Monday, February 12, 2007

The trilogy tag

I lifted this tag from the most promising humor blogger in blogosphere today and the most promising bachelor chef too with his own cook blog written just as humorously (girls…this one is a keeper!!!)

Three things that scare me

1. If someone scares me by saying “boo”
2. Sharp implements
3. Riots

Three people who make me laugh

1. Dave Barry (forever)
2. Betty MacDonald
3. Jay Leno

Three things I love

1. I am repeating Mathews point, i.e Fridays, I love Fridays!
2. Babies ( as long as they belong to somebody else) and dogs
3. Music

Three things I hate

1. People who don’t keep commitments ( like the stupid ^&%$# ad agency)
2. People who beat around the bush, since I come straight to the point.
3. Artificial people

Three things I don't understand

1. Maths :p
2. People who keep grudges forever
3. Meanness

Three things on my desk

1. My laptop,
2. My PC
3. A statue of Mother Mary

Three things I am doing right now

1. Sending a severe ticking off mail to the ad agency people
2. Sending a laudatory mail to the Event Management guys for a job well done
3. Trying hard not to think of the enormous job roll out for the coming six months

Three things I want to do before I die

1. See the World
2. Visit Lourdes and Fatima
3. Sponsor as many poor kids education as I can like my Dad. His four kids are doing engineering now. My two are still in Primary School.

Three things I can do

1. Sponsor another child’s education
2. Use less plastic
3. Use water judiciously

Three things you should listen to

1. The clock :p
2. Silence
3. More experienced people

Three things you should never listen to

1. Workplace gossip
2. Rumours
3. Loud music

Three things I'd like to learn

1. Cordon Bleu cooking
2. Astronomy
3. Ornithology

Three favourite books

I will list some of the books I read in the not so distant past

1. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
2. Boogers are my beat- Dave Barry
3. Fountainhead

Three favourite food

…apart from Kerala cusine they are...

1. Chinese
2. Salads
3. Italian and Continental

Three beverages I drink regularly

1. Water
2. Buttermilk
3. Tea

Three TV shows/books I watched/read when I was kid

1. Star Trek-TV Show
2. Robinson Crusoe- Book
3. The Canadian kiddie programs on Star

Three people I like to nag err…tag.

Emmanual Joseph
and Mind Curry

…and anyone else who would like to take this up


Mind Curry said...


silverine said...

MC: You scared me :( grrr and for that you get tagged!!!
tee hee :p


Mind Curry said...

if that didnt work i was planning a few scalpels..hmm..riots not after what you wrote at poomanam :)

mathew said...

Christ!!..i am humbled!!! :-P

Heard of guys blushing..hehehe..thats happening to me!!

and a 'boo' from my side as well..with digital sound and protechnics!!! So much common in what you hate...i think hatred against something has more universal appeal than love for something..we easily empathise with hatred..

And if you are tryin to visit Lourdes ..A warning that the place has become too commercialised that faith is just another business oppurtunity for many!!!

thanx a lot.........

Amey said...

You are afraid of "boo"? Watch "Aahat" and other assorted serials instead of saas-bahu types...

You should never listen to "workspace gossip"? Why? What is it going to tell us? Did somebody else said "yes"?

Praveen said...

do you listen to silence or are you asking others to do so :). also i can google on this but wanna know from you whats "Cordon Bleu cooking" :)

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

I hate math too - flunked twice in engineering math (not counting the number of times I was absent in the exams)
and that's how i scare people - Boo! but human race seems to have developed chronic immunity to the ever so mighty boo in the recent past. You make me happy!

Alex said...

Listen to silence. :) Yes. Silence communicates a lot.

Fountain head is an amazing book.

Neihal said...

sponsoring education....awesome!!
now I like u even more:D
also coz that reminds me of a promise I made to myself years ago...thanks :)

I did the tag almost two weeks ago..:)

Anonymous said...

Good stuff, S!

CarbonMonoxide said...


Alexis said...

Good and thought provoking list as usual.It is very nice of you and your dad to sponsor the education. I was looking for a sponsor. Do I qualify?

Seriously, it is good thing that you are doing, it not only save a person, but usually a family and sometimes more. And if those kids play it forward, its effect could be dramatic.

Will do the tag in a few days.

lakshmi said...

hey silverine..i've been toying with the sponsorship idea too..w/o ever getting around to doing anything..can u tell me which org you do it cry/worldvision..etc?
btw, i'm a regular reader of your blog and love the way you write.

silverine said...

MC: Scalpels? *shudder* :)

Matts: lol would love to see a guy blush. Your sense of humor is really I am hoping that this year I will be reading more and writing less :) I have heard of the commercialisation of Lourdes from scores of relations who have gone there, but then thats happening everywhere :)

Fleiger: I am scared of watching horror shows too!! :)

Praveen: Both :) And that is cooking of the highest mastery and class :)

toothless wonder: You will have no problem in scaring me :p

Alex: Silence is like a sip of really good dry wine..delicious!!

neihal: I have tagged MC instead and it serves him right too for scaring me :p Well sponsoring a kid doesnt take much of your resources :)

G: Thank you :)

thedawg: I was patiently waiting at Gchat to "boo" did well by not logging in!!

Alexis: I rather sponsor a child than pay for a ministers foreign junket :)

Lakshmi: Thank you :) World Vision, Cry, Chrystal House, SOS village all need funds to educate and feed children. It takes just 3k to feed and educate a child for a year!! Besides you get benefit in Income Tax too.

Ganja Turtle said...

"Sharp implements"-and u are a cook! hmph! ;-)
Riots-I swear,arent we all...after Gujarat esp.

Fridays! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Babies - ok as long as they dont cry!

"A statue of Mother Mary"-ditto!

1. See the World - I thought we agreed to Europe in June 07?
Sponsor as many poor kids education as I can like my Dad.- I know...and I thought I was the only guy with this brilliant idea!

Salads-Oui! Oui!
Italian-Oui! Oui! Oui!
Chinese - actually dont know what real chinese is...after the gobi manchurians of India!

1. Water
2. Buttermilk
3. Tea
Hey, thats my list!

Nice list to push on till Friday!

Amey said...

Aah, given the current crop of "horror shows", except a few exceptions (ouch), you will find that watching them is a nice therapy for fear ;)

Jiby said...

hey, felt nice to read the sponsoring part...good job. just a few days back i came to know that my sis was helping a girl child in africa through worldvision for a while and felt proud of her. then she revealed that they even send her paintings that the kid drew besides her fotos...and i immediately shifted gears and scolded her for not replying and not giving the child an opportunity to interact. gotto add...though i berated her, i realized then and there, that i wudnt bother to do any of this.

and thanks for taking the trouble to read the story...dunno why i ended it on a listless note... maybe it came from my own fear that each time i leave my village there will be nothing left there next time on, to go back.

Alex said...

I really haven't had a sip of really dry wine. :))

Radhesh said...

i started reading ur blog only yesterday .. infact google took me to your poomanam blog..and then through abhishek's blog came to thinkpad blog...the day I reached this blog, I kept reading most of the posts I could that nite itself...was quite amazed by the brilliant & talented writing..great going...u might want to start writing a book my friend (if I may call so)..

..nd this post abt the things u don't understand..
"Maths"...can't agree anymore..

Mind Curry said...

there you go..did the tag! :)