Monday, January 08, 2007

Subscribe to humiliation

There is a nice ad playing in the radio nowadays. It goes like this.

Voice Over (VO): Miss Janice from Goa.

Miss Janice: When I brush my teeth in the morning, my heart goes ‘Dravid’, ‘Dravid’, ‘Dravid’.

When I am having lunch my heart goes ‘Dravid’, ‘Dravid’, ‘Dravid’
And when I am lying in bed, my heart says, 'Goodbye Dravid’, ‘Dravid’, ‘Dravid’ *sobs*

VO: Be prepared to say goodbye to your favorite Cricketers or call your cable operator and ask for Neo TV, the only 24 hour Cricket Channel. Get Neo TV and watch India getting clobbered in Sri Lanka in January, hammered in West Indies in February, bludgeoned in the Afro Asia Cup in March. Hurry call your cable operator now!

(Ok the words in italics are my contributions )


Dhanush said...

Don't lose heart. There is still hope for eternal optimists like me. And that hope is the binding that makes ppl watch our matches time and again :-)

Me First ?

Sachin R K said...

For heaven's sake. Some of us are actually fans. :P

mathew said...

Year 2070

Granny Silverine sipping tea in the verandah..

Grandson tired ,running home tired after a match and sitting near Grandma..

"Granny..I hope India beats Mongolia and qualify for the last grace berth in the cricket world cup "

Granny surprised.."KID..we used to be world beater playing against Aussies..and west indians"

Kid even more surprised..calling for mom nearby.."Mamma ..granny is talking weird these days" :-P

Neihal said...

poor Neo TV :))
LOL @ mathew
I hope it never happens:)

Jay Sun said...

And to add to your contribution...vanquish...drub...crush...and so on !!!

Actually, there is always hope... :)

Alexis said...

Ok the words in italics are my contributions. You don't have to say that :-)

silverine said...

Dhanush: I found the ad funny as India was getting drubbed in SA :)

sachin rk: *ouch* that must hurt then :p

mathew: LOL such a scenario is quite possible :))

neihal: :))

jay sun: Thank you for your generous contributions, we need all the word we can get to describe the bloodbath lol :))

Alexis: :p

venus said...

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