Sunday, January 28, 2007

Planet of the dogs!

My little dog Honey is a celebrity in her own right. She is the cynosure of all eyes and I have got to know a lot of people through her. In Church, Supermarket etc I have young couples, girls, old couples etc smiling at me even though I don't know them personally. These are people I meet when I take my doggies for a walk and who stop me on the road so that they can pat Honey.

There is even an unofficial "Honey" fan club in my area with the all the kids living here as members. Honey is a cream colored Lhasa Apso and she looks like any other Lhasa Apso’s, so I have never understood why she gets so much attention from all and sundry.

Anyways, recently my Wi-Fi router konked off and I had to call the Airtel people to replace it. This is the conversation that took between my brother M and the Airtel Engineer as he tried to guide him to our house:

M: Can you see the yellow board on the main road?
Airtel guy: Yes,and I have taken the right from there as you said but landed up at a deadend.
M: Ok, this time come straight down the road till you reach a house with a white gate and…
Airtel guy: Is this the house with the white fluffy dog?
M: Yes!
Airtel: Oh ok, now I know the house!!!

There was a time when she was my pet, now I am her “human” *sigh*


Jay Sun said...

Sweet... :)

Nariyal Chutney said...

Sweet :) . First time in my life I am hearing something like "The House of white fluffy Dog" instead of Oh the house near that of Mr:X , Oh the house near the pan shop etc.

P S: Say a Hi to Honey :D

mathew said...

Honey seems to be quite a popular figure out there..Maybe ever since Hutch started marketing with a dog , Airtel spies might be tracking all the cute dogs in town..

And infact Hutch might rephrase their tag line as "Wherever your dog goes, our network follows.
" :-P

Sachin R K said...

Does Honey know about her newfound celebrity status.

This post had me confused through. How do you divide your posts among the two blogs?

Di said...

arre nice na...any attention is good.. ;)

Alexis said...

It is nice to have such a popular pet :-)Cream colored Lhasa Apso...No wonder the number of admirers and the fan club. But what about Brandy? Give a pat for me to both of them...

@mathew: That was a nice one buddy. So how is your encounters with 'Puten' these days?

Scribbles said...

Good refreshin post silver :)

Mind Curry said...

you can console yourself knowing that you are honey's "pet human".. hee hee..

Jeseem said...

hey beautiful,
you have such a great flowing hair and such a cute look. you are the star of everyones eyes.
but you know dear, that human is becoming jealous of you. so give her some attention from time to time, like maybe tearing her cloths.
ok *woof* *woof* dear

Jiby said...

i just loved the last line...that is absolutely the best one-liner i have probably ever heard!

Neihal said...

He was a hunk...I tell you...and my story same as yours....random ppl would stop us and enquire abt him...and we had kids ringing doorbell in morning coz they wanted to see him before going to school...I miss him so much

Wishing a loooong and happy life for honey :)
Nice Name btw:)

Vijay Ramaswami said...

Very funny... the punch line was cool !!! Honey seems really popular... I have some similar anecdotes but not with an inanimate object tho :-)

Ajith said...

he..he.. Call it Attention deficit syndrome [:)] where ur dog captures all the attention that u r expecting ..:D Another thing that comes to my mind is that hutch-ad with that Dog following that kid.. In due course,i hope ur postal address would be like "Silverine, C/o Honey, ( White Lhasa Apso .... "

silverine said...

Jay sun: She is sweet alright!! :)

NC: I did say 'Hi" to her from your side :)

mathew: he he that was a good one...!!

sachin rk: She does know about her celebrity status and doesn't like it :P And this is an informal blog compared to the other!

Di: true :)

Alexis: I have given her a pat, she is not small and fluffy so doesn't get so much attention!

scribbles: Thanks :)

MC: That was a good one :p

jeseem: LOL

Jiby: Thank you!!! :)

neihal: I so know what you mean :)

vijay: Thank you! Dogs are not inanimates!!! :P

ajith: he he it may just happen!!!

Synapse said...

have u read the hitchhiker series? the mice keeping humans as lab animals! beware, honey may be running experiments on u :)

silverine said...

synapse: LOL my friends say the exact same thing :p