Saturday, August 11, 2007

Height of creativity

Just saw an ad on a Malayalam channel. Let me recount it for you. Though I don't remember it very well as it was just a few seconds long, I will try my best to capture this gem of an ad for you.

Mother-in-law to brides parents: We do not want any dowry. Just give us XYZ mattress that would be enough!

Next scene: New bride and bridegroom are sitting on either end of the bed caressing the mattress as though hypnotized by its mesmerizing aura. The expressions on their dumb faces says "Duh!".

A peppy voice in the background urges the audience to buy XYZ mattress for a happy start to their married lives.

I had to run to the loo to throw up my dinner and some innards too due to the violent retching that followed . I CANT believe this ad exists. I think I have died and gone to hell.

( p.s do check out this hilarious matrimonial profile!)


Fleiger said...

Aah... how did you know I was going to write a post about ads, reminiscing about the bygone era of Fevicol and Feviquick ads? In my eyes, even the "Soundarya Sabun Nirma" ads are way better than this modern... videos.

mathew said...

woohooh..thats called "I-Have-stunned-you-by-this-Ad" marketing technique..

really the heights..!!

Neihal said...

Oh! the misleading title!!

Alexis said...

Have seen the ad... There are many such stupid ads as these low cost ones. But that matrimonial profile is really hilarious...

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

aatleast that's a regional low budget one.
what do you think about the hritik roshan starrer for acer laptops?

Dhanush said...

That one is horrible. Really we will be the ones who make best and the worst ads. And hows that Splendor FUL ad. First Ad of a bike that doesn't show its details like power, cc, mileage.

Saju Muthalaly said...

This is hilarious! Thanks

silverine said...

fleiger: That Nirma ad was really good!!

mathew: The shock and awe tactic yeah?! :p

neihal: :p

Alexis: Hope you have seen the Tantex gents briefs ad. Even more horrible!!!

toothless wonder: I think it is hopeless!!

dhanush: I guess you will be best judge of a bike ad :) And what you observed makes a lot of sense.

Shaju: :)