Sunday, August 23, 2009


I am awake at this ungodly hour because my neighbor lady is running her blender full speed! Gah! Anyways, since I am up, I thought I would pen a short post to say "I am alive".

First thing first. Thanks for the overwhelming response to the last post! It’s been days since I posted it and the readership is refusing to ebb. You people are so intelligent and refined that I want to nominate you for a Nobel in Good Literary Taste! :|

Secondly, work has been bogging me down and I am too tired in the evenings to write two blogs, so TP is suffering. Right now actively looking for a solution for the same.

Thirdly, thanks to all the Twitterers, most of whom I do not even know, who have been tweeting my posts! *hugs*

Thanks to people like Bangalore Mirror and umpteen other mags and papers who keep publishing my posts on a continual basis (after taking my permission first). I was pleasantly surprised to eat bhel puri wrapped in a newspaper cutting of “Holly Molly

Fourth, I want to say something to a few people (read 'weirdos'). I am not that wet behind the ear kid that started this blog some time ago. I like to believe that I have grown up a lil bit since least in blogsphere so please...

Stop sending me mails asking me for hair dressing salons in Bangalore. What a corny subject to get me to reply!

Please do not ask for recipes, because you saw my comment at some food blog. And I am not taken in by names like Priya Nair and Ranjitha Menon and Sarah Abraham! What a cornier subject to get a reply from me.

Stop emailing me news from news portals under my email ID. I do not read such mails and I think you are a loser who needs to get a life real fast.

Stop asking me for advice on Dogs, Cats, Communications, Public Relations, Fish Molly, Marketing and other stuff you have read on my blog! Bleah

I do not have an Orkut or Facebook or any other social networking accounts (excepting Twitter). So please stop bothering the other "Anjali Philips" at social networking sites with 'friend requests'. Admit it you are one of those "franndship loveship" types, kochu kallaa!

The lady has stopped ‘blending’!

Gunite folks!

p.s. I bet you a hundred bucks you got scared of the title of this post tee hee


scorpiogenius said...

You surely enjoy the celebrity life in blogspace, dont you Silverine? Ah, perhaps you are a touch irritated by all this now bcoz you're exposed to the spotlight for too long, eh?

Well, my sympathies to all the Anjali Philips in Orkut n Facebook!! lol, I think you owe them a 'thank you for sharing my workload' post :))

Right so, keep updating us on TP lady! It is this version of your blog that I like better.


Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

Stop emailing me news from news portals under my email ID.

Eh? You mean someone sends you a link from a news site with the from email ID being yours in stead of theirs? (Why on earth? Dear Mr. Silverine, please explain)

So please stop bothering the other "Anjali Philips" at social networking sites with friend’s requests.

How do you know?

Also, on behalf of TP fans, please convey my thanks to the blendress.

thomas said...

Anjali, why you hate fraanships? I good fraanship. I jokes tell you. I comfirt you in trouble. I do anything you ask. I very good fraanship. Then why no fraanship to me?

n i t i n said...

Oh yeah! I so recall the time when I (accidentally) mentioned you in one of my tweets(as @hollowmaniac), and /urgu(@ilcapourgu), sriram(@tuxerman), n many more were like.. "Where? Silverine! She's in Twitter!!!" :|

Merill said...

Anjali, please give me that Kuzhalappam recipe you mentioned in your post! :-|

hammy said...

You can't do this to me!!

It's not like they have a list of hair dressing salons mapped out in Google, so how else can I get quality info about hair dressing salons in Bangalore? And it's NOT as corny as asking about hair transplant clinics, you'll have to admit.

And does this post mean you will NOT share recipes for Nendrakkai olathiyathu, Naranga Pizhinjathu, thenga chirandiyathu and olakka uruttiyathu?

And I take it Priya Nair, Ranjitha Menon and Sarah Abraham are not acceptable pen names for me to use. Fine, I can take the hint. Just let me know which names you'd be comfortable with.

It was also a below-the-belt attack, Anju, when you call me a loser who needs to get a life real fast... that too, in a public forum.

It is grievingly distressing to know that you are not willing to help out with Pluto's limp, Billy's hairball, and also have categorically distanced yourself from helping with my simple queries... "Anjs, do you think I should capitalize S in D'Souza? Is that one word? Does the apostrophe make it OK to capitalize 'S'?" was hardly a trivial question. My letter to D'souza didn't go very well.

And you are NOT on Orkut or Facebook or other social networking sites????

You mean you're not the anjaliphilip84 from linkedin or anjalihaha on orkut? Or poomanjali in Twitter? Or anjaliphilipsaysso in yahoo answers? Or... oh, my God, please tell me you're "The Real Anjali Philip" at facebook who agreed to marry me. Oh, pls pls tell me that. Oh, crap, I already hired the hall, booked the church and printed out the cards. Oh, God. Why me?
Sob sob sob...

Abhi said...

LOL @ : "So please stop bothering the other "Anjali Philips" at social networking sites with friend’s requests."


u got this much of fame in like three yrs >>>>



same here - i like tp better
do keep writing

silverine said...

Scorpiogenius: Thank you! I think a solution is in sight...through work life balance :p

Karthik: Precisely. Someone uses the "email this" facility to send me news! :))

Thomas: lol! I so miss those corny pickup lines sometimes. Good time pass they were at one time!

Nitin: :) I do have a twitter account! Though I do not know why I got it!

Merril: One chamaat for you! :)

Hammy: ROTFL!!!
I guess I was a lil harsh on you. My bad! And if it makes you feel any better, I got thrown out of office for laughing hysterically at your comment! :|

Abhi: :p

PD: No fame dear, just that some people are employed in the devils workshop! :)

Anonymous said...

Its saturday ..i don't want to admit that i am an addict....but as a peddler of free genuine laughs and deep profound insights here and are responsible to your subscribers who subscribe to your(rather theirs) way of'am.. By the way.. where you stay in bangalore...can we meet..i will pick u..i am a nice good looking guy with moustache...

Dreamcatcher said...

Dear Silverine,

Ha..hha... dis is awesome buddy.... he..he...

you should be happy.. becoz of ur name... so many Anjali philip is getting admiration from people... he..he

hee..he.. but .. i should admit dat.. u r influenced by who ever is bothering u.... dat made you write dis post .. he..hee

Think in dis way... ur post and writing are able to influence people's thinking... so u should be proud of ur skills.

Readers are showing their love and admiration in dis way, by trying o know about author.

more over anonymous,humour & mystery about u is one factor which drives ur readership more

So enjoy the TRP of ur blog

With Regards

Dream catcher

silverine said...

Anon: lol!! Pulling my leg I see! :p

Dreamcatcher: :D Thanks buddy!