Thursday, May 08, 2008

Higher Education!

After writing this post and the creative suggestions that were made in the comment section...I was pleasantly unsurprised to see a commercial in Kairali TV for .....*hold your breath*......Institute of Heavy Machinery, Kollam!

Apparently the Institute teaches students to drive and operate vehicles like Earth Movers, Lifts, Tractors etc. How ingenious! And how predictable that a mallu is involved here!

The ad shows a fat, but apparently under-the-mistaken assumption-that-he-is-fit Principal of the Institute operating several run down PWD vehicles. He looks rather sincere though and jumps down from the vehicles without too much problems or losing focus of the camera.

You wanna make some easy money? Dare your friends to see the ad with a straight face....and collect the cash in Hydraulic Excavators...which btw is not part of the curriculum.

What next? Institute of Maidservant or an Institute of Ironing Clothes? I wouldn't be surprised if they are already existing! brr

I am off for a much needed vacation folks. The other blog will be updated as usual on Sunday. Catch up with you all later. Ciao!