Thursday, February 21, 2008

The long and short of it

Event: Bike expedition to a place on the outskirts of Bangalore.


Checked bike

Ready to go.


Go shopping and buy:

Large straw hat
Sun tan lotion
Long sleeved top
Mosquito repellent


Soft drinks
Band Aid
Extra battery
Extra Memory Card
Mobile charger

Guy cancels trip as it is 12 noon already. Girl feels it is typical guy procrastination.

Written by: Georgie porgie pudding and ...err I mean 'George'.

Above post written by my cousin brother when a certain cousin sister was supposed to accompany him for a bike expedition. He intends to blog one day like his cousin sister. So I am posting his first post ( with heavy handed editing ) here.

p.s I would kill to have a colleague like this guy!


Deepti said...

ROFL!!! Totally identify with this ... Anjali

silverine said...

deepti: Yay! Thank you. I so knew I could count on the gals for this :p

Dhanush said...

I don't complain if he canceled the trip. There is an itching in every biker to get on the ride, especially when it is early in the morning. By 12 Noon a biker will not be interested to take his sweetheart(the bike I meant) out.

We have to take care of her softness and complexion you know ;)

Nithin said...

That's unfair, silverine! You give us the edited version and don't even link to the original (perhaps even more honest) post? :P

Afrin said...

Heheh, that's funny - am sure your cousin must have been really annoyed. I'd hate to have to cancel a bike trip.

silverine said...

dhanush: Thats news to me! :p

nithin: If you want the truthful,honest, unedited version then he will have to get his own blog :))

afrin: Well it was his fault. No advance intimation or clue! :)

Amey said...

OK, I realise I am not going to be the most popular guy around here after asking, but still... Please tell us the girl in the post was not you. ;)

mathew said...

Guy cancels trip as it is 12 noon already

mm..someone was doin the shopping till..?!!;-P

silverine said...

Amey: I will take a break from the arson and rioting caused due to your query to say "it was indeed me" :p

mathew: Till the cows came home :p

Amey said...

Hmm... in that case, it is always better to be prepared for every eventuality ;)

Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

Reminds me of a school friend of mine. We were both at home in Hyderabad for the winter break during undergrad. As its only a month we were both fulfilling obligations of keeping parents happy by being homebound until it occurred to me at the last moment that we hadn't seen each other in a year, and probably won't see each other for another year if we didn't now. So I gave her a call and said, "Wanna meet?". She said, "Now?!?! I leave in three days and I haven't even begun packing." I said,"Three days of packing? What are you taking back?" She said, "Two suitcases and an airbag. What about you?" I replied, "I leave tomorrow and there's an empty air bag lying around somewhere in which I intend to put stuff tomorrow evening." :)

silverine said...

Karthik: LOL!!! :)