Friday, June 30, 2006

The talking pictures tag

A really sweet tag by Kusum

1.Most desired celebrity

Tom Selleck
Comment:He is been my crush since teeny bopper days. His screen persona is mature, with a sense of humor and great warmth. A gentleman to the core, what I like most about him is the ability to look gooofy and manly and romantic at the same time. My kind of man ;)

2.Want to do this some day

Backpack through Europe: It might happen next year!
Comment: I want to back pack through Europe..taking in the sights and smells of rural Europe.

3.Want to visit this place

Amazon Rainforests
Comments: World's greatest natural resource - the most powerful and bio-actively diverse natural phenomenon on the planet. It is being destroyed just like other rainforests around the world and I want to see it in this lifetime. Sort of a pilgrimage since I am a Nature worshipper.

4.Random Favorite

Tom the cat with spunk
Comment: I love Tom, he is so much like me..of course without the getting clobbered part. He has so much fun plotting all those things against Jerry and looks so dejected and sooo cute when he doesn’t succeed!. Then he is all smiles again and back to plotting more goofiness. He is determined with a childlike innocence and so engrossed in his aim in life to catch the mouse. And he has a good heart *muah*

5. I was tagged by Kusum
Post the picture of the place where you were tagged, and if you picked up the tag yourself then the picture of the place you picked it from. ( was unable to do this part)

I tag Alexis, Jiby, Mathew, Venus and Ganja Turtle,Pophabhi
to carry forward this tag.


Sarah said...

Tom Selleck... I hv been in love with for eons!!!

Mind Curry said...

ok..since there seems to be too many women wanting Tom the Selleck, i will settle by saying i love Tom the Cat.

that was fun..ah..europe..i missed my chance to do exactly that this month..prague and the rest of europe..sighh..some day soon i hope.

rain forests..awesome..

silverine said...

Sarah: He is dreamy isn't he? I prefer his younger avatar of course :)

Mind Curry: Kusum has tagged you and me, so I didn't tag you. I cannot think of anyone else more suited to this tag than you. I am so looking forward to your picture perfect tag :)
We wimmen like Tom Selleck without exception while the guys hate him without exception :p
That is so sad...I mean the missed chance to Europe !!!! :( Hope you get to go soon!! Welcome to 'I love Tom Cat club" :))

calvin said...

When me and my PL landed in Germany , a drunk at the airport came rushing , asking for autograph. From my PL. He thought my PL was Tom Selleck. =))

silverine said...

Aashik: You have a PL who looks like Tom Selleck??? Wow!!! ;)

Anonymous said...


Tom Selleck..??? Well I guess U watched The Three Men & the Baby, Three Men & the Little Lady way tooo many times...:P.. I do think he is a Tall Manly handsome man. Used to admire him too till I came to know about his association with the NRA and his view on Gun Control..anyway.. What ever sails your boat;)

Kusum Rohra said...

I forever have been trying to convince people that Tom the cat is definitely cuter than Jerry.

Er Silver there is a slight update, apparently there are 5 points. :)

Like Doc says rain forests : Awesome !

silverine said...

Jagguuu: I like his on screen persona and not his off screen activities which I am opposed to, too :)

Kusm: Rain forests are awesome! I have done the update but am unble to load your blog pic :(

Alexis Leon said...

Tom Selleck - I like him. I prefer driving to walking/trekking.

Amazon forests, the picture is lovely but I prefer to be in the Presidential Suite of Waldorf Astoria :-).

Tom the cat is one of my favorites too. I know the feeling of being an underdog ;-)

I will take your tag. What choice do one have, when the princess of the blogosphere commands rather than say “Yes Princess” :-) But I am not very sure that you will like my choices—suspense!!!

silverine said...

Alexis: Thank you for taking the tag!!! And I like suspense... I really enjoyed this one because of the pictures involved, for once I didn't have to chatter nineteen to dozen :p
Princess? Wow! What can I say but "thank you kind sir" :)

p.s. after the trek I would like to chill out at the Presidential Suite of Waldorf Astoria :))

calvin said...

TO a Drunk .

venus said...

Tom Selleck, hmm, no wonder Monica in Friends also fell for him :)

backpacking in europe, someting I also dream of :)

down with fever today, will take ur tag tomm...

silverine said...

Aashik: Alcohol loosens tongues :p

Venus: Looking forward to the tag :)

Jiby said...

wow...this is an unique way to do a tag...loved all the pictures.

once a pal said he wud backpack thru europe...hearing him i said i wud join in...he was so happy we planned it for this year...but thats b4 i came back...dont think it will happen again.

will take up the tag soon!

silverine said...

Jiby: You can take off after your exams...someone told me that it was a relaxing thing to do :)

It is a lovely tag, see Alexis' tag,amazing!!!

mathew said...

Hey thanx for tagging me up!!!..
Amazon rainforest should be great..but am aprehensive whether you will come out alive..u know lotta cannibals out there!!!..

Tom and Jerry is my all time fav cartoon..nothin better to cheer up on a somber day..

pophabhi said...

Backpack or Biking through Europe would be great. I think cycling thru central europe would be a great experience - those green fields and sunflowers! :)
And cheers to Amazon! If you want to check any movement about the amazon trip see the movie - 'Anaconda' (Means Anakkam Undo?) ;-)

silverine said...

Mathew: Cannibals? hmm now that calls for a slight change in plans like rerouting and spraying myself with pavakka juice etc :)) Tom rulez..Jerry is cruel to my Tommy :(

Pophabhi: Cycling through Europe sounds great too but I don't think I have the stamina :) I have watched Ananconda..atleast the parts that were visible through my fingers covering my eyes :p This movie is not recommended for tourists desirous of going to the Amazon :))

"Anakkam Undo" ROFL Good one!!!

Ganja Turtle said...

1. Falling for the mush, are we...
2. Have been dreaming of backpacking across europe for quite some time - lets do it togethr,ok...
3. Amazon rainforests - yeah...I know what you mean...there are some eco resorts with tree houses 200 feet above the ground...with rope bridges from cottage to is the word!
4. We are basically goofy when we arent hanging upside down, huh...

No idea of how to put in pics etc...will complete over the weekend...horn ok please.thank u....

pavakka juice...ugh!

silverine said...

GT: Inshallah on that Europe trip! And it is not the mush alone dear, but the whole package ;)
Dear GT please let go of the bat ok? :))

Putting the pics is easy, click on the square 'upload picture icon' and then cut and paste the code where you want it. Then go to 'compose' mode (on the right of your text window) and you can view and adjust the post.

"Pavakka" juice is not *ugh* you carnivore!!!

Ganja Turtle said...

Amen to that! To make it even more attractive, I will even pay for my air fare & grub! Whaddya say? Killer offer,woman,take it!

"please let go of the bat ok?"Yup, have to stop this bad habit of imitating funny habits;-)

Will try the code + tag over the weekend...

"Carnivore"..Hello, not the one who breeds hens and goats for my shot of animal protein!!!

silverine said...

GT:"Killer offer,woman,take it!"

This is my lucky day!

pophabhi said...

After keeping the task pending for a long time, I completed your tag. :)

venus said...