Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Love or companionship?

AV and AM met a couple of years ago when both were working for a company making Laptops. She was in Sales. He was a techie. Both were from the same community and soon their friendship blosommed into romance. Soon AM got an admit into a B-School and left for his higher studies. They kept in touch in the intermission.

After graduation AM rejoined the company in a senior position and is now a busy manager! He is ambitious and works long hours. Soon their regular meetings fizzled out to occasional meetings for coffee and their social life came to a stop.

Sometime back, AV made the difficult decision to call off this relationship. AM is an extremely nice guy. I will vouch for that! At 26, he is a very mature person and the kind of guy you can rely on for anything. He is still the same...but busier.

AV's decision shocked all of us. We were aghast, because no girl in her right mind would leave a guy like AM!!!

But AV had a point. She didn't want to spend her life waiting for AM to come home and live a solitary life after marriage. Its bad enough that she hardly sees him these days! Then why should she take the inevitable into marriage!

AM understood her position, but he is helpless! He has his career path clearly charted for him. And that does not include a wife or free time for some time.

Though AM was extremely hurt, he bid goodbye to her and wished her luck!

AV got married six months ago and she is a happy girl. Watching her, one of my married female colleagues wondered if the new Indian woman, would ever be happy only with the title 'Mrs'. I think not! Just the 'Mrs' tag is no longer attractive even for me or my peers. I'd rather have a Mr with it...like AV!

Love or companionship? Companionship definitely! What will we do with empty love!


Thomas said...

I don't think I'm qualified to comment on this post. But on a different perspective, then who'll marry AM?? I mean which girl then, will be interested to marry AM. But maybe, on yet another perspective, every girl's family will want AM married to their girl as he is "successful" by society norms. Digressing too much?? Well then, Period!!

Philip said...

"AV got married six months ago and HE is a happy girl"?? ahem..am I missing something here?

I don't think there should even be a debate about "love or companionship" as if they are separate, mutually exclusive things. Love implies companionship and any relationship where the partner is not there for you is just a delusion.

Deepti said...

Love which leads to being good companions would be ideal ...its more about making time for each other despite the rat race we run :) Nice post .. which reminds me my blog is begging for some companionship from me :D

mathew said...

question should have been ..Empty love or companionship?

Zahra said...

And what of AM? A year or so down the line he would be touted as prime 'husband' material in the great Indian shaadi market. Not that his circumstances would've changed much. And in all probability it'll be another AV who enters the scene as his wife. Crazy game this.... and you really can't blame either party.
Am backing Philip here. Methinks love and companionship come as a package deal in any good relationship.

Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

Of course I'm not taking a dig at anyone, but this author is(though at no one in particular), and I like the way he does it:

He was breathing fairly easily. It occurred to Ford that he might breathe more easily yet without the weight of his wallet bearing down on his chest, so he slipped it out of Harl's breast pocket and flipped through it. Fair amount of cash. Credit tokens. Ultragolf club membership. Other club memberships. Photos of someone's wife and family - presumably Harl's, but it was hard to be sure these days. Busy executives often didn't have time for a full-time wife and family and would just rent them for weekends.


Source: HHGTG 5

Divs said...

You can have a perfect companion and end up without the love end of it? Then its not a 'relationship' is it?

"Love implies companionship and any relationship where the partner is not there for you is just a delusion." - Thats the way it should be

Pradeep said...

Companionships comes first. That's what flowers into frienship, love, romanance, courtship, and marriage. Companionship is the basis, whithout which none of the rest makes any sense.

silverine said...

Thomas: You asked and answered your question yourself :)

Philip: "any relationship where the partner is not there for you is just a delusion And AV realized that! :)

Deepti: Very true! :)

Mathew: Love cannot be empty and empty love is not love...in my humble opinion! :p

Zahra: I am very impressed by the choice AV made though initially I too thought that she was being foolish. But I guess women are exercising their choices nowadays! :)

Karthik: Change the genders there and I am more then happy to accept it! :p

Divs: Very true!

Pradeep: As usual you make the most sense. :)

my inner world said...

a very good article , kept me thinkin on the subject for long!!

liked your blog too:)