Friday, May 11, 2007

About turn...

He: Hello is this 123456789?
She: Yes
He: Hi, I am XYZ.
She: Oh!
He: Listen! I don't know how to tell you this but I am not ready for marriage yet.
She : *whew* me tooooo!
He: I am just 26!
She: And I am still younger!
He: My aunt sort of promised your aunt that she will make me meet you.
She: I know!
He: So what do we do?
She: I have no idea.
He: Well let’s honour their promise and meet up for a couple of minutes. We can then go back and tell our respective aunts that we met and that we didn’t like each other.
She: Great! When do I meet you?
He: Would 6 pm be alright?
She: Perfect!

Next day

He: Hi
She: Hi! I told my aunt that I didn’t like you *smile*
He: Oh!
She: My aunt will never do this anymore not after the firing I gave her for setting me up like this.
He: Ok! hmm well can I meet you today?
She: I don’t think so. But why?
He: Well....I am doing a rethink on this whole marriage issue...
She: I wish you best of luck then. Bye
He: Wait...!!!!
She: *slams the phone down*


Madhu said...

Why am i getting the feeling this just happened to you?

Anonymous said...

Did this happen to you last week?


A said...

fact or fiction...well written ;)

Sandeep Sadanandan said...


Congrats! you changed his thoughts just 180 degrees. :)

[Assuming it to be a true incident.. and "she" is the author]


Alexis said...


Fleiger said...

And then, men are called heart-breakers... Such injustice prevails in this world, I tell you...

mathew said...


SP said...

enjoyed the script! facts make great fiction! ;-)

Nariyal Chutney said...


Trish Palat said...

kochumole idhu endha njaann kelkunnadhu!! :D

alex said...


The 'she' must have been really impressive. :D

Anoop G said...


"he" reminds me of "Dil Chahta Hai" - saif Ali Khan.

That "she" is a very harsh person!!!

Neihal said...

okay, first of all, why did u have to call 'she' as 123456789....I went rofl at that itself. :D

and good slamming by 123456789. ;-P

silverine said...

Thank you all for your comments :)

fleiger: One "chamaat for you :p

neihal: That was representative of my phone number ;)

Di said...

teeeheehee...gud work! :D

Fleiger said...

And on top of that a "chamaat" for me? And then you say "men molest women"? Or have you joined G's volunteer force? (Yes, I just read G's comment on your "Night Shift" post) ;)

Ajith said...

It seems these ammayi - valyamma - cheriyamma range gangs are always interested in arranging proposals..Happened with me too sometime back :(

Jeseem said...

ohh the cupid arrows. :)

and another poor guy falls. and gets kicked.
what happened to the time, when girls wanted to get married and guys didn't.
is it over ?

flaashgordon said...

Not your story i guess ;-))Must be one of ur friends..

Anyway wondering if you just replace He and She and the conversation goes exactly same....

Wot sort of boor does the guy sound like now?

As Fleiger said, such injustice :-((

Synapse said...

did this happen to u??? :D

TheDawg said...

Shew !!!!

Fleiger said...

Where's your next post????

Jiby said...

"nee verum oru lolan aane"...thats a sentence i use to rub it in for my friends who keep falling in love at first sight and end up embarassing themselves.

Jay Sun said...


G said...


Good one.

Sachin R K said...

Thanks for making that conversation public Siverine :PPP

I remain,

yours sincerely,


p.s : you always have my number in case you wanna call :PPPP

p.p.s: hold on to your horses all...just couldnt resist this comment ;)

silverine said...

sachin rk: LOL!!! :))

Anonymous said...

cheapo! give a guy a chance! lol! ;-)
- GT