Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sour gripes

On my desk lies a variety of colorful stuff, or at least it used to till some time back. I have a jar of Jelly Sweets, toffees, candies, Jeera Sweets, a colorful container full of pens, pencils, erasers, whiteboard markers etc. Besides the sheer color, it adds a welcoming touch to my desk. These things are specifically kept on my desk so that anyone can help themselves to it.

Now my desk is barren.

The reason? People in my office just "love" the knick knacks on my table and love to drop by for a sweet. They think I am "so sweet" to be doing this. Some even develop an addiction for Jelly Sweets and go ‘Cold Turkey’ if they do not have one every hour. They keep talking of buying the same for their desk but apparently cannot because they are 'dieting'!!

They "must" have some Jeera sweet after lunch. It becomes a habit and after lunch droves of people land up opening the jars and generally hanging around eating the same and chatting. Sometimes I think I should just vacate my chair so that people can sit down comfortably and eat and chat at my desk. These people “just love” the Jeera sweets but regretfully cannot keep some for themselves because they will keep popping it in their mouth and hence consume too many unwarranted calories.

And if even once the jar is empty I get odd looks and enquiries as to when it will be filled or patronising jibes about my laziness to go shopping.

To makes things worse it takes some time for the whole floor to know when your stocks are low and the result is that people keep dropping now and then. This means irritating questions like "what no sweets?" when it obvious the desk is empty to annoying taps on your shoulders as you are logged into a conference call, with people whispering "where is the sweets?" . The whisper is to ensure that your conference call is not disturbed!!

People stopped using their pens because my pen holder was there to make use of. Of course no one except a few bother to return it. Some will even make a small noise of irritation if they come to my desk and see the pen holder empty. And these are not even my team mates!!

Now my desk is bare. I hate it. I love the color the jars brought to my table and friends dropping by for a sweet or some toffee. But then there are people out there who think they can take your generosity for granted.

My desk is bare now but my cupboard is not. But it is firmly locked :)


ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

How I wish there was someone like you just about here somewhere..
My desk was full of pictures. Ok it still is, but someone stole my dog's picture. And then I had to go looking around the whole floore, with no luck!
I'm so worried about him. What if tehy do some funny things to it and post it on the internet!

Annie said...

haha that was so funny...I am one of the culprits I guess :-p

p.s wish you a safe trip.

mathew said...

YOu missed a wonderful oppurtunity..keep sour grapes (the worst you can get)..gelusil in a huge bottle with a sticker 'strawberry milkshake' on it..halwa dipped in fish curry...missed it dudette..ishe!!!!

Like you said the world is not that fair really.!! :-(

Alexis said...

Hahahaha... So you were the sweet vendor of your office :-)

I agree with Mathew, you could have implemented some of his suggestion...strawberry milkshake.. ROTFL.

riggs said...

Have dropped by after awhile, have been busy etc etc. Coming by here is like visiting an old friend. Trust all is good :)

TheDawg said...

Moi would have liked someone like you in my office too.

Hey you could have done a lot of other things like Mathew suggested. >:)

Things on My desk : printouts, design documents ( ?? ) , a batman figurine , my cap , wallet , water bottle. mobile mentos wrappers . Much the same with other guys here too . :)

rebel said...

I would have fallen in love with you if you had been at my work area!

I rber at my previous work place, anyone who brought sweets, would come and place it straight at my desk bcos that is where maximum people visit and most sweets would be eaten :)

vijaya said...

That was nice. In fact I love to look at desks that are all colourful with family pictures, stationery etc however I myself can never work on such a desk. I wish someone in my office comes with a jar like yours :-)

silverine said...

toothless wonder: Horrible!! Your doggies pix will soon surface in some of those sites. Poor thing, it will be such a shame lol!!!

annie: Naah you are not among them :)

mathew: Lots of people have this on their desks, but I guess people look at me and think that they can take a girl for granted :( Maybe I should dye my hair grey :p

alexis: I think I will keep what Mathew suggestes for the pests :)

riggs: *hugs* Nice to see ya! You are like an old pal too :)

thedawg: Well there are guys out there who keep these jars of sweets, so I dont think it is a guy thing :)

rebel: I hate people hovering around my desk grrr

vijaya: My desk is like a village fair :p Festooned with ribbons, small teddy bears and koala bears and flowers and .....you get the idea I guess :)

emmanuel said...

sweet 'revenge'?.... ;) hmm.....nice one.......but u disappointed the poor souls.......if they read this, u may get enemies.... ;)

title was so cute..:))

Dhanya said...

Nice one. I too face this in office except that instead of sweets it's biscuits n fruits.. Many a times after the distribution, nothing 'll be left for me :(

Vidhya said...

Hey, Just what one of my friends'does.. The only difference is that she always cooks something from home and carries it to work, in abnormally large quantities that could feed the entire domain!

So, people drop by at her desk when they are hungry. you wont believe this, but she also has a couple of spoons, paper plates pickle etc., at her desk. Her mini catering service has killed the hunger of many in the team.

Did I mention that she is also a wonderful cook?!

alex said...

Economists call it as fee riding. :)

Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

Somehow, there is something very poignantly tragic to me about this. I hate it when simple joys are killed :( I hate it more when there are no real villains :)