Friday, November 24, 2006

A love letter

A note to certain readers and commenters of Think Pad:

< begin angelic smile >

If you do not like the posts here, kindly leave without littering. And if you must comment then please read the post carefully. The posts here though are not worthy of being nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature or even internalization, requires some amount of intelligence to be understood. My posts are statements, period. They are not open to debate unless so indicated by me.

I admit to the following:

You are a bad writer: Yeah!!!
You are biased: Yeah!!!!
You are catty, bitchy, childish and gossipy: Yeah!!!!
You are *all the bad words you can look up in the Dictionary*: Yeah to that too!!!

Now that we have cleared the air, there is no need for you to repeat this in the comments section.

So….shooo, begone, vamoose, scram etc.!!!

This blog started out as a friend’s circle where we discussed matters of mutual interest. This is a mutual interest group and a lot of people have fun reading or commenting by joining in the discussions here. And the people in my blogrolls plus the people who think I am the greatest [:P] constitute that circle. If you do not figure in that Blog Roll or friends circle, then please consider yourself a guest here and conduct yourself accordingly. I welcome difference of opinion given in “unparliamentary” (read as “Indian Parliament”) language. But please do not tell me what to write and how to write, what I am or not. There are people who do that ( < end of angelic smile > $%#^@&@#&!!) < begin angelic smile again > and when they do, I take note.

I have definite opinions about certain things that I have experienced or observed ( not the staring kind of observation you dirty minded people) and till my Amma’s prayers that ‘ente daivame ee penninnu nalla budhdhi kodukaname!” goes thru the yards of red tapism in Heaven and reaches God after greasing saintly palms ( in which she is an expert) and fructifies, there is less chances of me changing my opinions than a saint sneaking into a bar in hell and remaining sober or a virgin.

Thank you!

Coming soon: A Guide to Reading and Commenting on Blogs.

Sneak preview: Tan tandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!!!!!! < input your favorite music if you don’t like mine >

Second Paragraph, third line of the 'A Guide to Reading and Commenting on Blogs' says:

And XYZ said silverine you are the greatest!!!! *applause* Right way to comment!
ABC said: You are a lousy writer! *Triiiiiiin* Wrong way to comment

p.s before I go in to get dandaas from a customer Mr Dattatreya, whose name was mispelt by my team mate to Datta-3, I want to say that I will delete offensive comments from now on. I just changed my blog template at ENORMOUS expense and risk of brain death ( a Biryani meal for my bro and his friends who spent the afternoon drinking beer and cracking dreadful PJ’s while my bro changed the template drinking beer cracking worse PJ’s) and I don’t like to get it dirty.

p.p.s I know this is useless but I HAD SO MUCH FUN WRITING THIS Yahooooo!!!!!!!!

p.p.p.s I promise there wont be anymore p.s!

p.p.p.p.s but you wont hate me no if there are more will you? *pout*

< end of angelic smile >

p.p.p.p.p.s I am sorry but I have to say this. Inspite of repeated reminders and a post, I am HIGHLY DISSAPPOINTED in all you. Can’t you read English???? I said FIRM RED RIPE TOMATOES, FRESH EGGS, GREEN CHILLIES AND CORIANDER LEAVES if you can spare some!! grrrrrrrrrr


Neihal said...

hahaha...I know what you mean....even though I lost you after the first few lines...but I got it...since I am a guest here and have never been mean to anyone (only in the blogworld)...I have nothing to worry :)
Keep writing.

silverine said...

Yes dear Niehal you have been exemplary :) And it is nice to have you here as a part of the friends circle :)

Sachin R K said...

Nice job Silverine. For those who still dont get it , pls wait till "Commenting on Blogs for Dummies" hits the stands.

alex said...

Well, what does 'pj's' mean???


continue wonly writing!

TheDawg said...

Appo njaano ?

quills said...

LOL..well said and well done! :) I really like your spirit!!

We can all agree to disagree, but we all most definitely need to agree on being disagreeable in a more agreeable way.

mathew said...

'Commenting on Blogs for Dummies'..

Lol!!you couldnt have put it better..

We sure have fun commenting and reading your blogs!!thanks.

p.s.Toasting a Heineken for bro!! :-P

Anonymous said...

When I saw the title "Love Letter" I thought it might be for me!! you know the male habit well dont you :)

iyer education said...

nice post...

excellently written...

beautiful and ample usage of PS'...

wonderful depiction of the plot...

shooper jugglery of words...

wonderfully framed...

*i think i am learning the basic fundamentals of commenting... thanks a ton silverine*

LI said...

Hi Sliverine , This Blog sucks yaar , you are such a lousy writer.:P . Hope this should inspire you to come out with the guide to commenting on blogs pretty soon. :)

Puchu said...

I personally enjoy reading your blog. I might not agree with you on so many subjects. But I believe you enjoy the freedom to write as you please. So, if I don't agree with you on something, firstly - its my headache , secondly - I would either keep it to myself or comment in a civil manner.

But more importantly, I guess you know you have lots of readers and many of them wait earnestly to read what you have written. So(my dime's worth advice) stop squatting these worthless responses and allow the "circle of friends" and "friendly guests" to relish the mouth watering posts that you usually dish out rather than feeding fodder to your unfriendly guests.

PS: I haven't received responses of the kind that you mentioned, so I guess I can afford to say this. But I never know how I would react if and when I do get them. ;)

silverine said...

sachin rk: LOL what a title!!!

Alex: A poor joke :p

thedawg: You were on my blogroll so you know the answer to that one :)

Quills: "We can all agree to disagree, but we all most definitely need to agree on being disagreeable in a more agreeable way." That was awesome!!!!
I think you SK guys have it rougher than me.

Mathew: Cheers!! :))

displaced: :)

iyer education: You dont need no education :)I was referring to some anon nasty comments by people that I deleted.

Lijo: I may just :)

Puchu: Thanks...I was actually making fun of these people :)) Their comments will have no effect on my future posts. Most bloggers are fed up of nasty anon comments.

SP said...

Hi dear,

This is nothing but pure jealousy and the kannu kadi that you mentioned in your last post. Ignore and carry on with the good job. You have proven yourself beyond doubt. I am glad you listened to me and moderated comments. Enjoy the freedom!!

Mind Curry said...

so you didnt like my omelette kya?? :) ok more on the way..with some tomatoes and green chillies straight from my own lil farm..

And the people in my blogrolls
that means i am a preferred blogger, since i have mine twice!

and the people who think I am the greatest
that means i am a gold class life member! hip hip!


so funny this..enjoyed.

*biting nails, worried if his comments will ever see bloglight anymore*

silverine said...

SP: Forgotten about these people already, now lets get back to freedom of expression :)

MC: Thank you :P

Scribbles said...

Another guest here...Cmon keep writing..
The first thing I do on reaching office is to check if u and a few other bloggers have updated their blogs.. And I ve let my boss know that however important the work has to wait till i ve checked 2 of my fav blogs..1 being urs :)

silverine said...

scribbles: Thank you so much gal. You are part of the friends circle and not a guest :)

Jeseem said...

the beautiful princess, hounded by a few ugly jacksals. so she turns into a lioness.
beautiful post ms, as always.

silverine said...

Jeseem: LOL And I dont think these are gals :))

Anonymous said...

Someone said, "Two things are hard on the heart—running uphill and running down people."

Keep writing!!

Nitin Anthraper

Anonymous said...

*Reads the instructions*
*decides to behave neatly here for the fear of being banned*

Off to read those comments in question.. oh.. I so love reading such comments yaar... they show the demented brain.. :D
I deleted the ones on my blog, otherwise they would be enuf to entertain a room full of adults over a Friday night! :)

silverine said...

Nitin: Thanks for the support :)

smiling girl: Thanks for all your comments. I have left some of the nasty anon comments on the post "What ails us" so that those people can see their foot in the mouth comments and squirm :))