Monday, August 11, 2008

Bush fire!

The good news:

Sen. McCain's bus crashes in Miami!

The bad news:

Sen. McCain was not traveling in the bus when the accident occurred.

God save America...err the world!


Hari said...

Someone's obsessed about America!

P.S. I thought a think-pad-post on Bindra would be most appropriate at this juncture. Please do consider about it!

Anonymous said...

Good one!!

skar said...

LOL! Its funny when I assume the 70 year old man's insecurities. Somebody should tell him he's going to kick the bucket soon anyways, so the guns aren't really going to protect him!

mathew said...

This is as far as he gets to have a 'shot' at the president's chair!! ;-D

But must say he isnt as unpopular in the States as the rest of world thinks..

Vaudevillian said...

and the reason?

Sriram said...

The driver of that vehicle was the sole occupant.

"This was an unfortunate incident, but we're thankful that everyone is okay," said Mario Diaz, campaign manager for Sen. McCain for the SE Region.


silverine said...

Hari: "Someone's obsessed about America!" I suggest you don't make sweeping statements like this again. It may not be taken very kindly at other blogs. Just a friendly advice! :)

Anon: Guess you got the point! ;)

Karthik: :) I wondered when I posted this, how many people would get what was on my mind :p I don't know much about US politics, but I am damn pissed off after the shooting of those three Indian Phd students and his statement that gun are needed to protect people. Where were his guns when those students were shot in cold blood? grr

Mathew: Good one!! :) Well I don't know about his popularity or lack of it, or US politics, but we are better off without people who advocate guns!

Metrosexual Monk: LOL!!!

Sriram: LOL!! Good observation dude! :p

Amey said...

They were trying to turn "right". There's additional symbolism right there.

Anonymous said...

didya see Jay Leno's video on all these candidates..

no no..I don't see Jay Leno...

its just that the video comes on TV once a while...(ya..they still show it even if it's years old!!)

neways...why does anyone care if anyone wins...Indian govt will always be the