Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Life is good!!!

I would describe a perfect day as...opening my blog and seeing two tiny asterix next to a name on my Blog Roll, which indicates that someone has published a new post.

The last two weeks was reading heaven for me. Jiby came out with some posts in quick succession. I won’t even attempt to describe his posts; each one is so perfect and interesting.

Kusum came out with some brilliant posts that left me gawping at it’s sheer spunkiness and subtle sense of humor.

My old pal If I tell ya, I'll have to kill ya resurfaced and put up a rib tickling piece in a way only she can write.

Mind Curry’s latest post on the Cola ban, has me chuckling at the sheer stupidity of some commenters and I can almost visualize MC trying his best to reply to the comments with a straight face. At this present moment I wonder if he behaving like AA in my latest post :p I sincerely hope he is not and that he will continue his crusade to resurrect the land of the zombies. His posts and comments at Save Kerala should be made compulsory study for Anthropologists trying to decipher the Malayaleee psyche. You won’t get such a rich source of study material anywhere. No need to cut open a Malayalee brain to see what make them tick and go BOOM, just read the comments at Save Kerala and you can say goodbye to those tomes and volumes that thousands have consulted in vain to decipher the Malayalees.

Alexis came up with a mega bumper post and lord in heaven… I am laughing hysterically as I type this …it is so howlarious that I am going to get into serious trouble at the office. My new team members who are not used to seeing me giggling into a monitor like my last team, think that I am crazy!!!

Ganja Turtle came up with, not one but four posts with astonishing speed. I would describe his recent posts as watching the New York Philharmonic Orchestra playing at the Grand Canyon to an exclusive audience consisting only of Mother Earth , the orchestra reaching a crescendo as the Sun sinks into the canyon in grand applause.

Matter of Choice …a blogger whose command over English and maturity of thought I admire, wrote about Shine Garments. Every post of his is a satisfying read for me. I simply admire the richness of his language and the mix of wisdom and wit that has prompted me to tell him many times in the past that he should blog more often.

Angel Doc’s posts, in which she describes the elements is second to none. One of those few people who can weave a beautiful tapestry of visuals describing Nature using mere words …her latest post on Dasappa and her description of the rain lashing near the Vellayani lake left me awestruck.

Jeremy the jewel….I call him that because each of his post is like a gem, short and sweet but beautiful and precious and sooo refreshing.

Thank you Sarah for making each day something to look forward to with your story...a complusive read for me.

And last but not the least the very hilarious professor of Iyer Education…he reminds me of Tom the cat. Recently he attempted a story and I realized to my horror that I am a compulsive ‘twist in the tale’ girl. Of course I realized this when I wrote Acid Rain and Silent Killer, but I guess my tendencies are resurfacing again...because when I saw this story by Iyer Education I went into a trance and redid the story…with a twisted twist in the tale. And Sir Iyer fortunately let me off without an imposition!

What to do? I am like this only. I love to read the blogs of a few people...and when they oblige me with a post, I can only say thank you. Blogging is no fun if your favorite bloggers don’t post, but blogging has to be natural too….and so I wait patiently till one of them has to say something. Right now I am in blogger heaven. If I have missed out anyone then I am sorry, I will add an addendum as I remember.

Thank you all you wonderful people!!!


Mind Curry said...


Mind Curry said...

that was the sweetest post..aww..so sweet..and you know..i have told you this before..i think a whole lot of blogging activity goes on ONLY because of you, and your wonderful commenting and your absolutely energising spirit..

so we all have you to thank, and not the other way around!

keep it up dear silverine..

Mind Curry said...

and i continue to get the prize for the 1st, 2nd and ??3rd comments?? jeez..

iyer education said...

iyer education reminds you of TOM the cat? you could have atleast graced the occasion and said "IR Baboon" (IR sounds like iyer atleast)... and the twist was awesome to say the least...

Alexis Leon said...

Mind Curry brother, since you have taken the first 3 places, I am aiming for the fourth position. No it is gone. So aiming for the 5th position...

Thank you Anju for the sweet post. I completely agree with MC's second comment. You often act as a catalyst among us, often entertaining us with you humorous posts as well as making us think with your posts on various social issues.

You are an inspiration and a positive influence. So, cheers to you. And expecting many more excellent posts from you…

Jiby said...

first of all, thank you...i will always remember u as one of my first readers, and u have been so encouraging all the way. hey, that was the nicest post i have seen in blogosphere...you sure made all of us real happy.

like you said, waking up first thing in the morning and seeing a blog from one of my favorite bloggers makes the whole day special.

i wish i could be as prolific as you but i have realized its better to wait for that spark than make a deliberate effort to blog. and i have realized that whats equally important is to let a blogger know their creation is appreciated.

Fleiger said...

Yes, a day when you have some good posts to read is always a good day... Read posts by Alexis and Iyer. They are too good. Actually I had come to thank you for pointing me to their blogs (through your blogroll of course).

With my google reader on the blink (did you republish your feed by any chance today? I can see all your posts at the top again) can I ask you to put this kind of post once in a while so that I can know what I have missed in the week ;)

And I would also add "Chip Tales" and "Heat" posts to my list...

silverine said...

mind curry: Thank you thrice over for the three comments. And a big bear *HUG* to you too! :)

After your last post, I am beginning to realise what a herculean task you have and the fact that any other man would have given up by now. It is so easy to wash your hands off saying that it is useless, but hats off to you to keep the debate churning....it will bear fruits in the long term. I don't know how you do it with your busy schedule. I know the Malyalee mind set...I know people who have set up businesses here, yet did not remove themselves from the voters list in Kerala and went home this time to vote for communists. Their explanation... in Kerala the status quo should be maintained. The teaboy in my office and some techies (all mallus) are communists who dream about the day their comrades will rule over India and bring MNC's like ours to heel.
And doc I told yu na you get the rolling trophy for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd comments :)

Iyer Education: Welcome here sirji :) Tom the cat is my fav cartoon character...oops that does not mean I think you are a cartoon, but you def are on a roll and I am looking forward to reading your unique and hilarious posts :)

Alexis: Thank you Alexis, like I told you earlier your comments keep me going :) And you really have to give us more posts more often... :)

Jiby: lol I remember that spar we had with the commies last April :p Someone gave the greatest compliment the other day...she said that my Blog Roll has one of the best reads !!! What can I say you guys rock!!!! :)

fleiger: Thank you so much :) This post was me celebrating the fact that some of my fav bloggers had posted! Check out maya cassis and b v n, two good reads that made me chuckle y'day :)

Jagan said...

grrr..nothing about people who write comments in ur blogs ..

G said...

If I may present my good friend and favourite blogger http://ahnooie.blogspot.com

I would advice you go right back to his first post and eventually get to his latest (ie, if you can still read and have not been sent to hospital with a bellyache that came from laughing hysterically)

As for your favourites, I shall get down to reading them too.

Matter of Choice said...

wow!!!! have never been called mature before :)

alas maturity of thought is not something that wuld usually come to anyone's mind when they think of me!!


silverine said...

Jagan: Coming soon! :)

G: He is really funny! :)

Anish: There is always a first time :p

Fleiger said...

Will check surely...

Dhanush said...

A very usefull post, got to know a lot of blogs that were updated and each one were wonderfull. Thanks Silverine

Anoop G said...

Lot of good blogs.. not getting time to read!

Anyway reading "poomananam" and "thinkpad" have become daily routine to me.. If no new blogs, then read comments!

Perhaps for Silverine fans.., you should start a website also.. now I know only that she is "one Anjali who has Palai roots"!

Ganja Turtle said...

Thanks,woman...missed you in b'lore yesterday!

Anonymity through the outdoor,what?

Have a great 3 day wknd!