the bitching.

I asked my ppl what they found so interesting in this bitching thing, and it seems they like the guess game. The show aint fair either, cos the ppl bring in a person already eliminated just for the kick of seeing the fd up faces of the other fools who did shit just for this...

Good post. Was waiting for this topic to catch your fancy, actually. :)

Anki said...

good stuff

good fun

Nimitha said...

I never watched a single episode of this show till now. whenever i happen to end up in that channel while surfing, i immediately changed channel. it is so repulsive.! the contestants and the bitching. I dont understand whats so interesting in reality shows when the results are already decided!

Gymnast said...

I wonder whats so scary about the tasks when u know MTV would have taken enough precautions so that a case of negligence would not be filed against them. I hate the show but i still go on watching it so that i can go on talking about how horrible it is. :-)

Abhi said...

Yem Tee Vee is a channel that comes up with shows that can really make you throw a BIG stone @ the TV and make sure that nothing ever comes on that TV. They 1st had just roadies to kill the crowd, now they've splitsville a show where gr8 looking(but dumb) gals go ga-ga over morons; guys who'd give dumb n dumbers' Jim Carrey a run for his money. I can't understand why Yem Tee Vee thinks that people love such shows. The only good point in watching these shows is the bitching that goes on television when the VOTE-OUT round comes up. That's when they really get gr8. Otherwise the team games, the tasks are a waste of time :)

Kunjootty said...

hey, has anyone noticed what the latest "style" item is on MTV? wearing a rosary....////
nikhil chinnappa wears it on splitsvilla, rannvijay on roadies and even bani on wassup. :-P

any reasons for the same???
ippo kondha malakalkku vare ithaa gathikedu...

aks said...

hey dear....

a nice one....but have to admit tat inspite of spiting bout the show i end up watching it once a while....the tamasha that happens out there projects the shallowness of the present youth n their bare all attitude to attain tat false stardom.....god save them all....

Hari said...

True true true!!

I guess everyone at Yum TV are sadomachoistic freaks! :| That should explain why they make shows like Toadies!

silverine said...

Kamini: Thank you! :)

sandeep: The show is popular I admit it. But it is the tasks and eliminations that people like I think.

thomman: Very true and no sweat with long comments at my blog! :) People are desperate I guess to make it big.

Mathew: I don't have anything against reality shows, just the way some of them tend to treat contestants who have no choice but to put up with it. Please do watch it on Youtube to know what I am talking about.

Sakeeb: :) I have to admit that I thought I was the only one too...till I found out that many people watch the show watch it for the competitions and many are pissed of at the DM's attitude.

Raji: Reality shows ironically shows the people for who they are! :p

scorpiogenius: :p You wont miss much!

Pramod: Your last sentence seems like a plausible explanation for the attitude!

Jane: I watched the program just once...never again! It is the pits!!

Dreamcatcher: I am afraid this is not gossip. I am not talking about anyones personal life. I do not like the way contestants are shouted at. Thats all! :)

Anon: Thats the general feeling now!

urgu: :) The show is popular I admit. But I feel that the DM is taking advantage of that!

Anki: Thanks! :)

Rhythm: Thats what I heard...that the results are decided by the DM according to his likes and dislikes which depends on the contestants "behavior".

Gymnast: The show is interesting due to the competitive element. People watch due to that.

Abhi:lol! Splitsvilla can be called Dumb and Dumbervilla! :))

Kunjooty: This is the talking point nowadays with a lot of people!! I think they think it is an iconic accessory like the peace symbol.

Aks: So nice to see you here!!! How you doin ;) I wouldn't term the people in this show as the youth of India as most of them are from the North. If you come to Blr or Chennai, do watch some reality show like programs at college fests. You will be surprised how mature the youth down south are!! :)

Hari: You made a valid observation. If you have watched Nihals audition you would have seen Nikhil making a fool of himself demoing a monkey while all the while he was aping the DM's temper tantrums. My brother who pointed this out told me that, most probably the DM will go to his room and have a good laugh at Nikhil. He is devious :p