Thursday, May 03, 2007

The King of goodtimes in the sky!

Last month I spent a lot of time with Kingfisher Airlines. Now my room looks like a Kingfisher brand zone with KF pouches and umpteen KF headphones and KF pens. In fact red is the dominant color of the room now .

KF rules the roost in service, decor, ambience and popularity. The queues at the KH check in counters are long while other airlines sport deserted look. Since my office Travel Desk has a tie up with KF most of us fly KF except those who are on Jets miles privilege scheme. These people curse for being stuck with Jet. Not that Jet is bad but KF is better :)

Some observations on KF:

KF is perhaps the most potential candidate for a hijacking in the near future, if the terrorists who took a heavy beating to their morale by the quick turnaround of the Mumbaikars after the Mumbai blasts, ever think of trying to rattle us Indians again.

At Trivandrum last month, the last flight out had just one guy scanning baggage and then stamping the scanned baggage, That is over 200 pieces of baggage being scanned by one person! He was of course not too thorough due to the abnormally long queue that formed due to this. But the KF staffs (KFS) is polite and in the not so remote chance of you being hijacked, they will mind their p's and q's when they inform your near and dear ones of the unfortunate accident.

KFS: Mr P, It is with great regret that we inform your Sir, that your beloved daughter was travelling on ill fated flight number IT 7000 that was hijacked to Bihar.
Dad: $%^&%@
KFS: Our sentiments exactly Sir which protocol prevents us from verbalising. Thank you!

The food they serve is superb. Just the right quantity with a lot of thought going into the menu. The famed KF Air Hostess was just pre launch propaganda. The KF girls are mostly short and ordinary looking but very very well trained and extremely polite and very friendly.

The Jet staffs on the other hand are cold but proactive if you ask them for anything. They work like automatons. Their dull uniform doesn’t help matter either and you feel like you are sitting in a sterilisation chamber. The KF ambiance is unbeatable due to the color "red" dominating the cabin. If only they would remove the terrible “Great Indian comedy show" from their in flight entertainment, the flight would be just perfect.

The announcements by the pilots are informal, freindly and with a personal touch... a joke or two, apologies if there is a delay due to traffic congestion, promises of making up the delay and an informal introduction of the crew. The announcement is conversational and KF manages what other airlines cannot i.e. make the passenger "feel at home".

Well I had good times with the King of Good Times. And that is saying a lot since I fly with them regularly and they are yet to disappoint me. Kudos to whoever thought of and designed the entire Kingfisher experience.


mathew said...

"The KF girls are mostly short and ordinary looking but very very well trained and extremely polite and very friendly."

it is a huge understatement!!!

..All talk abt bangalore airport overloaded is is a huge crowd who come there just to see KF girls!! ;-P

silverine said...

mathew: In the beginning they did recruit some models etc to fly with them as a promo, but now it is regular girls :) I have a pal who flew KF so I know. There are some really good looking girls but very few. But then maybe I am wrong and a guy would be a better judge of this :)

And visitors are not allowed inside domestic airports :p

Alexis said...

Kudos to whoever thought of and designed the entire Kingfisher experience. Thank was all done as per my instructions. I even write the jokes for the pilots :-)

Abhishek said...

Regular girls!!!?? You say, my dear A? (Wow that sure rhymed!)
If they are 'regular' then I surely missed the goddesses who graced KF flights earlier !! I agree with Mathew... I travel on KF only because of these ladies...KF rules !!! Beerwise and Airline wise !!
(Lecherous look on the eye , waiting for the weekend to come) -Abhishek

mathew said...


Nariyal Chutney said...

"The KF girls are mostly short and ordinary looking but very very well trained and extremely polite and very friendly."

Are you actually telling about the same KF owned by Vijay Mallya . Then this is not true .KF airhostesses look like greek goddesses :P and that is my sole reason in travelling in KF.

There are other two reasons too. Vijay Mallya says at the beginning of eah flight " I have asked my flat to treat you like guests at my home" and as you said we are treated too well by the staff :).

They know what studd to play in their inflight TV and I have been always surprised to see that whenever moi take their flight , they play some video of Rakhi Sawant or Ayesha Takia . Do they consider that everybody is like Mallya ? :)

silverine said...

Alexis: ROFL!!!
That comment would come under the 'Gold Class' of comments :)

abhishek; Enjoy your weekend flight :)

Nariyal chutney: Now I know why guys prefer KF :))

Nariyal Chutney said...

Ok ,now you understood why guys like us use KF But we dont know why gals like you prefer KF . Actually girls like you are doing a sacrifice when you are not travelling in KF and is vacating a seat for guys like us (mathew , abhishek included) . Please use Air Deccan from next time :P

silverine said...

If regular travellers like me fly Deccan then there will be no KF left for you to fly with :p

Mind Curry said...

definitely agree KF branding has been extremely good. and to a good extent they have translated the branding into reality. i think currently its giving every other airline a run for its money, irrespective of the hostesses looks :) but definitely, they are a pretty lot. but i think jet still rules over kf in terms of the discipline and system. if jet can get in the glam factor, then the 'good times' for kf will fly.

G said...

Psst... little secret, for the gentlemen and the swimming upstream like salmon kind of women...

When flying KF ATR's, always but always ask for the front row aisle. There is a little jumpseat for the 'short and ordinary looking' hostess. I like that seat simply because you forgot to mention that they are extremely chatty. (Secret Tip 2 - Especially if your watch dial-face is red)


silverine said...

MC: Well I hope Jet gives KF competition soon and vice versa. Will be good for us pax :)

G: heh all the guys in my office know of this ;)

shruti said...

he he .. I dont know abt the KF hostesses ( never really checked them out ) but I think ever since my first flight on jet ( I think it was from Goa to Bombay ) I have come across extremely cute stewards on Jet . So Jet remains my preferred brand . Ofcourse I overkill of red in KF gives me temporary colour blindness .. I am more for the dull pastel shades .