Sunday, April 09, 2006


There are some things in life that you ought to do at least once before getting married ;) And I managed to accomplish that in Goa. I decided that I must do it once at least before marriage. Not that there is any hurry for marriage now and I have a good four years of stretching my Mom’s patience to the limit. But I could wait no more and decided that I was definitely going to do it.

I have a classmate in Goa and I was really looking forward to meeting her when I went there last November. During a phone conversation I suggested that the two of us try it. The suggestion was greeted with a scandalized gasp, disbelief and finally giggles. My friend was thrilled at doing the forbidden thing for Indian girls before marriage. She even offered to bring two people to do it with. Having convinced her I realized that we needed a suitable place away from prying eyes where we could do it. My friend‘s Dad was a retired Admiral and they lived in an old colonial style house with a small secluded beach nearby. The house was on a small hill and we had to walk down the hill to get to the beach. The place was lonely save for the occasional Naval boats that passed by. So it was decided that on Tuesday when her parents went to the Naval Club we would do it on the beach with the two people she would bring along.

On Tuesday my friend came and picked me up. My parents had left for a river cruise and my brothers were out with their friends who had also driven down to Goa. After my friend's parents left the four of us went down to the beach, stripped and *drums rolling* got into a bikini!!!! WE HAD DONE IT!! We had worn a two piece bikini!!!! :p

The only people who knew about this, were a few of my friends and another guy pal. After the deed was done I called up all my friends and co-conspirators. Among the mails I got, this one from a guy had me ROFL for a long time. It still makes me chuckle.

Flash News: Indian Navy On Alert In Goa Coast!

After a concerned citizen informed naval intelligence about the strong possibility that 1 Achayathi and few of her friends are about to signal "revolution" in their inimitable way by wearing two piece bathing suits, Indian Navy was placed on red alert in Goa coast.

Submarines were recalled from patrolling sea lanes and instead were cruising around the beaches to catch the Achayathi in her act of exposure. Marine commando battalions were deployed in the beaches and further reinforcements flown in to cover private and unfrequented beaches. Air force helped in by lending a few spy planes to cover the event. DRDO used the situation to test their latest spy cam, which is programmed to capture hi-resolution pictures from a distance of 100 miles.

After a committed search by the armed forces, the culprits were caught in "action". Marine commandos had their fun snooping on the Achayathi while the unusually frustrated submariners almost committed an act of rebellion while fighting for the right to look through their periscopes. Indeed, more serious indisciplinary acts were prevented only by following the timely advice given by the said "concerned citizen" to broadcast the pictures on the conference hall which satisfied one and all.

India's intelligence agencies attributed the successful operation to the timely intelligence provided by the "concerned citizen" (who prefers to remain anonymous). President Kalam used the opportunity to drive home the point that our nation's future is in the able hands of the youth. He suggested that ISRO should soon launch 24 satellites to cover India's entire coastline to identify and records such acts of exposure. Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh said he was proud of the achievements and that such innovative thinking is necessary for GDP growth of 10% which is the only way India can lift its millions of citizens above poverty line. Madame Sonia Gandhi, Chair Person of UPA lauded the spirit and guts of the "concerned citizen", but she was later heard commenting privately to cancel her planned holidays in Goa and book French Riviera instead. The Left and BJP had a rare moment of agreement as both conveyed dismay at the sick pervert plans of the Achayathi and were happy to see them foiled thus diffusing a serious threat to national security and sovereignty. However, their innate cross-purposes were soon visible as BJP wanted India to buy higher-resolution cameras from Israel (so that their rather elderly bachelors can get a peek too) while Left wanted more grants for Keltron to develop the same domestically! In commenting about the episode to us, the "concerned citizen" admitted that he was happy to do a lil something for his country.

Half an later the four of us girls got cold feet and got back into a one piece swimsuit :)) We dared not take pictures and I half expected to see my Mom appear on the hilltop and look down at me in shock, disbelief and disapproval like the Mom in Bend it like Beckham. Funny part is that the other girls too had the same creepy feeling lol

It was nice to be naughty. Have you done it ? :p


Mind Curry said...

man..i had a tough time keeping myself from imagining things..


the coast off goa has become a favorite spot for naval "games" in association with the airforce and even foreign marines :)

p.s. no, i haven't done it yet..maybe i should!

Mind Curry said...

that said, i really am curious to know more on this two piece and its owner that created national interest :)

p.s. am slapping myself for having missed the "exposure" of the century.

Naresh Krishnan said...

Cogito, and there you are. So you got a "think-pad". I chanced my way here.

I'm sure the sailors had no 'two-opinions' at the sight. Maritime tradition definitely calls for a shrine at the site of sighting.

Saliverine, as it were.

quills said...

And was it an itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny, yellow, polka dot bikini that you wore the first time that day? ;)

Glad you enjoyed, girl! :)

silverine said...

@mind curry: The coast of Goa sure has seen many a 'naval' games lol And I hope you will do it. Feels good ...and I hope we get to see the 'exposure' of the century on Talking Images titled "Whodunnit?" :))
@Naresh: Nice to see you here on my serious blog :)A shrine ?? ha ha ha :))
@Quills; Oh yes, we enjoyed it while it lasted :)) And it was a not so itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny, yellow, polka dot bikini, but a more modest floral print bikini :p that song!

Immigrant in Canada said...

wow..I did it and then spend the whole time worrying what if the string broke/loosened/floated away..etc..and then realized my minimal assets are safe in one piece..

Matter of Choice said...

ahem...did u realize that u have committed treason by making public the "concerned citizen's" name!!!!

so now that you have done "it" time to get married SF


Alexis Leon said...

ROFL... Yes, your mom should have been there :-)And the mail from Anish is a gem.

Mind Curry said...

i thought you didnt have pictures of the "exposure" of the century..well if you do, surely it will be there on "talking images"..its gonna be one pic that does a lot of talking :D

this post should have been on poomanam :))

silverine said...

@immigrantincanada: Wow you did it? Well it was nice while it lasted. We felt like we were shooting for the Kingfisher Calendar :P
@MoC: I have sworn to our Kerala Head of the FCP Association, your Mom, to housebreak you, teach you cooking, tailoring, jasmine mala making, singing, head massaging, thenga chirandals, masala arakkals, baby sitting, Sari ironing and folding, appam making (which is more difficult than cooking), sweeping and swabbing and massaging the wifey's legs before I get married. Do let me know how the Chapathi turned out. Next is Daal. SF
@Alexis: Yes the mail makes me ROFL even today. And my mom being there....the very thought gives me rashes :))
@mind curry: Ah sorry for the miscommunication but I was talking about your first time pictures :))
its gonna be one pic that does a lot of talking ROFL :))
This post in Poomanam? *blush blush* :p

Matter of Choice said...

@Silverine: And the MCP Head in Bangalore is busy arranging a wedding mass at 5.30 AM tomorrow morning....someone is going to be dragged, kicking screaming n sobbing, to the church tomorrow morning!...

Gud Luck!!!!!

silverine said...

@MoC:*sniff* So the MCP head is finally getting married?
Good Riddance !!!!

And he a cave man? Dragging someone kicking screaming n sobbing to church/cave is so cavemanly as opposed to gentlemanly SF

Pinne... today evening sharp 8 'o' clock please come for knitting, crochet, candle making and Embroidery classes . Don't be late. SF

The Smiling Girl said...

All the time, while I was reading this, I thought you were about to do something else.. ;-).. (I also planned soemthing similar sometime back, thought u were upto the same thing!)
But u actually did it??? Cool buddy... I wish to do it someday too...

silverine said...

@Prethi: Kar lo duniya bikini mein :) Do it gal!!! :P

Sachin R K said...

LOL. The letter from Anish was hilarious !!!


p.s : I knew it was not that :PPP