Saturday, September 08, 2007

Close encounters with frustrations

A comment I received at Poomanam

Quote "I dream of the day when I will give my blog URL to the person who says "Tell me something about yourself " Unquote

So that, the person will understand:

1.Your views on life are pretty shallow

2.You are arrogant to the core

3.You are a noisy, messy, talk-more-listen-less person

4.You are a religious fundamentalist, under your 'cool' secularist skin

5.You fall flat for flattery

6.You never can take any kind of criticism

7.You look down on most of the people, especially your bosses

8.You are almost insanely self-centric

9.You never have read/understood/appreciated any half-decent literature

10.You drink and drive

11.You do fool people with sweet talk

12.You make silly grammatical and punctuation mistakes that are intolerable in marketing communication.

13.You like showing off your vocabulary, which, again, is intolerable in marketing communication.

14.You will write high school essays for marketing communication purposes

15.You think that you are Erma Bombeck (Bombeck sucks, by the way)

A half-funny line you managed to write in the last six months is,

Ammachi: *whew* you scared me Annamme!! It just means you are standing on his slippers!!

Keep writing. You are, of course, better than many, though nowhere near good. Get over with your infatuation with mediocrity, if you care. (Ever wondered why the fans of your blog are such pathetic writers themselves?)

This was a comment I received after the "Say it right" post.This is just a sample of the type of frustrations people throw at my blog. Of course I rejected it without a thought. And I also know who wrote it, but that is besides the point. What I have learnt in my two years of blogging is that there are too many people getting into blogging for fame and fortune. And when they don't get it, they take out their frustrations with comments like this. Blogging is the freedom of having your say no matter how crappy your language is or how bad your English is! Thankfully most bloggers I know, enjoy the informal creative outlet of blogs and are the richer from the experience.

Today I found another instance of someone copying my posts. If it wasn't so funny I would have been hopping mad :p

p.s Dont miss this excellent post by Pradeep Nair on Kerala.


Fleiger said...

Repeating the comment I put on another blog recently:

How can somebody think that they can get away with copying content?

I started reading the post thinking you are doing your thing. Didn't realise that it was a real "feedback". Luckily, the advantage of being obscure blogger like me is that people don't flame you, and you can get off without comment moderation.

Annie said...

Pathetic wretch! Who is this guy?

Rockus said...

Wow...there are jobless dudes (dudettes?) out there...writing such a pathetic and long comment only to get rejected...copy cats are there guy copied the favourite music section of my orkut profile and put it in you said, I would have been raving mad, if I wasn't laughing hard...

J said...

Lots of interesting things happen around in blogsville. Sadly i've never had such instance :(

As you said, it's better to just ignore and delete such comments. It's one thing to critique a post and totally different when someone just wants to show their immaturity.

Alexis said...

Ignore it...Actually you should take it as a form of compliment :-)

But I cannot tolerate "fans of your blog are such pathetic writers themselves" that is a community to which I also belong. Grrr...

Fame has a price... whether you want it or not. So ignore and sent to the recycle bin.

Adorable Pancreas said...

People showing off their vocabulary is a real pain. Some of those blogs... *shudder* There's this guy who writes sentences with 30 words on an average. Imagine ploughing through that. And yet another one writing about the mind having pernicious nunances that are so elusive as to capture the imagination of grail-seekers. I think he had a head-on collision with a thesaurus.
One of the reasons I like your blog is because you don't use a lot of big words to get your point across. I mean, simplicity has its charm. Sad how a lot of idiots don't undertsand that. Keep writing, silvie. You can send the cheque to my usual addres. ;)

mathew said...

@Anonymous “Shakespearean commenter”
This blog was never the reference book for the students at the Oxford University and is not a reference material for writing a thesis on “Intricacies of punctuations and exclamations!!!”

People love this blog coz they love reading it. Most people who read her blogs enjoy them and find it rib-tickling... If you don’t find this blog funny or remotely entertaining you must be surely Mr. Bean himself...

Just emphasizing what Alexis said. Send the trash to where it belongs. Your blog rocks and doesn’t need certifications from anyone..

silverine said...

fleiger: This person had almost 7 posts of mine copied on her blog. She pulled it down immediately when I mailed her!

annie: lol!!

rockus: lol people actually copied your favorite music section? What losers!!

J:This is the height of immaturity. Luckily I haven't received any obscene comments till now. And I hope that trend continues.

Alexis: And you take that last sentence as a compliment too. Because he is clearly taking pot shots at all of us :)

AP: Thank you :) This is nothing but plain bullying. And bullies we all know are cowards ;) And cheque is in the mail :))

mathew: Thanks buddy!!! Now that was a super rebuttal. This must have been the ghost of Shakespeare himself :P
p.s hope you checked your spellings and punctuation marks in your comment. Or he will be visiting your blog soon!!! LOL!!!

ap said...

go to hell with your detractors!!!!
We are there for you...U simply rock :)

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

"You drink and drive"-That was new to me! When did u mention that in the blogs? I just remember that DABBA incident with a bullet you had among your driving escapades. Anywys as ap said, to hell with the guys/gals who think they are smarter than you! You are GOD as far as bloggin is known to me!

Silverine ammachi zindabaad! :D

Fleiger said...

I guess that has raised her slightly in my eyes. I mean, amateur bloggers may not know all the etiquettes of blogosphere. So, if she took down the posts (or even put attributions), there's still hope, I think.

As for listmania, there's rage hidden there somewhere.

b v n said...

hehe :))

two things,
one - I wud consider myself lucky to get such detailed feedback, even if its spit and run

two - still didn't get it...why publish this? (you are giving it credibility)

silverine said...

AP: Thank you :)

Abhi: Thanks buddy!!

fleiger: You are so right about listmania.

bvn: "you are giving it credibility"
Nopes. Credibility is not that easy to achieve and neither is it in my power to grant. It has to be earned, that is the hardest part.

Joe said...

Your blog is definitely one of the best I have come across, spelling mistakes or not..I think you should take it as a compliment when people criticize you for the punctuation errors and similar stuff ...That just shows that they are not able to find anything criticizable in the content.

When a person makes such nasty allegations on you as a person with obviously untrue/half cooked assumptions, it seems obvious that they are venting out their own frustrations at you more than anything else.

Anju, There will be more comments like these..But dont give such junk any more importance than it deserves..And as all your fan keep saying...Keep writing like you always have...because it is a pleasure to read what you write. :)

Now for my payment :p

Kusum Rohra said...

Come on silver, take it as a compliment, from what the person has written it looks like jealousy to me :)

Your blog rocks and so do you. So pliss to be ignoring all such rubbish.

And what the hell, no one wants to copy my content * sobbing *

shruti said...

@ dear the person got what he wanted ..ur attention and space on ur blog for his comment ... Ignore such people honey ..they are psycologically disturbed and seek attention ..

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

You’re good. And you pull off good humor without stereotyping yourself and that’s impressive, to say the least.
PS: Can I leave my number? ;)

Kevin Patel said...

Wow..I believe its ur blog its ur personal property and u can do wjhatever u want...:) dont loose ur mind over this kind of things and keep writing...:)

Fleiger said...

But if you know who listmania is, why not mail him and ask him to purge his rage somewhere else... Maybe lay off Reshammia songs for a while?

Fleiger said...

Have I gloated about being the first to comment? Can't remember, so...


Archie said...

Hi, I am an avid reader of both your blogs. I think you should take that nasty comment as a compliment, coz someone actually felt jealous/threatened enough to write out such a detailed list of faults. Considering that not one of the comments had anything constructve to offer shows that the poor guy/gal couldn't find much to criticize either. So keep up the good work ...there are lots of us who look forward to your posts...

Jeseem said...

maam , u r famous for ur great blog. and every great star has a lot of admirers and a few jealous haters.

so please step back into the stage and the spotlight , ms. star ( shhh... onlookers, now is the right time to throw those rotten tomatoes on the stage now :P )

silverine said...

Joe: Payment? err you were supposed to write a more adulatory comments like "Anju you are better than Shakespeare" etc. Payment is withheld due to non compliance with agreed policies!!
LOL!!! Thanks babes :)

kusum: Thanks girl!! Great to see you here. Hope your exams are going fine!

shruti:psychologically disturbed and seek attention" You are right and this is why I enabled comment moderation. Because creeps like these used my space to get attention :)

toothless wonder: Thanks buddy and do leave your number. From the time you left comments on your cooking prowesses, my gal pals are fighting over you :P

kevin: Thanks for the support buddy :)

fleiger: Naah, I am least bothered about him. So he is history as far as I am concerned :)

"Maybe lay off Reshammia songs for a while? grrr how dare you insult my dear Himmy???

fleiger: High five!! :)

Archie: Thank you dear! And you are absolutely right :)

Jeseem: LOL!! :))

alex said...


When i showed my dad that a post of mine had been copied without acknowledging me, he said that it is the greatest form of admiration.