Thursday, April 03, 2008

New age get togethers!

I bumped into a couple of friends the other day. We haven’t seen each other in almost three years. Both were my seniors in college. It was an emotional reunion.

M: You haven’t changed a bit!
B: Neither have you. Vaise ki vaise moti hai!
M: And Anju looks vaise ki vaise pathli he he
B: You have become fairer!
Me: Naah! I am just the same, except none of that tomfoolery around the sports field.
M: Those were the days! Remember we dented the sisters Sumo?
Me: The dents still there with more dents to keep it company now.
B: ha ha…well I have to go now. Why don't we get together on Friday!
M: Sounds great! Hope my Internet doesn’t give problem and the webcam works as well as it is doing today!
Me: Amen!
B: Amen!

And we log off promising to meet again virtually from Bangalore, Mumbai and Tempe. Not bad I say....something is better than nothing.

( Internet blocked in office? Here's why! Hilarious!!)