Saturday, September 02, 2006

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Warning: Do not read if you are planning to watch the movie.

I saw My Super Ex-Girlfriend yesterday night at the Symphony. It is a nice movie to watch if you want to give your brain a vacation of two hours to recuperate from being your brain.

The story line is unbelievable…literally. Luke Wilson and his nerdy needy pal Rainn Wilson are traveling by train when Rainn spots Uma Thurman. She looks spectacularly boring like most train commuters but then hey… she is Uma Thurman and you got to pick her up from the crowd to get the movie going. Apart from that there is no convincing reason why Rainn spots her with her brown toupee, spectacles and makeup less mousy face. Rainn convinces Luke to ask her out which he does quite charmingly only to be met with a ‘No’. Just when you are telling yourself ‘cant a guy take a hint?’ the movie takes a bollywood kinda turn. A bag snatcher snatches Uma’s hand bag and runs out of the stationery train. It was moving I swear, when Uma said ‘No’.

Most of the plot that provides the twists and turns in this movie are unbelievable.

Luke Wilson for one, looks good and definitely not the kind of guy who has no love life and hence is desperate enough to pick up a dull looking Uma Thurman in a suburban train.

Uma Thurman acts like a neurotic, jumpy, crazy woman on their first date, scaring the living daylights out of Luke and the audience. Besides this, the scriptwriter gives Luke enough hints as large as a mental asylum, that Uma Thurman is cuckoo, but he still asks her out for a second time, and you kinda say “he deserved it’ when things turn really bad for him.

Luke’s plan was to get laid and move on, but he makes the cardinal mistake of asking her out again, and Uma promptly falls in love with him. When he tells her that he is not in love with her, she literally hits the roof and makes a hole in the ceiling. She vows to make him pay for the rejection and flies away in a rage through the hole in the ceiling. This, of course happens on the second date.

Uma's character is full of holes, which is good actually as she does a lot of flying around in the air at supersonic speed. Adds to her aerodynamic character. She is sensible enough to appear like Superman and save the city from the stupid catastrophes thought up by the Stunt Director, but she is absolutely stupid otherwise. Perhaps the Stunt Director could have directed the entire film, as the only scenes that make sense are the Supergirl exploits of Uma Thurman. She also looks good only in the movie posters and in her G-girl avataar, losing the brown toupee and spectacles. The stunt director has taste I must say.

Then Luke realizes that he is in love with his sweet colleague Anna Faris, whose nice boyfriend conveniently gets himself caught in bed with three girls to clear the way for Luke. She promptly falls in love with him and they make love. (See didn’t I tell you that Luke doesn’t look needy?). Uma throws a live shark into their bedroom scene…the shark fortunately has better tastes and bites off huge chunks of the furniture in a feeding frenzy. Due to some personal ethics not divulged by the scriptwriter, Uma doesn’t go after Anna even though she should… logically.

Finally an ex boyfriend of Uma devices a glowing rock, similar to the one which made Uma super powerful and makes her walk into a trap set by Luke. Of course he forgets to tell girlfriend Anna not to barge in making a huge scene, which leads to the explosion of the rock making Anna also a Supergirl.

The theater was packed with nine people, out of which two were the ushers, one was a guy who kept gazing into his cellpone, besides five girls...out of whom one kept looking around thinking “I will blog about this”, another kept giggling at everything including the 'Please take care of your belongings in the theater’ slide and the ‘Nokia ad’, and another who was watching the movie like she is watching the 'Schindler’s List’ and another who kept exclaiming “The cheese popcorn is soggy, chat popcorn is spicy and the masala popcorn is too bland” etc. The fifth one is still missing.

Oh yes... before I end this rather long review, please avoid the Ice cream in the theater. It is very good actually, but not advisable to be eaten in the air-conditioned theater or you will end up writing movie reviews on a Saturday night sniffling with cold, cough and fever.

Have a nice weekend everyone.


Mind Curry said...

i passed by symphony last evening..but didnt quite manage to watch the movie..didnt want to get reminded of my sooper ex-girlfriend :)

Jiby said...

lol...this must be the funniest film review i read in my whole life! did the 5th gal with u go thru the roof???

the way u watched it reminded me of a 2nd show i watched some years back at my neighborhood theater...there were only 2 drunkards besides me...i was wearing a lungi...and one of them thinking i wud make good company comes to me after the movie and asks..."oru nooru milli adikkan varunno"...i ran for my life from there only to be caught by a flying squad who thought i wuz some fugitive!

G said...

It has Uma Thurman. I mean, Uma Thurman. Did I say it has Uma Thurman?

I will definately be watching this because it has Uma Thurman.

Have I ever told you I thought Uma Thurman is hot?

Fleiger said...

The first time I heard the title, I thought super was adjective of ex... I mean, I dumped her in ancient times etc...

But I am sure Luke is happy he is in this movie and not Uma's previous one. I mean, dropping a shark in his house is much better than dropping in his house wielding katana.

And why were you giggling the whole time? And where's the other girl's blog?

Fleiger said...

Oh, forgot to ask... how are you? Fever ok?

silverine said...

mind curry: Doc if she was your sooper ex-girlfriend then you should try and make her your current sooper GF, no point letting go of a good thing...moiself specialises in the art of getting bichde dils together...let me know ;) And my services are absolutely free :P

jiby: LOL I think that is a distinct possibility, she may have gone thru the roof :)) I am cracking up here thinking of the guy asking you out for noor milli. So sweet!!! You should have told him njaan smoll adikkaarilla :p

G: This movie is like an 'all you can eat buffet' of Uma Thurman, go get 'em tiger ;)

fleiger; I wasn't the one giggling, I was the one looking around totally bored thinking that I will blog about this. And thank god none of them blog :)) I am doing fine now, hope to be completley recovered by Onam, thank you :)

Fleiger said...

Oh ok... lost sight of you in the crowd ;)

And why are you so sure none of them blog? The giggly one's blog might be worth a chuckle if she writes one (it will be informative to know what these gigglers find funny in everything they see)

And the lo(/a)st girl? Did you check if the ceiling was ok?

silverine said...

fleiger: My friends say that one person blogging in the group is enough without them adding to the frenzy :)) The missing girl resurfaced...apparently she went for a the next theater down the road playing 'Lage Raho Munna Bhai' :p

akshay said...

you guys went for the movie without me? sob

Anonymous said...

Being ur regular reader & a diehard fan of ur blogs, I skipped the review & jumped to the last couple of paras expecting the real thing to be there. They're gems. Lol.

@ Jiby: U were lucky, imagine someone throwing up all the kallu in his belly on ur lap on the first day (matinee show) of a Sathyan Anthikad film... it happened to me.

jeseem said...

so u went thinking of a superwoman movie :))

b v n said...

this post rocks!!!'ve got a crazy timing...made a pretty nice 5 am read :))...btw wasnt this supposed to be on your funny blog ? ...neways...great read - and happy onam,in case you have that habit :))

Fleiger said...

I wonder, don't they want to show the world their side of the story?

And the missing one was the clever one of the lot...

silverine said...

akshay: Try putting 'on' your mobile for a change!!!

Anon: Thank you :)

jeseem: I thought this would be a case of a couple who were going steady for a long time and then the guy jilts her. But the reason for Uma's enmity in the movie was plain ludicrous!!!

b v n: Thank you:) Happy Onam to you too. We celebrate it with every bit of vigor and pomp as in Kerala :)

fleiger: Blogging is for non lazy people :) The missing one was indeed a clever one, she spared herself the torture.

Alexis Leon said...

Nice review :-) ROFL.

Wishing you a very happy Onam. May this onam bring you and your family happiness, prosperity and success.

Unni said...

Ponnona Asamsakkal... Hope U have a happy and wonderful onam and wish that U have a blast about which U can blog and entertain us as well..

As for the movie, I have no ideas to see it and so read your review.. Now I am quite happy just seeing the still images of Uma from the movie's gallery..

silverine said...

Alexis: Thank you so much, that was such a nice greeting!!

Unni:Thank you very much and wish you and your family the same :) I will await the morrow and see if there is anything I can recount :)

Fleiger said...

Yes true... not all people want to go to the trouble of writing something.

We could have done same thing for KANK though. But you, KANK and Super Ex- both in a row? What happened?

Anonymous said...

well... the trailers did look good for that ... but movie wasnt that great!

try catching little miss sunshine when U can ... Its awesome!


silverine said...

fleiger: For KANK I was drugged and dragged to the theater :( For 'My super ex' I did the same :p Thank god, both were horrible or I would have to hear about it for the rest of my life!!!

AG: The movie poster depicts many things that are not there in the movie and it was the trailer of the movie that made us go and watch it. Someone should give an award to the person who made the trailer :)

Fleiger said...

Oh, you will hear about the horrible ones more than you will hear about good ones you dragged people to. Believe me, I got experience in being dragged to deadly ones (remember a movie called "yaadein"?)

silverine said...

fleiger: Very true, me is a victim too and thank god I didn't get dragged for Yadein *horror*

venus said...

I have watched first 45 mins of this movie, and as you've said, if your brain needs vacation, u should watch this movie!

btw, Happy Onam!

silverine said...

venus: Thank you! You did well to switch off the movie :) I love the way you come in afer everyone is gone and leave a cute comment :)