Monday, April 17, 2006

Height of Attrition

This is a conversation that took place in my office today.

Madhavan: Hi, came to say bye to you, I am leaving this place.
Me: I will miss you. Hope you got into a good company and a decent compensation package.
Madhavan:I did... I am joining Honeywell and I have a couple of other offers too. Salary is good and so are the perks.
Me: That's great!! Best of luck!
Madhavan:Thank you. Keep in touch.
Me: Definitely, with attrition rates the way they are, we will soon bump into each other in some company or the other.
Madhavan: ha ha I know. It was nice knowing you. Bye

Madhavan is the guy who brews Tea and Coffee in our Cafeteria for people who dont like the vending machine stuff. He is joining a Caterer in another IT company.

Now that's what I call the Height of Attrition :)


quills said...

Haha..laughed a lot reading this interesting conversation. Never would I have guessed Madhavan's line of business. But I am glad, every one needs choices and am happy he is getting them. Well deserved I am sure. :)

Btw, thanks for commenting on my post. That's a great compliment from one of the best writers of blogworld.

PS: The bikini post is definitely girly and sweet. :P

Alexis Leon said...

Nice one. In fact, it is more difficult to get a good person to run a cafeteria than to get the professionals.

Immigrant in Canada said...

the guy who owned our med school canteen in Bangalore must be driving his merc or atleast the latest BMW now!!! he used to give us medical students 3 uzhunnuvada(only) for breakfast!!!
So Madhavan's prospects looks pretty good.

Me said...

Oh how I miss the Madhavan's who bring tea to offices. That's definetely something the west has to bring over from the old country.

Densel Mayor said...

That was interestinggg! :)... I was half expecting a different ending so it was kind of a surprise...

Jithu said...

for a moment i thot that u said u r gonna meet him in some other company as a fellow tea maker :p

calvin said...

Shew dude its been days since I read your posts here.Took quiet some time.

I think you post only the hilarious ones to the other blog right ? :D .

Oh one more thing, your posts are eating into my office time... at least until I get a broadband connection to home.


silverine said...

@Quills: The IT boom has thrown up choices like never before for everyone. Thanks for the note of girly approval on the 'bikini' post :)
@Alexis: Very true!!!! Suddenly there are so many openings and so few to fill them :)
@Immigrantincanada:Food is booming business and every caterer and restaurant is making money.
@Me: I know what you mean girl, that element of pampering is missing in the West :)
@Densel: And what were you expecting??? *eyebrow raised*
@Jithu: Is that the heirarchy in your company? :) Thankfully it is not in mine LOL
@Aashik: This is my rambling pad, that's why you see regular postings. Just my way of getting it off my chest:)
your posts are eating into my office time
*silverine takes a bow* Thank you!!

Mind Curry said...

attrition is eating into all industries now..initially it was only within the marriage seriously, doctors, pilots, drivers, nurses, techies, chefs..

chaayakkada said...

Good one madam,

Finding the right caterer is taunting task these days. I don’t know how it affects an IT company, but it can be the sole reason for end of a restaurant. My first restaurant had to be closed because of lack of quality cooks.

Jithu said...

i dont have a company. i'm jobless now u know :p

quills said...
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Dewaker Basnet said...

hahah..that is hilarious...attrition has a new face..hey if these TV guys (the news channels) would come across this, they would make it an "exclusive" story..breaking news..only on XYZ channel..hahaha
very well written...

silverine said...

@Jithu: When are you joining your new co? Till then yenjoy maadi...
@Dewaker: Thanks buddy :)

Jithu said...

aa shubha muhurtham may 3rdnu aanu :-)

silverine said...

@chaayakada:Sorry I missed replying to you. Just saw the blunder. Getting good staff is so difficult and makes life hell for an entreprenuer. My friend just shut down her ad agency because of lack of Graphic Designers. Sad :(
@Mindcurry:Missed you out too :(( Guess I am growing old!
Attrition in the marriage industry! LOL That was nicely termed :))
@Jithu: Best of luck for 3rd May then :)

The Smiling Girl said...

:) Good one.. Yeah, attrition is so high that you get to see so many new faces every month... I just gave up keeping track of the places my friends work.. Just note down their personal email ids...:)