Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I'm happy!

No folks I did not win a Jackpot or a promotion. I am happy because of some other reasons. When I came into this office I was given a brand new comp with *UGH* freeware like OpenOffice *puke*. I immediately got rashes (I swear this is true) and demanded to see the Sysadmin. Now my Chief Syssie here is a jovial Bong, sweet and chubby and round as a Rosogolla. (But the poor man has a completely mallu team. He still manages to smile despite such tragedies). So I told him of my problems and he laughed. ( He laughs at anything... for example I remarked that it looks like it is going to rain and he was ROFL.) So my MS Office problem had him shaking with laughter and every muscle and fat group in his body got a well deserved exercise. ( The fat group clearly outnumbered the muscle group though at the ratio of 1: 756385754)

Amidst uncontrollable laughter he told a rather shy chota sysadmin to attend to my distresses. The rather shy chota sysadmin came shyly into my cabin and opened ‘My Computer’ very shyly. Then he blushed when he saw that he had forgotten to install MS Office. So he downloaded MS Office and went away blushing.

A few minutes later another chota sysadmin who was a little better than the other rather shy chota sysadmin in the shyness department came and installed Photoshop. After which another chota syadamin came and installed Corel Draw. After everyone had got a chance to come and install something or the other on my comp, the March Past of the Sysadmins stopped. ( it was fun and educative while it lasted, I got to see a variety of Sysadmins and their bumblings. Made me feel very human ) For example:

Chota Syadmin: I have installed Adobe Photoshop for you.
Me: er… I want Adobe Photoshop and not Adobe Acrobat.
Chota Syadmin: ooops ente daivame!! Sorry tow!

So now I have my beloved Microsoft Suite of products without which I frankly cannot live. ( I can almost feel Aashiks evil grin right now :p ).Maybe I am too used to it. I have been using MS Office from the time I was a teeny bopper and could reach the keyboard. It was easier to use the thesaurus in MS Word than consult a dictionary with a million pages and tiny miniscule print. And of course the teacher was none the wiser. I even got honorable mention for ‘Consulting the Dictionary’.

I know, I know I keep taking digs at MS but then I take digs at my Mom and second brother too don’t I? You take digs at people you love. See, I never make digs at Anonymous commenters!!!

After the installation, suddenly all the documents changed their icons and the familiar MS Word icon appeared on them like magic. It was truly a wonderful and breathtaking moment. And then I clicked on MS Word and as the familiar window opened I almost kissed the monitor. (Trust me after beholding Open Office Writer you will kiss even your boss.) So me is back on track and life is good once again.

Pssst don’t think I wont take digs at Papa Billy and his armamentarium. That will continue as an when it irritates or annoys me.


Thanu said...

So r u breaking hearts at your new place?

Alexis Leon said...

Seems that you are wreaking havoc at your new company. I feel sympathy for those poor souls.

Was a nice read. Hope you don't have any work :-) 2 posts in 3 days. I am not complaining. Keep them coming...

Fleiger said...

Oh come on now... Open Office is not that bad. I use it on my laptop exclusively, and prefer it to MS-Office (ok, maybe the fact that pirated CDs are not that easily available here forced me at the start, but I love it now)

So, admit... you forced sysadmin to install s/ws on your PC because you had a crush on that shy chota sysadmin (hereafter referred to as SCSA)

silverine said...

Thanu: :p

Alexis: lol I do have work but settling down takes so long because of the various adjustment that has to be done to my PC and while they are doing it I get time to blog :)

fleiger: That video was brilliant!! Well...I have orginal MS Office and my MS Word is made of a gazillion shades of blue...I wonder how they managed to put in so many shades of blue. And crush? Absolutely not!!! lol

Ajith said...

I prefer wordpad to MS office for preparing small docs..Havent used open office after passing out of college..But, I dont think it was bad.

alex said...


You sure make people laugh!

And even if i were to see what i wanted most in my computer(like you got MS office), i couldnt kiss it, becauue everytime i touch the screen, i get electrical shocks. :(

PS : Maybe you could tell me why.

Though i like to see the surprised faces of other people when they touch the screen.LoL(Taking digs, in your words)

Fleiger said...

If you liked it, search for "Stephen Colbert" on youtube, produces gems... (There is another one on my other blog right now)

MS-Word has some amazing graphics in the intro screen, but don't tell me you wanted to shift because of that.
The way you have lingered on the topic of SCSA in your post is, ahem... suspicious to say the least.

silverine said...

Ajith: My posts have nothing to do with the good and bad of anything including MS Office. What I find funny is expressed thus.

Alex: Thank you :)

Fleiger; Word is easier cos I am used to it :) And SCSA is already out of my mind. I have always had at least one love sick puppy dog following me around everywhere, I guess it will be the same here too :p In fact you have given me an idea for a post!!!

Fleiger said...

You writing post on that? Wow... we are waiting ma'm.

And SCSA is out of your mind, but you are writing a post on it? Getting more suspicious ;)

Anyways, back to topic... MS-Word has some features that truly make it "missable" (yes, that's a word). It's very hard to shift to Openoffice or any other writing software after using MS-Word, I know. It's mostly because once you figure basics out, Word is very user-friendly. I personally am waiting for MS-Sentence, though.

silverine said...

fleiger: MS-Sentence? ROFL
I am writing a post on guys and how they behave when they have a crush on a gal :)

Fleiger said...

Go ahead... as I was telling cuckoo here, we can always laugh at what a fool some guy made of himself, as long as we are not in place of that guy ;)

P.S. BTW, read that link, a good one... and get cuckoo to write a post about the guys too ;)

G said...

I am writing a post on guys and how they behave when they have a crush on a gal :)

As opposed to ????

That aside, you do one of those and I will come back with one of mine on how to behave when one has a crush on a girl. Has never failed me :P

Jeseem said...

so why r sysadmins so shy of u ?
btw, didn't u wonder if someone forgot to install MS Office and tools in ur PC on purpose :-). i know some admins who used to do that.

Jim said...

freeware like OpenOffice
The correct term is "open source". Freeware is *so* late-80s...

Me, I'm happy with OOo, it may be a bit quirky but it's free (as in speech). Open source, like communism, apparently only survives in Kerala