Friday, December 07, 2007

The five tag

I was tagged by the “Patron Saint of Commenters” some time ago. And here I am to honor the tag. This is a simple tag and anyone who reads this tag or owns a pen is tagged with this tag. (Gotcha big time all of you :p)

I am changing the tag a bit and making it “5 Unique Things”

5 Unique Things Found in My Room

1. An earthen bowl full of empty Pista shells. They look so cute that I don’t have the heart to throw them away! :)
2. A bean bag: I get hopelessly stuck in this and rarely use it :p
3. Assorted MP 3 players in various shapes, sizes and colors given by visiting aunts and uncles as a “surprise” present. I get surprised alright at the uncanny knack of my relations to pick up the same gift. I have got dozens of MP 3 players in varying prices from cheap to cheapest.
4. Half a dozen Gift Pack of Dry Fruits given by Vendors as Diwali gifts. Of course I assured each and every none of them that ‘their’ gift was the most unique.
5. A photo of me posing topless wearing a large straw hat and frilly panties. I was about 3 years old that time Sigh…I miss those carefree days.

5 Unique Things Found in My Bag (I have a laptop bag cum bag, figure it out)

1. Assorted boxes of mints.
2. Assorted meds like Crocin, Lozenges etc
3. Half a dozen hair clips of different colors.
4. Wet tissues.
5. A rosary.

5 Unique Things Found in My Wallet

1. Visiting cards of umpteen Insurance Agents :p
2. A card with personal details in case of an emergency.
3. Singapore and Balinese Currency ( I am yet to get them changed)
4. Movie ticket stubs
5. Lots of ATM receipts

I know all you lovely ladies out there want the dirt on Mathew, Emmanuel, Alexis and Toothless Wonder. And I am sure, being the gentlemen they are, they will oblige :p

( tsk tsk I am so clever, I should get a Nobel in Deviousness :p)


Amey said...

Patron Saint says, good one. Sorry, I am polishing my halo, and am a bit distracted.

I really pictured you arranging the MP3 players by price, or by size, rather like Monica in Friends.

And I know how you can get attached to ATM and movie ticket stubs. :)

Zahid said...

Hey silverine!!! if sometime you are plannin to sell your mp3 players...I tell you i have linkups with kabadi wallahs who can give you a lil more than 'much about the same price as you get of a kg of newspapers' !!! And i love reading your tags!!!
Get more and more tagged!!!

P.S : today i got my first ever tag and i'm happy like anyhting!!!

Anonymous said...

If I could rent a skywriter guess what I would write in a clear blue sky!


mathew said...

and from the 5 things in your bag I have pretty much figured out that you are indeed a 'Holy doctor who runs a beauty parlour'!!;-P

and atleast you got MP 3 players..most guys get a pack of razors and blades from relations..enough stock to open a saloon somewhere..;-P

Singapore currency reminds me of a dialogue from a old movie.."Korachu Singapore dollars aychu theraammo";-P

thanks for the tag!! :-)

Alexis said...

An interesting list. MP3 players seems to be the 'in thing' in gift items--but nobody gives an iPod Touch or iPod Classic or even a Zune 80GB :-(. Will do the tag.

silverine said...

Amey: Thank you! tch tch polishing your halo now? I thought they would be squeaking clean :)

zahid: lol!! You are so kind. But I don't think they will fetch the price of a KG of newspapers too :p And next time I am tagging you...or why dont you take up this tag? :)

Anon: And If I could rent a skywriter guess what I would reply!

NO!! :)

mathew: Your psycho analysis is spot on :p My bro is planning to start a store selling Axe deodorant, maybe you can put up your razors and blades for sale too :))
p.s vaseline lip balm is fine :)

Alexis: Looking forward to your tag :)

Amey said...

And how do you think they remain squeaky clean and shiny?

I was fully ready to see the line: "a card with personal details, and umpteen cards of insurance agents, in case of emergency" ;)

P.S. Why did you break the heart of the poor anon in such callous fashion? Now I need more polish for my halo.

Anonymous said...


ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

**A photo of me posing topless wearing a large straw hat and frilly panties.
My parents have that in the living room - my sister doin the ejjakt same pose, and me in a prison outfit, doing a winkie breast stroke.
Will do the tag soon. Just couldnt get myself think of FIVE things in the room - just not what i'd call fair - will 5 beer cans qualify? ;)

silverine said...

Amey: Because my dear you are the reigning patron saint!! And reigning saints oughtta have their halos polished all the time!! And Anons proposal was Anon thats why!! :p

Anon: *hugs* :)

TW: Ah, the things we got away with in childhood! And beer cans are the most un-unique thingie in a guys room!! So start looking Sir!! :)

ദീപു : sandeep said...

some people get lots of Mach3s, shaving creams and deos... :)

Amey said...

Oh well, what can I say? This is holiday season, and people start their vacations quite early now. As a manager, you must know how you have to do many things yourself now ;)

Rays Of Sun said...

//Assorted boxes of mints//
They dont stay in my bag for more than 2-3 days:P

silverine said...

sandeep: Xmas is coming and with it comes a flood of Deos :))

amey:Ah, I make sure people take holidays in turns :)

rays of sun: Neither does mine, so I picked a whole lot from S'pore this time :)

Amey said...

Forgot to mention, whenever a anon comment proposal is shot down, a Comment Angel somewhere loses a key on his keyboard. If it is a logged-in proposal, he loses his keyboard. And then, it increases my workload...

What are all those medicines for, btw?

silverine said...

Amey: LOL!!!
The medicines are a girl thing ;)

Praveen said...

"Singapore and Balinese Currency" wow did i miss something? :)