Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thinking Bloggers

I have been picked by Pradeep Nair as a 'Thinking Blogger'. Pradeep is one of the few journalists I respect. I think his blog is one of the last bastions of the old school of journalism i.e. matter of fact reporting with no biases or personal prejudices coloring the news and his views.

There are three parts to this tag.

First I am supposed to pass this on to five people. I will digress from my usual routine and tag some new people.

1.VMJ: New to the blogging scene but one of the best bloggers I have come across lately. Though he hasn’t written much, there is something readable and thinkable in all his posts. Hope he writes more often.

2. Angel Doc: This lady is the enchantress with words and her posts puts me in deep broody thinking mode. Like I commented in one of her earlier posts, if there was an award for Ms Beautiful Writing, then this lady has my vote all the way.

3. monkinhotwater: A good writer with a sense of humor to match. A thinking blogger for sure as his latest post shows.

4. Safari Al: Very good writer and absolutely not afraid of speaking his mind. He will make you laugh and think with his posts. He blogs here nowadays!

The second part of the tag is about the "Kinds of People I Judge"

This is difficult for me to do as I rarely show interest in people I don’t short list as a friend. But then i do need to judge people to shortlist them so here goes…

1. People who judge others and then categorize them neatly with their prejudiced labels.

2. Men who do not accept the fact that their working wife was “working” in the office and expect her to work at home too.

3. Men who are ashamed of their traditional wives and refuse to bring them to office parties in front of their savvier colleagues and their wives.

4. Unprofessional colleagues who would rather bitch behind your back than sit down and sort differences face to face.

4. People who think that by going to a place of worship they have become holier than everyone even if they are perhaps the worst examples of a human being.

5. Women who cannot accept the success of their female colleagues and attribute it to various reasons other than hard work.

The third part of the tag is about "People and Things I Admire"

1. I admire people who are comfortable with their looks, status and their realities.

2. I admire people who can put aside the bitterness of their past and move on in life.

3. I admire men who are comfortable in the company of women and can treat them as fellow human beings and not as just "women".

4. I quite admire people who can leave their personal side in the home when they leave for office.

5. Women who are house proud.

The five people tagged here can take up this tag if they wish to :)


Alexis said...

Excellent choices..You have introduced two wonderful blogs, the other three I read regularly.

Congratulations to you and the other thinking bloggers.

One thing that I too hate are "Men who are ashamed of their traditional wives and refuse to bring them to office parties in front of their savvier colleagues and their wives." I have seen many during my working days. They marry the girls for the money and family name... In most cases, the only deficiency (I wish I could use a better word, as it really is not a major issue) is the inability to speak English fluently.

One way it is better that these people leave their wives at home, as I have seen many ladies finding it very difficult to cope as their husbands will be getting drunk, totally oblivious of the fact that they have brought their wives along and have left them with a group of strangers.

Thought provoking post as usual...

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I need to say this. I discovered your blog about one month back when i was jobless(not literally) during my summer internship. Since then, i have been addicted to it. I have read through all your past archives and even re-read most of them.
I wouldn't say you are the funniest person, or the best writer, or awe inspiring intellectual, But your's is the most balanced blog i have ever read till now! I feel it contains a little bit of everything. Humour, Sarcasm, Some thought provoking ideologies, Relevant issues etc etc.
Amazing work. Please keep up the good work and do not succumb to cliched writing.

Fleiger said...

Congrats on the award!!! You deserve it... and a "Funny Blogge" one for the other blog :D

wanderlust said...

Congrats, Silverine. I have been a regular follower of both your blogs and I do really admire your thought provoking sense of humor.

mathew said...

3. Men who are ashamed of their traditional wives and refuse to bring them to office parties in front of their savvier colleagues and their wives.

just a remark on that..I have seen men who bring traditional wives to the party and the traditional wives being left out and made uncomfortable by the society lady type wives!!I think it is more disgusting..And I feel sorry for the guy and his wife who got the shabby treatment...

hope and love said...

u sweet girl u were writing such beautiful things abt me and i didnt even know..!! sorry my system was out of order.. sure il take up the tag..

silverine said...

Alexis: Thank you. You are right, these guys marry them for huge dowries and then cry about the differences between them and their spouses. It is so sickening!!

Anon: Thank you, that was a very sweet thing to say :)

fleiger: *hugs* :)

wanderlust: Thank you dear :)

mathew: True, bringing them to parties and abandoning them is not right too. But we the female colleagues go out of the way to make them comfortable :)

HnL: :) Looking forward to you tag doc!

Safari Al said...

I did not know about the existence of this blog. And this is dated somewhere in August.

I am honored to be tagged. Will post as soon as I wake up from the coma that work has induced.