Thursday, July 05, 2007

If I could stop time...

A year older, a year wiser I hope. Happy birthday to me!

I am in an overly senti mood today :p Partly due to overwork and sheer tiredness and mostly due to coming home after a week and realising how much I missed home and my family. So people who dont like senti better close your IE/Firefox and run for your life cos today I wanna acknowledge some people in my life who keep me going. These people are the bulwark of my life.

First and foremost two wonderful people, my amma and achchan who bought me into this world because they 'wanted' me.

Mitu: My best friend, who is always there though she is so far away now.

Sunitha: Just your presence in my life is enough blessings for me.

M: Dumbo, you are the greatest.

S: Younger bro of M, for being the sweet brat you are with the wisdom of a 100 year old.

SP who inspired/goaded/nagged me to blog. I am so thankful you came into my life when you did.

Trish, for being a sis I never thought I would have.

Chanel, for your down to earth attitude. Girl you are my reality check!!!

Jisha, my sis from another mother.

Chithra, for your undying faith in me.

Pavithra: My clone.

JK for being there always. Sometimes I think I dont deserve a friend like you.

Chacko: Dude u rock!!!

Seb: My cousin bro....for driving sense into me when I needed it most last year. For making me realise who I am, where I come from and my legacy.The guy who is responsible for My Think Pad. When I look at you I realise how the "K" family will always be there for each other. I remember the days we the cousin brigade slept in the same room, telling ghost stories late into the night and the fun we had as kids. I owe you a lot of good memories!

My bro M, for always being there. For tolerating my overdependence on him, from a tyre puncture to a drop at the mall to picking me up from work and driving me all over town looking for that 'Nursery' that sells that 'exotic plant' I 'think' I read about somewhere. Somehow, in his scheme of things this brat was always a 'somebody' never a 'nobody'.

My eldest bro G for his unabashed adulation for every crap I write.

My wonderful large family back in Kerala, for their fierce loyalty and undying love. I find my identity in you guys.

My blogpals for your lovely posts and thoughts that are my mainstay during tough days. Keep blogging I rather read your posts than anything else. In fact nowadays I prefer the down to earth writings of bloggers to the "commercial writings" that journalism seem to have become.

JP, a friendship I will always cherish.

And 'Vagamon'. Naah this is not a hot dude, but a place where I find so much peace.

Guess I have a lot to thank for this July 6th.

p.s I am on leave for my budday. Yay!!!!!!


Brijesh said...

On your special "senti" day please take time to go to

Fleiger said...

Many Happy Returns of The Day!!!! Have a party :D

abhishek said...

Happy Birthday, Silverine! Wish you the best! I know I haven't dropped by lately, but your writing never ceases to lighten my heart when I do. You are one of the most original, eloquent and independent writers out there and may this year turn out to be great for you.

one of the people on the list said...

Many many happy returns of the day!!! Love you lots and will miss all you gals today.

Joe said...

Haapppy Birthday to you!! :)

Irshad said...

Happy B'Day Silverine!!! Have a blast... :-)

Sini said...

Happy Birthday!!

chips said...


Just discovered this blog of urs!! Looks like I chose the right time to drop by! :D

Happy Birthday!! Hope u have a great day....Even I've got pretty emotional on some birthdays...I guess it happens every once in a while... :)

Kusum Rohra said...

Growing old is mandatory, growing up is a choice. You made your choices well :) :)

Have a great day sweetie :)

mathew said...

cake please.............. ;-P

have a blast!!!!!!!!!!!

Jubin George said...

Many happy returns of the day! Remembering, not returning, the wish you left in my blog for my b'day :)

DD said...

Oraayiram janmadinaashamsagal :)

seb said...

paaarrrty!!!!! :-P

emmanuel said...

Couldn't get this comment page to wish u until damn IE.. :(

Lots of love and hugs and kisses!!!! wishing every nice thing to happen in ur life ahead!!!

*muaH*..... :))

silverine said...

Brijesh: That was an awesome gesture. Many thanks!

fleiger: Thanks buddy :)

abhishek: Thank you for that sweet comment :)

Anon: Will miss ya too girl :(

joey: Thank you :)

irshad: Thanks I will try :p

sini: Thank you :)

chips: Welcome here and thanks for the wishes :)

Kusum: Thanks for that awesome getsure girl. Wish I can do the same for all of you. I went all senti in the morning when I saw Mathews blog.

mathew: What you did was perhaps one of the best gifts I have ever recieved, thank you so much :)

jubin george: Thank you and I dont remember commenting on your blog :)

Deepak: Thank you so much :)

Seb: Poda!!!! :p

emmanuel: Cho chweeet!!! Thanks da! :)

Dhanya said...

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day.. Have a blast.. :)

Jeseem said...

hey happy B'day, young lady ;)
you have a big big gang of people to fall back on. I hope each one comes and gets a treat from u.
And since you are in senti mood, this is best time for them to come and take revenge on everyone of the mischief.
another freedom that you have when you get senti is eat whatever you like, so try the that speciality icecream or that special karimeen fry
and many many happy returns of the day. may this day be the most beautiful and satisfying day you ever had. and may everyday after today beat this day in the happiness

Di said...

Yapppy Birthday dear....yeah i was the one among all other wishes ..who doesnt know to spell ;) Have a vely vely yappy bday. :)

?bLeAk?!! said...

santhosha janmadinam kuttikku ...
..santhosha janmadinam kuttikku ...

Princess Banter said...

Happy happy happy bday on your special day :)

Jeseem said...

last heard, your special friends were searching for a cake in whole of bangalore, big enough to put the 40 candles ( one for each year of urs).
wishing they find one soon.

happy b'day anjali :P

Sandeep Pai said...

Hey Silverine - Wishing you tons of ice creams & chocolates on your day - Have a blast. Cheers, S

Kusum Rohra said...

Friends like you ke liye anytime :)

alex said...

Acknowledging 'the lamps' in one's life is beautiful. :)

Wishing you all that you desired for!

ap said...

Belated Birthday wishes...
Sorry cudnt wish u earlier :(

Anyways hope u had a gala time!!! :)

Jay Sun said...

Belated Happy Birthday !!! Hope you had a blast :)

Unni said...

Is July 6th ur bday as well??? Hey thats great, So we both enjoy the same bday... 6-7-80 was my dob and it was after nearly 5 years I spent my bday with my parents in Coimbatore.. My nakshatra pirannal was on 8th and I just enjoyed them with my parents, as I think this will be my last bday as a bachelor!!! Anyway belated bday wishes to you.

Unnikrishnan G Nair.

silverine said...

unni: Thank you very much! Thanks for dropping into my blog and your comments. I wish you all the joys and happiness and more than you can endure for the future. Congrats on the wedding :)