Wednesday, June 28, 2006

And Dingo we have a cure!!!

Dingo urine found to repel kangaroos!

"How is dingo urine gathered? Carefully, study says [ :)) ]

Australian researchers say they have discovered a new repellent that can help with everything from rehabilitating old mine sites to reducing the amount of roadkill. It's dingo urine. (click on link above for full story)

This is so obvious isn't it when you think of it? You may even say "drat! why didn't I think of something like that ?"

There is this old Hindi saying that the 'power that made your mouth made the two hands too to help you feed and fend yourself'. So true!

I am sure there is a cure for everything that ails us ( even football ..ok kidding don't lynch me guys :p) on this very Earth. I just hope we discover more such natural solutions for our problems like pests, illnesses and other problems that beset our daily lives.

Imagine if the Dingo had gone extinct...!! A very viable and workable Kangaroo control method would have been lost and the authorities would have to resort to expensive and elaborate deterrences to keep them in check.

I wonder what secrets are there in Nature that needs us to use our common sense to detect and I wonder what we have lost in the fauna and flora that have gone extinct. Maybe a dreaded disease, more deadlier than AIDS will emerge in the future... and it's panacea will be extinct with that tree that we cut down.

Anyways here's wishing people like these Australian Researchers the very best. Hope you find cures faster than we can smite the axe.


Mind Curry said...

this is soooo true dear..theres always some natural cure available.

the one that impacts me most is sunrise..which wakes us all out of our laziness every day..ok..pj..

mmm...lemme think..

Mind Curry said...

ok..this is dedicated to the dingos:

Dingo Dingo where you gonna go-i-o?
Dingo Dingo what ya gonna do-i-o?
Dingo Dingo does your mommy know?
That you're drivin' away the roos, With your mighty pee-i-o?

Dr. Pissed said...

haha, out of all things, urine!
If them Australians looked a lil` harder, maybe they can find even more effective URINE here in India. Those smells near those dirty old open air toilets near SP Road and all are just so fasicnating. I am sure those smells can scare away anything and everything, let alone the poor kangaroos.

But whats even more interesting in that thread is the tightly guarded secret. Muhahaha!

silverine said...

Mind Curry: So that's the secret behind that brilliant sunflower!! :) And thank you for the song, the Dingos were howling all night with joy lol :p

So sweet and I like this particular song.... and I liked the modification too :))

MInd Curry this is the second song you are penning on my blog!!! Thank you :)

dr pissed: LOL
Did you see the headline?
"How is dingo urine gathered? Carefully, study says
That took the cake :))

pophabhi said...

Wow!! Insights for the pets of Morarji Saab.
Only if we can use the same repellers to our politicians!! :)

silverine said...

Pophabhi: It will never work :))

Jiby said...

i need to show this to my grandpa...everytime i am at my native place he comes with plant roots, wildflowers, etc, etc for cures for every sickness in the family...sad part is noone even has the guts to try them out!!!

i joke to him he is the louise pasteur the world never got to see and he gives me a wry smile!!!

silverine said...

I have implicit faith in naatu marunnu. My mom is an expert in collecting these herbs. Hope someone chronicles your Grandpas medicinal knowledge.

Harjee Kapur said...

the answers are all there.
we just need to search.
i agree... all it will take is common sense.

but right now mankind is jaded. and we show no signs of learning.
mother nature, well, we're raping her alright.
and when momma gets mad... everything’s going to be bad...
she farts and we get a tsunami.
she has a bad tummy and we have a volcanic eruption.
she sneezes and Katrina arrives.

what will it take? what will it take less than a gigantic human catastrophe to make us stop....

silverine said...

Harjee: You have a point there buddy..guess we are too jaded and that is because we get everything packaged now..the quest for learning now resides solely with research scientists. See the older generations..they were not scientists but they knew so much...

Mathew said...

Maybe the dingo ate the joey.

silverine said...

Mathew: lol..they do eat Joey's u know and that's why the Kangaroos fear them :)