Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tagged by an able guy...but not for long!

I have been tagged by Thomas Sebastian, the brilliant raconteur whose college anecdotes will leave you smiling, laughing and reminiscing about those good old days and those goofs you studied with…and the feeling that those days are never gonna come back again! *sob*

Hope he lives long enough though to regale us with his tales though. Right now I fear for his life. Contributions to the 'Save Thomas Sebastian from his Victims Fund' are welcome. This guy will need it because soon he will be hobbling around on his one unbroken leg, walking with difficulty to collect his monthly disability pension with his one eye, half an arm and dislocated jaw.

The Fund, I hope will help him stay at home so that people do not have to see his severely deformed face, broken teeth, absent nose and bare scalp where a lush vegetation of hair once grew before it was yanked out by one of his well built victims without a sense of humor but great muscles.

Please contribute generously!

Rules of the tag:

1. Each player starts with 8 random facts about themselves.
2. People who are tagged, write a blog post about their own 8 random things, and post these rules.
3. At the end of your post you need to tag 8 people and include their names.
4. If you fail to do this within eight hours, nothing will happen to you and you will die of boredom.

Disclaimer: I think I have done this tag before!

1. I cannot eat in between meals. Not even a biscuit…because it would kill my appetite for lunch/dinner. When those inevitable rounds of pastries, cakes etc come around because it is someone’s birthday, fatherhood /motherhood day or return from holiday/offsite day, I will be seen pushing these delicacies into a Tiffin box specially kept for the same. The same is disgorged at home to a very thankful brother who can eat anything and everything that is moving or dead. Ditto during school days. The last biscuit I ate was four moths ago when I absentmindedly picked it and bit it only to spit it out. I like salt biscuits though.

2. I don’t like cakes, pastries, biscuits, chocolates. I don’t hate them, but I wouldn’t eat them if I could. Eating these is a waste of energy in chewing some tasteless stuff. I rather uses that energy to eat Gulab Jamoon, Samosas and other Indian delicacies.

3. I love kids to distraction… even spoilt brats. I love playing with them and a hanging out with them and helping them with their projects! I guess I have taken after my Dad in this regard. The greatest compliment I have ever got from the rug rat brigade in the family is that I was the coolest chechi in the family.

4. Gardening is slowly taking over as hobby number one among my many hobbies. I never tire of collecting plants and I putter and fuss over them till they throw up their hands in despair and grow up to get me off their neck! I am one of those rare souls who can grow roses no matter how stubborn they are.

5. I am greatly disadvantaged being the youngest in the house. I tend to respect anyone even one hour elder to me. I have to consciously prevent me from doing this at work and outside the home. I am hoping it will become a habit soon.

6. I love old people. I come from a family with lots of old folks. I can sit and talk to them for hours. When I go to friends/relations homes, I go straight to the old people’s room. I love to answer their questions and chit chat with them. They are the last of a generation of people with individuality, values, innocence, unconditional love...and some other old words.

7. From Millstone to Milestone….I have become comfortable with my religion. I don’t care anymore for the perceived/real faults of Priests and Nuns and Popes! I have realized that those are just excuses of the weak looking for a way out. Do your best and leave the rest to God is my mantra when it comes to religion.

8. I grew up with a complex for being slim. I was told by my well endowed classmates that fat was in and thin was ugly/unwomanly/unfeminine/without personality etc etc till I developed a severe inferiority complex and defensivenesses. I have spent more time and energy trying to put on some weight than a fat person trying to lose weight. College restored all the dignity, self esteem and belief in thin self that school had so viciously robbed :p

And *whew* I am done and am passing on the pain err tag to Neena.

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Thomas said...

I'm at an advantage being the eldest in the house; absolute domination in "who uses the computer now", "which channel to switch to", and the like. It feels really good (did I see someone green with envy?).

Complex for being slim, you telling me? Here's the person who started eating protein biscuits in 10th grade to see the needle in the weighing machine move to the right, atleast by 2 degrees, but to no avail!!

Kids in my family, read cousins, are one heck of clamorous beings. They start pulling my hair and beating my ass off; no respect!! Aargh, me the punching bag!!

I too get well along with old people, uncles aunties ammachis and ichayans, no problem, I can manage to be their kannilunni. But impressing the above mentioned kids is next to imposssible for me.

P.S. Contributions for the 'Save Thomas Sebastian from his Victims Fund' should be directly mailed to my address. Hopefully, the Kalarippayattu ashans of Trivandrum have agreed to protect my body and soul from disgruntled victims, but have demanded a huge sum on an hourly basis; so kindly send the money ASAP.

P.P.S. Don't get fooled by Silverine in sending the cash to her address as it will only help in increasing the inches in her tummy, thanks to gulab jamuns and samosas.

silverine said...

Th eldest in my house is a sweetheart and doesn't throw his weight around like you :p And I thank God every second of the day that the second eldest was not born the eldest :) And I have my own TV and no envy :p I pity your younger siblings though! Kids beat your ass off? Smart fellows! I think you should hire them to protect you instead of paying the ashans! I have been through the Protein biscuit thingie to no effect! :( My Dad's part of the family is chronically thin, so no hope!

Regarding the funds all I have left after buying that Villa, Ferrari and Yacht is Rs 5/- Will have it sent across to your place asap :|

Thanks for the detailed comment! :)