Thursday, June 28, 2007

A tag

I have been tagged by Mathew and Alex. Rules of the tag, write 8 random things about yourself and tag 8 people. So here are some very boring facts about myself.

I don't like laptops. I prefer a PC.

I am not fond of modern poetry, cannot understand it and hate people sending me their poetry for comments. And every one one of my friends is into poetry. If I see another one I will gag arrgh!

I love to cook and cooking gives me great creative satisfaction. The more complicated the recipe the better.

I have a green thumb and my garden at home is a treasure trove of exotic plants. Each plant is my baby and every morning, come rain or shine I check on them.

I never drink alcohol at parties though I love my White Wine and Rum and Cola. But I prefer to drink at home with my family or friends.

I like long drives with music.

I am a good singer but stopped singing after people started forcing me to sing at every family gathering in front of people. I hate it even now when I see kids being forced to sing or recite poetry in front of guests. But when I am alone I do sing.I hum constantly.

I can read, write and speak in Malayalam. At home we speak Malayalam only according to parental diktat.

I am not tagging anyone as my last tag had some disastrous consequences and the women of Kochi are right now burning my effigy :(


Right now I am listening to this awesome song !!