Saturday, April 21, 2007

Instant news!!!

I saw something on CNN IBN ( streaming content) the other day that made my jaws drop.

The program: CNN IBN special program

Title: Cricket's dark side

Presenters:Bhupender Chaube, Bob Kalra and a Geo TV rep live from Pakistan.

Bhupender Chaube to Geo TV rep in Pakistan: Your chanel has allegede foul play in Bob Woolmers death.

Geo TV Rep: We haven't alleged anything, but Inzamam ul Haq gave Bob a lot of trouble by not reporting for net practise.

Bhupender Chaube: This is a serious allegation. You are saying that Inzamam was the casue of Bob's death.

Geo TV Rep: I did not say that. I said he gave Bob the maximum amount of trouble.

Bhupender Chaube (shouting):How?!

Geo TV Rep( looks like he wants to slap Bhupender): He stressed out Bob by his disobedience and failing to report for net practise.

Bhupender Chaube: Thank you for coming on the show.(turning to the camera) As you can all see the Geo TV rep has made a serious allegation that Inzamam ul Haq and the Pakistani team stressed Bob to his death!

Bhupender Chaube kept screaming CNN IBN style and was desperately trying to sensationalise the issue,a trademark strategy of CNN IBN! News presenters from CNN IBN can be seen visibly excited when a news breaks and every effort is made during news hour to sensationalise the same. Background music adds to the melodrama.

How does this reflect on CNN I wonder. Or does CNN have no hold over the instantaneous content creation, sensationalisation and delivery of its Indian subsidiary?

( p.s will post the link to this video if I can get hold of the same. This program appeared around March 23rd)


TheDawg said...

well that is CNN tradition. sensationlising news and content creation. Look at BBC and look at CNN. BBC Reports . CNN CREATES NEWS.

mathew said...

ahh..CNN looks like a science report on global warming compared to rediff!!!...

I love CNN-IBN for that chap called karan thapar..otherwise it just another channel..

Neihal said...

You know I have been thinking about this for couple of days. Sometime back I caught some DD News, and I cant tell you how good it felt to see a straight faced, expressionless News reader doing her job--reading the news.

I am not suggessting that is the only or best way to present news but it seems much better after this overdose of sensational journalism.

And posts like these make me feel so much better that I threw my TV out. :D

silverine said...

thedawg: "BBC Reports . CNN CREATES NEWS" Bingo!

mathew: I hate Karan Thapar!! :p

neihal: You said it gal. DD is like a breath of fresh air!!! And NDTV to an extent too. My TV is mostly a resting place for my now empty goldfish bowl :D

Alexis said...

Very true. These days, everybody want to sensationalize everything.Reading newspaper is slightly better, but there also the old school of honest reporting is gone. The fact about DD is true. May be the DD era is coming back and if people watch less TV and read more then we should thank the channels like CNN-IBN :-)

G said...

I'm just shocked the 'other' dweeb who's name escapes me at the moment didn't come up with his standard 'and we will show you with these pi-charts that we are just drawing up' ....

All these cricket shows are such nonsense. Except for the one with Sidhu, but thats different coz we're turning it on EXPECTING nonsense. Heh heh

Anonymous said...

The best i like about 24/7 news channels is the head lines they show frequently,having seen that it is best to move on. May be in the coming days, people will get
a choice to customize the channels to have a scrolling text of "breaking news" attached their favorite channels and the News channels will come with warning
"Parental guidance" required....Amen


Fleiger said...

Sorry for being a lurker for few days...

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I will be back to normal mode soon.

Anonymous said...

This was just to say
that your prev post was good
but I couldnt comment
so I meandered here.
- GT