Saturday, September 30, 2006

Reminiscences ...

Yesterday was my brother M’s birthday. Last year I wrote this post in his honor on a dare ( I was richer by Rs 1000/- the kanjoos!!!). While going over my old stuff I found a Slam Book that was such a rage when I was in school. Here are some excerpts from his entry in a as is where is basis. He was 12 or 13 years old I think.

My name: wuts ur prob
My address: da moon
My phone no: 091-get-out-of-my-face.
My Sunsign: Heat
My biggest asset: Myself.
I’m sad about: Writing this stuff
My most memorable moment: 4 minutes back (before I started writing this duh!!!!)
Biggest Strength: Not u (Ha! Ha! Ha!)
My hobbies: notin u like
My favorite Singer: Myself
A girl/boy I like most and why: Myself (duh!!!)
A girl/boy I hate most and why: u cos u r a pest
I love wearing: Clothes (duh!!!)
My best teacher (Male): MAHATMA GANDHI (Ha! Ha! Ha!)
My favorite movie: Silverine shuts up!
What annoys me: U!! (duh!)
What bores me: Writing this!
My ambition: Millionaire
My dearest pal: My dog (that’s actually my dog)
My dream lover: Me
Love to me is: Mum
Person I respect : Dad
What I feel for you: U dont want to know( Ha! Ha! Ha!)

(I am da greatest…not you!)

Of course I cried and almost tore the paper up because my friends sister's had written such sweet stuff. Thank god, my mom kept it safe till I cooled down. I now have something to show his future wife, in case she needs solid evidence of insanity in court!! :p
On second thoughts I will sell it to the highest bidder muahaHAHAHA


Mind Curry said...

American Dollars 1,00,000!!

Mind Curry said...

hmm..i guess its just me?? confirmed? do we have a deal?

Mind Curry said...

ok i am just going to hope your brother is going to come and bid higher than me!

this was classic!

My most memorable moment: 4 minutes back (before I started writing this duh!!!!)
that was my personal favorite!

Kusum Rohra said...

American Dollars 5,00,000!!

And even I hope your brother comes and bids higher, mez just bidding so that you get more money :D

And this is so hilarious!

Mind Curry said...

USD 500001!!!

silverine said...

MC: lol doc the bid was for him and the future wifey :)) But so sweet of you to raise it the first bid. There is a drawing below his signature, a globe with him standing on top. Are all boys like this? huh? So full of themselves? :)

kusum: That was so sweet of you to bid higher for my sake. After all we are alter egos na!

MC: You don't have to go 'hmmmpf' remind me of Obelisk...cho chweeet :))

Alexis Leon said...

So the love-hate (or should I say hate-hate) relationship is a few decades old :-)

What I feel for you: U dont want to know( Ha! Ha! Ha!) ROFL

Let the bidding continue between the rich people :-) So you have another business --Auction. Gal, you know how to make money :-)

Fleiger said...

I tried that "selling to highest bidder" stuff with my friend's slam book entry. The highest bidder I got was his future wife, who wanted something "on him" to keep him in line. And the bid was a cup of coffee and five words, "give it to me, NOW..."

Alexis Leon said...

And my belated birthday wishes to yur brother.

silverine said...

Alexis: I am actualy missing those hate-hate relatonship days. We used to fight like cats. Yes, I am actually thinking of auctioning off some of his stuff since he is such a hit with the miss's :p

Your birthday wishes have been passed on. Anyways he reads your blog :)

Fleiger: Thank god..another co conspirator :)

G said...


When I was younger (read, many many (many) many years ago) we used to have these things called Opinion Books

I wish now I had some of those saved!

Nice post..

Fleiger said...

Slam-book entries are for that. Blackmailers invented Slam-book to go "legit", you know ;)
That's why my slam-book entries are like my blog, nobody knows what part is serious, and what part is a joke...

Fleiger said...

Got any good deal yet?

silverine said...

LOL I agree... I will announce the start of bid when the time is right ;)

AJITH said...

Slam books for sale ...Aargh. I hope my brothers wouldnt do anything like this to me.. It has countless proposals and nasty comments :(

b v n said...

that was cool [chuckles]...but last years was IT (you know seven clueless gals all dressed up and one crazy driver - this shud be on television) !! must be thankful someone saved this slam book for future generations :p

silverine said...

G: What a great loss!!! I have all my slam books and autograph books saved :)

Ajith: You are in big trouble if they get their hands on it :p

bvn: I am actually thankful that my mom saved it, or I would have torn his entry out. But I cried buckets... my friends siblings had written such sweet stuff :))

Jagan said...

reminds me of the slam book i filled for my school buddy ..the only thing i wrote was about his beautiful sis (whtta babe ) ..and that fellow chased me around the school ..and even now when we meet , when i remind him of the book , he gets irritated ..