Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tag of Four

Alexis' Tag of Four

4 jobs I’ve had:

1. Vegetable cutter and cake batter stirrer (for mom), cricket ball collector (for big brother) fetching water, cold drinks, snacks, TV remote (for second brother) grey hair plucker and drinks mixer (for Dad). All jobs except the third, paid well.
2. Copy writer
3. Marketing Communications / PR
4. Integrated Communications Specialist

4 films I could watch again and again:

1. While you were sleeping
2. Shawshank Redemption
3. Bend it like Beckham
4. Three men and a baby
( and many more but I could only list 4 *boo hoo*)

4 places I’ve lived in:

1. A not so sleepy village in Pala (Dad's place)
2. A very sleepy village in Changanassery (moms place)
3. Kerala ( all vacations)
4. Bangalore

4 TV series I like to watch:

1. Caroline in the City ( and M*A*S*H when it used to air)
2. Frasier and Becker
3. Law and Order
4. The Practice

4 places that I’ve been on vacation to:

1. Neighboring countries
2. Dubai
3. Some States of the US (relatives)
4. Some countries in the Europe (relatives)

4 websites I visit everyday:

1. Adforum and Agencyfaqs
2. My company website (occupational hazard)
3. My blogpals blogs
4. CNN, NDTV, BBC etc.

4 books I’d love to read again and again:

1. Onions in the Stew-Betty MacDonald
2. All the Classics and Epics that I have read so far
3. James Herriot and Gerald Durrel
4. The Keys to the Kingdom by AJ Cronin

4 favorite dishes:

1. Kerala Cuisine
2. Lasagna and any other kind of pasta with lots of cheese
3. Chinese
4. Salads

4 places where I’d like to be right now:

1. Trekking in the mountains
2. Outside..walking
3. Home
4. Austria

4 people I’m gonna tag:

Mind Curry, Dhanush , Shruthi , Quills,


Alexis Leon said...

I have also done the vegetable slicing and dicing and batter stirring, dish washing, coffee/tea making for my mom.

I love all the movies you had mentioned except for the first one. I have not seen it.

Pala and Changanacherry--May be I might know you :-)

Carline in the City and M.A.S.H. -- love both of them. Alan Alda was my favorite. Same with Practice. I love legal thrillers serial, novels, and movies.

You have traveled a lot. I have never been to any of the places in your vacation list.

Gerald Durrell fan. Me too. Have you read his brother's books--Lawrence Durrell.

I too love Italian and Chinese food. Also I have a slight preference for Thai over Chinese. Salads, I don't like very much. But that is what I eat most these days and that too without any dressing :-(

Mind Curry said...

if only i had the 4 jobs that you have had :)

very nice sets of four you have listed..ever thought of having quadruplets? lol..

and thank you for the tag..:)

quills said...

Oye..I have the same doubts myself as Alexis. :)...Pala (well more like Kanjirappally) and Changanacherry. :)

I shall attempt this fun tag soon. :)

silverine said...

Alexis: Thanks for the Tag, really enjoyed it. You must see the first movie in my list, saw it again for the nth time y'day on Star Movies,so romantic. Alan Alda was my fav too!!!! And 'hotlips' too :)) In fact I loved all the characters.Caroline in the City is what makes me ROFLAO. I am addicted to it. Lawrence Durrel is not my kind of author :) And Salad without dressing??? awwwww so sad :( That's the best part :)

Mind Curry: "Quadruplets"??? The very thought of having one baby scares the thought of marriage out of me LOL
Looking forward to your tag :)

Quills: Maybe we are related through a series of accidents LOL Awaiting your tag eagerly :)

Dhanush said...

well... I have promised to take up Alexis Tag... but his also will take up.. Can I make it 4+4 tag then ;)

Bend it .. Is one movie I too like a lot . ..

Pala ?? Did you Study in St Mary's High School Any time ;) .. Njan avide oru Villaari Veeran aayirunnu.

Dhanush said...

theerthutto Tag...chall-dhanno

silverine said...

Dhanush: I studied in Bangalore from day one but have several cousin sisters who have passed out from St Mary's High School :)) I am gonna enquire about you LOL

venus said...

marketing comm is an interesting job, if I imagine what job i'd like, i can think of this one including others :)

vegetable slicing and dicing and batter stirring, dish washing, coffee/tea making, I think, none of any indians can get away from this jobs, at one or the other point in life, he/she would have gone thru this!

aks said...

hey sil.....cake batter stirrer... i too have xperienced that...loved the job cause i got some batter at the end 4 myself...yummy it was....

Shawshank Redemption....gr8 choice

and guess first time I am reading Think Pad...was a PoomanamHolic till now i guess....

mathew said...

Changancherry!! :) ha..was it intution..i always thought u were someone from Ktm!!

Shawshank...i dont believe in oscars once i came to know that it dint win any!!!

silverine said...

Alexis: May be I might know you to :)

Venus: Marcomm is really interesting but is a small part of communications. I think all of us would rate the chores around the house as our first jobs :)

Aks: Welcome here buddy!!! I love the leftover batter too :) Shawshank Redemption was superlative!!!

Mathew: lol I guess from my Kerala based posts it is obvious that I am from Pala/Changanacherry :)) And SR not getting Oscars is unbelievable.