Thursday, June 22, 2006

Some facts about myself...

I was tagged by Kusum. Here are some unknown facts about myself.

My Accent: Neutral and the voice is husky :)

Booze: White wine preferably, but if you can’t afford it I will settle for Rum and Coke or a Beer ;)

Chore I Hate: Dusting…but I am a cleanliness freak so I will dust no matter what :(

Dog or Cat: Dogs… the more the merrier

Essential Electronics: Electric Chain Saw :)) ( My PC, Laptop, Hair dryer, I Pod)

Perfume: Rose from Sonia Rykiel

Gold or Silver: Neither, I love my best friend ;) (‘Diamonds’ for the uninitiated)

Home: Namma Bengaluru forever!!!! ( was almost born here in the seventh month but the good doc was in no mood to pander to my hurry and made sure I stuck in there for 8 months :p)

Insomnia: Never, I sleep like a baby

Job Title: Communications Specialist

Living Arrangements: I live with my parents.

Most Admirable Traits: I make friends for life and have been the person to say ‘Sorry’ even if it was not my fault just to save a friendship. I have friends right from Kindergarten :)

Number of Sexual Partners: Zero, Zilch, None, Nil, Nought (wow that is five already, way to go baby!!!)

Number of times in hospital: Every time I saw a sexy Doc ;) ( about 4 times)

Phobias: Train bridges.

Quote: ' Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but you only spend it once.'

Religion: Catholic

Siblings: Two elder brothers

Time I Wake Up: 6:30 am come rain or shine or Saturday or Sunday *groan*

Unusual Talent or Skill: I can juggle three balls :)

Vegetable I Love: Brinjal and Ladies Finger and Karela ( I like veggies)

Worst Habit: I think too fast, work too fast and tend to get impatient with people whose cerebral processing are slower than mine and hence take on jobs alone. It is difficult for me to work with slow movers.

X-Rays: When I broke my hand and when I had to join this company during the mandatory Medical Check up.

Yummy Food I Make: Cooking is my hobby so everything I make is yummy ( or so I like to think) But I make yummy Pastas and Desserts ( both are challenging to make)

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

People tagged to do it : Anyone who would like to take it up ( I am hoping it will be Alexis, Mind Curry, Ganja Turtle, and Jiby. Come on guys make my day) :))


Mind Curry said...

i think this has been the most interesting post so far..coz its about youuu :)

Alexis Leon said...

A lot of information about you.

I like your most admirable trait. I could never do that.

You can add nada, null to the list of sexual partners.

Every time I saw a sexy Doc LOL. MC don't tell where your are working or she might land up there ;-)

I love bringal. One of my fav veg dishes is Baingan Bartha.

I too work very fast and like to work alone. But I am good at getting the best from my team.

Cancerian... me too.

BTW. I have completed the tag.

Ganja Turtle said...

*GT, on his black charger,starts off once again on the never-ending quest to do a lady's bidding...*

Husky - interesting ;-)
Chore I hate - I know what you did last summer! ;-)
Dogs-I know...
Essential Electronics-hairdryer-am with freud.
Gold or silver-but ofcourse nothing but the best!
Most Admirable trait...nAff factor quite high.good.
Number of sexual partners - wow, ye wicked promiscous wimmen!
Hospitals - thats all - there are only 4 sexy docs in Blore?!! Come to cochin...
Phobias - yeah, you can have the aisle the next time we travel together!
Worst Habits - the oppressive burden of a fast brain...ooof...i know! always classic silverine...hovering between the mask and the mind ;-)

Come on guys make my day :)) -
Amen!-over the weekend!

Ganja Turtle said...

On 2nd thots, geo/mind curry, point out some handsome docs to the woman!

silverine said...

Mind Curry: Thank you doc :)

Alexis:Thank you Alexis. About the admirable trait, I have no ego hassles so I realised that I had make the first move or lose a friend for a silly reason.

Nada and Null, wow they sound sexy like the others :p

LOL on that advice to Mind Curry :)

I love Baingan Bhartha too, and I can get my team to give the best too, but I have the 'creative duties' in my team so....:(

Cancerian too ( don't want to offend my doc pal :p)

Ganja Turtle:Wow That was a classic opening line Sir :)
Pliz throw Freud to the winds, hate to tie up wet hair that's why :))

4 times in hospital as in admitted in hosp, but of course you knew that :))

Wicked and promiscous just described me, now I am gonna watch the turtle stuck his head out of the shell :))

Awaiting the weekend :)

Ganja Turtle said...

A Mal woman who hates to tie up wet hair - thats a 1st! Lol! No offense meant!

As for the brinjal, we might have a Bhaingan Bhartha Lovers Club here! Even Northies look at me slightly weirdly when I order it at restaurants...

Kautilya said...

oh.. u r the one who did the chain-saw massacre?

Bangalore was my home untill a year ago...
Really miss Indiranagar & Koramangala a lot.. Wish I could take The Forum with me, where ever I go!

Kusum Rohra said...

Accent same to same.

Diamonds wanting same to same.

Living arrangements same to same.

Admirable traits same to same.

Insomnia same to same currently.

I love karela and bhindi too.

Culinary skills same to same.

I just realised there is a possiblity I am actually your alter ego or maybe you are my alter ego :P

Thanks for doing the tag, One more tag coming you way but i can bet you will love that one :)

mathew said...

Cancerian..mee too!!!!!!

phobias:train bridges..Lol!!!..thundering typhoons.....

Telling "Sorry" for no fault of yours... a tough come u manage that!!!!..nice trait..

Jiby said...

lol...this was a fun read...especially the hospital one!!! will take it up soon.

silverine said...

GT: "Bhaingan Bhartha Lovers Club" LOL Sounds nice :)

Koutilya: Forum is a nice place to hang out :)

Kusum: "I just realised there is a possiblity I am actually your alter ego or maybe you are my alter ego"

Echo :) Another tag? Hope it is a nice one :)

Mathew: Hey there fellow Cancerian :) You forgot "blistering barnacles" :p

Jiby: Hey I am looking forward to that :)

Mind Curry said...

Aquarianssss!!! Sawadan!! Fire!!!!

lol.. cancerians spreading like ca...errr..wild fire or what? :) but yeah, i think cancerians are some of the sweetest, fun-loving and fun to be with people.atleast from my blogperience.

al, that was some advice brother :)

GT, what point out..ever seen the queue outside her office? i once spotted a certain abraham j even :)

bhaingan bartha..hmm..yummy..i think its the only veg dish i have relished so far!

hmm..this is a tough tag to do since its quite personal..but your day has to be made :)

silverine said...

Mind Curry: ROFL....I was about to do a *knock* *knock* at your blog :))

"i think cancerians are some of the sweetest, fun-loving and fun to be with people.atleast from my blogperience."

Thank you dear doc..I know an Acquarian who fits this description :)

The que is to lynch me and my HR heads the que LOL :))))

Thank you for taking up the need not mention your partners, use the 'nada' and 'null' if you don't want to "kiss and tell."

ha ha ha

(sorry I am cracking up here):))

shruti said...

hey .. I love white wine ..especially the atmosphere that goes with it ..
Dustin ..I hate dust falling on one when u clean up especially since I am extremely allergic to it ,,
OMG ..I love baigan bharta and arhal dal combo maid cooks it atleast once a week for me ..I never knew there were so many fans of BB

Why oh! why do u wake up at 6.30 girl ?????????

silverine said...

Shruthi: White wine is yumm sisn't it? This waking up habit is sheer force of habit I guess and could be because I sleep early too :) Welcome to the BB club :))

Mind Curry said...

ehemm!! :)

Ganja Turtle said...

Rykiel Rose

A decidedly contemporary fragrance.
Tender and sensuous, extremely feminine.
Irresistible, radiant, magical.
Luscious, exhilirating, dazzling.

My my my...who would have known! ;-)

silverine said...

MC: Read ur lovely tag :)

GT: Viola!!! Perfumes are eloquent ;)

Fellow Cancerian... said...

I am being vulgar... But I laughed out loud when I read the below trait..

Unusual Talent or Skill: I can juggle three balls :)

silverine said...

Fellow Cancerian: Then the Jugglers act in the Circus must be having you rolling on the floor laughing ?

Surprising... I don't see any of the gentlemen here laughing..guess you are not in the same league as them so..scram!