Monday, July 21, 2008

Breather Tag

Blogging has been on the back burner for quite some time now. I don't see the situation improving immediately. So I thought I will do a tag that I have done in parts in earlier tags, just to put something up here. Apologies for not replying to comments, and being tardy when I do and for neglecting this space off late. I promise things will get better as soon as Boss goes on leave :p Kidding, things will get better when I learn to stop taking my work so seriously. Boss has threatened me with a re-prioritizing therapy session if I don't. Failing which he is sending me on a vacation *sob*

This tag is courtesy Mathew.

8 things I am passionate about:

* Never judging people on usual norms
* Finding a reason for everything
* Freedom of expression
* Freedom of speech
* Music
* Googling
* Family
* Relationships

8 things I want to do before I die:

* Sky dive!
* Write a book!
* Travel around the world!
* Watch a show on Broadway!
* Somehow draw the Indian electorate out of its apathy!
* Do something for the environment!
* Say "Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. Read the offer documents carefully before investing" in 5 seconds like that guy in the insurance ads.

8 things I say often:

* Oh my god!!
* You are kidding right!
* Bitch (friends only)
* Momsy! (drives my mom up the wall)
* Daddykins ( He just loves it. Reserved for special occasions like when I want something expensive)
* Retard!!! ( usual form of addressing second bro)
* Baby dolly, chweety pie, lambikins!!! (my doggies)
* Ente karthave!! ( an imitation of mom that has stuck)

8 books I last read

I have already listed some here, plus 'From the Holy Mountain'

8 songs I could listen to over and over again:

I am listing some songs I have never mentioned at this blog before.

* Jason Mraz - I'm Yours
* Amazing Grace by Nana Mouskouri
* Song sung blue - Neil Diamond
* Guantanamera ( any version of this song) and Volare
* Pathra bareyala illa chitra bidisala - Aramane
* (I Just) Died in your Arms tonight - Cutting Crew

and many many many more....

8 people I think should do this tag

  1. Mr V S Achuthanandan
  2. Prakash Karat
  3. Sitaram Yechuri
  4. Mayawati
  5. Deve Gowda
  6. L K Advani
...and all those opposing the nuclear deal. Take a chill pill your retrograde, catabolic, atrophying, backward, backstabbing, double faced, Lilly livered, spineless, infantile, decaying and rotting myopic degenerates!!!!

*whew* That felt good...getting it off my chest!


The Layman said...

ha ha.. how I wish those 8 people had blogs!!
Would love to see what they write :-)

Deepti said...

Wow an electic music taste I must say ..wouldnt be wonderful to see Mr karat's .. 8 things to do before I die list .. I bet it would read " nuke" congress 8 times over :)

ap said...


We shld cut off the electricity lines of all those who oppose this deal

what say?

Hari Shanker said...

* Say "Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. Read the offer documents carefully before investing" in 5 seconds like that guy in the insurance ads."

The guy doesn't 'say' it, per se. You can achieve this feat quite easily. Record your voice, increase the tempo(tweaking controls to keep pitch constant) using some audio-editing software like 'Audacity'; and voila!
The next day's ToI headline would be:
'Celebrity'-blogger Silverine records "Insurance..." in 3 seconds!! New world record! :-)

Being a music junkie myself, I've never heard any of your fav. songs anywhere... Maybe I should broaden my 'listening space'. :D

Nice tag and good luck with your work. :-)

mathew said...

There is one thing for sure the fellas whom you have tagged gonna answer about their passionate things..

"To make a mockery of Indian public and squeeze every bit of their patience"

I agree with the insurance part as I am victim myself..sccumbing to a offer which i regret now. :-(

your list of songs are very yet to hear most of them...gotta chk em out...

and thanks for doing the tag..and wishing your boss a long vacation soon!!;-P

Philip said...

Your list of 8 songs is...well...interesting. Hadn't heard any of these songs before. Do you seriously like these songs? Or were you just trying to look cool by listing obscure songs :D

2 months back, Advaniji would have squirmed had he seen his name in any list that contained Karat's name, especially one that is in red colour. Now he will justify it saying that red is not too different from saffron :)

scorpiogenius said...

Your tag passes on to markedly remarkable people...remarkable in their own ways...

It'd be interesting to see how Achumama and co respond to the tags, especially since they havn't seen a 7th std text book until very recently (that too for wrong reasons!)

silverine said...

the layman: Probably yarns and rhetorics and slogans! :p

deepti: Nuke congress lol!! I think the other seven things would be buy a Merc, a Yacht, a Villa in the French Riviera etc :p

ap: Very good suggestion!!!

Hari: Damn!! And I though he actually says that in that speed! :( Nyways I wanted to say it without all those gizmo tweaking :)
The song list covers a lot of genres. I have left out some catchy tunes from country, reggae and a whole lot of stuff since I could only list 8. I am not a "band" or "genre" person. Any song that catches my fancy gets added to my collection. Which is why the collection listed here is so eclectic as Deepa noted :) Try and find out about local bands in US cities/towns. Best way to hear some good but unheard of music.

Mathew: Making a mockery of the Indian public...and hypocrisy too, in which they excel! :) My music list is pretty addictive. So be warned. I was introduced to Afro Celt by this song by my bro. Unfortunately I like only this song of theirs. But most guys whom I have intro'd Afro Celt to, have become addicts of the group! :p

Philip: I am addicted to these songs and a whole lot more. If you haven't heard them...then your musical palate is pretty restricted. And if I want to appear cool, believe me I know what songs to list exactly and these are not them. :))
Reg our pol parties, I think the apt symbol for a political party like the Left and BJP would be 'The Chameleon'!! :))

Scorpiogenius: LOL!! Good one!

Santhanu Nair said...

No I suppose you should add amar singh, manmohan singh for making a mockery of parliament by doing horse trading and winning, right?

silverine said...

Santhanu: You expect us to believe that Amar singh will actually do something so fool hardy? He is a master in the game like all politicians and wont do something so amateurish!! I am sure they know ways to bribe without getting caught. It was BJP that made a fool of themselves trying to prove that they were bribed. But then you know that don't you? You just felt peeved to see those clowns name in the list and decided to give them company with this comment!

Devika said...


share the same sentiment, and the reply you gave to Shanthanu...

I hope the Indian populace try to look beyond what they see!

anyway, note worthy blogs...