Sunday, September 24, 2006

To the one I love...

To my itsy bitsy chweety pie of a doggie woggie!

I fell in love with you the moment I saw you
You were my baby from the time I set my eyes on you
I carried you home in the palm of my hand
You were so tiny
And then you entered my house
and conquered my home and my family
You became the most important thing for everyone
Suddenly everyone wanted to carry you
cuddle you
put you on their bed and even sleep with you
There was a tug of war and I was left questioning whether you
were my dog or theirs
But I realized that sweetness such as yours was to be shared.

You cried when I am sick
Went off food
and hung around morosely under my bed
or curled yourself into a tight ball...
now and then looking up to see if I was alright
Whined in the morning if I slept late
Scared lest I am not alive
And I always put out a hand
to reassure you before falling back to sleep

You are the first thing I see in the morning
And the last face I behold at night
I have no choice as you…
Hang around me like a shadow

You are my angel that God sent down
To tell me I am special
Happy B'day chweety pie, lollypop, sugar plum, honey bunch, doggylee, fur face, love of my love and all the other things mushy that I call you
except your name.



Anonymous said...

Was about to send a mail saying, do post something nice today...and voila!

Poetry from you in itself is a treat; combined with a picture like that, izzakiller. Is that a hairband that I see on Honeys head?! sure your mom did that to you when you were a kid...

Amazing isnt dogs can be so utterly responsive to us, our moods and our absence...during weekend trips to home, karupps doesnt mind me running errands for mom during the day...he sees me off with a hearty bowow...but come evening and its time for me to leave, somehow he knows and sulks under the sofa with the morose look that only a labrador can have...our man didnt eat for over 2 days when dad passed away...

how do you ever maintain all that hair...whew!

"I was left questioning whether you
were my dog or theirs" - possesive arent we...

"You cried when I am sick" - she did? Wow!

"I always put out a hand
to reassure you before falling back to sleep"...I comforting to reach out stroke your dog who will always be there and fall asleep again...

I want to see Honey :-(...what would we do if we didnt have our dogs! ;-) Wonderful post for a sunday, woman...

- GT

Mind Curry said...

ohhh sooo this Honey? splendid..

happy birthday to chweetypie!


silverine said...

GT: Thank you!! Only a dog lover understands the joy of having a cold nose poking against your leg and that morning slobber on the face if you don't get up decently when she gives you the first lick :p She sulks too and I have to go looking under every sofa and bed to say bye to her before leaving the house :))Maintaining hair is lots of Cornflour and brushing, only way out. The corflour is a trade secret ;) Give Karupps a hug from my side next time you are at home :)

And thanks for the kind words, this started as prose ended up as something lese :p

mind curry: I have pased on your b'day wishes to her :)

Alexis Leon said...

Nice one. You really are talented. Since you have not copyrighted it and nobody knows that you have written it for your dog, I think it can be send to every lover... Just a thought :-)

Really liked this. And very cute one. Nice photo.

Happy birthday lollypop, sugar plum, honey bunch, doggylee, fur face, love of my love and all the other things mushy that she calls you :-)

silverine said...

Alexis: That meant a lot. I sat down to write a post and it came out like a poem, I have never written poem before, I guess when you mean things from the heart it sort of falls in place :)

quills said...

Lucky you! And Lucky Honey too! :)It is so nice to have such a loyal and loving friend for life.

emmanuel said...

hey liked the pic....and also the poem......
nicely written....

nothing more to comment as i have no experience of having a pet.....

Anonymous said...

she is sooo sweet....;-) feel like cuddling her. u have tied up her hair, havent u..?

Happy Bday to ur chweety pie!

venus said...

that is soooo sweeet :)

Happy b'day to your sweety!

silverine said...

Quills and Venus: Thank you girls :)

emmanual: Thank you...when you get a pet you are hooked :)

Anon: I gave her a hug from your side..thank you :)

b v n said...

beauty :)

you have quite a few dogs rite..which ones this ?

silverine said...

b v n: This was my doggies Honey's birthday, she is a Lhasa Apso :)

Maverick said...

coudnt resist commenting :)even after all these later posts

lucky u to have such a nice doggy..
belated happy birthday to her and a pat on the head from me.....

its raining here and my dog hasnt left my room since it started :))..well shes a good company on long nights, so whos complaning

Praveen said...

wow, i did not know you write poems too :)

silverine said...

maverick: Thank you. Give your doggy a hug from my side will ya? :)

praveen: Neither did I! :p Wrote this as a post and then realised it came out like a poem :))
p.s you changed your email id? mails are bouncing!