Friday, May 26, 2006

Giggles from the past...

Thanks to incessant rains I am stuck in the house. So I thought I would pen down something about a friend I met yesterday. 'S' is one of my friends from school through college. A really sweet Gujju girl. S was the most innocent gal in our group and I frankly don’t know how she survived the wonder years with us. Most people in college thought she was the misfit in our group.

I remember a fashion show in college. S walked out to the catwalk carrying her saree dupatta in hand, sashaying languidly. The rest of us were waiting for our cue to walk out to the catwalk. Just when she was half way through her catwalk I whispered loudly in a theatrical whisper “hey your blouse is open at the back!!!”. S froze, fumbled for her saree dupatta , covered herself tightly without turning around and then ran to the back of the stage holding a hand over her mouth to suppress a scream. All of us collapsed laughing. Of course there was no problem with the blouse but then S was someone we loved to rag. She would end up giggling uncontrollably when she realized that she had been had. Never once did she get angry at our pranks.

Once on a summer hol trip to Kodai, S went to change her clothes in the cottage restroom. After waiting for 5 minutes, we all said loudly “S we can see you”. There was a piercing shriek from the toilet and S quickly wrapped herself with a towel and sat on the commode looking fearfully around for open windows or vents. Inspite of repeated assurances she refused to come out of the toilet. Finally she did come out after we had given her a bedsheet to cover herself. She changed after we had held a few bedhseet around her as she refused to go into the toilet. The whole thing boomeranged on us when S refused to go to the toilet after that and kept jumping up and down cos she wanted to pee really bad. Finally we had to conduct a live demo to show her that the toilet was safe and we were indeed joking.

Another time for my 21st birthday, we had a party at my house. My 21st birthday fell on a weekday and we had the party on a Friday night. S’s dad is a very strict man and disapproves of drinking and coming late etc. But then back then most of my friends parents thought I was a model friend to their daughters. I had this readymade angelic face you see :p Perfect foil for evil. S was given permission to come as it was my house.

This was the first time we all had Vodka as all of us were turning 21 that year. My brother M was the bar tender ( and supervisor as my parents were away for a wedding) and he made some wonderful but unknown to us, very low alcoholic content cocktails for us. S got slightly bold after she realized that she was quite fine after a Bloody Mary. So she had another and then another. By this time most of us were dancing to some loud music and garish home made disco lights courtesy M. No one noticed S steadily plowing through my drink and the other glasses scattered around various tables in the hall. By the time the party wound up she must have had some 6 small Vodkas (or more I dunno). She was very tipsy and was giggling like a Hyena at every thing we said.

Me: Looks like you had too much to drink tonight!
S: *giggle*
Nina: You better have some black coffee.
S: ha ha ha ha
Tia: Drink some water, you will feel much better.
S : Ahahahahahahahah hoo hoo hoo hee hee hee (rolling on the sofa )

We were in big trouble now. S had to return home as per orders. As we debated what to do, we heard S taking to someone on the phone. A dim wit friend of mine, Bhanu had convinced S to call her Mom and ask permission to stay back at my house. To her bad luck her Dad picked up the phone.

S: Hello
S’s Dad: Hello
S (cupping the mouthpiece and whispering to Bhanu): Oh my god it’s my dad
Bhanu: Put the phone down quick.
But S was already talking to her Dad in a fake voice.
S( trying hard not to slur): Mr Patel? Can I speak to you wife?

The genius thought that her Dad would not recognize her voice!

To cut the story short, I did manage to convince her Dad that she had just a bit of wine and she got permission to stay at my house.

S entertained us throughout our school and college days with her innocence and simplicity. Now she is getting married, to an equally sweet guy. I wish her the best and hope she keeps smiling and giggling through life like she always did.


Thanu said...

Good luck to S...

Hope u guys party like this for her wedding

Alexis Leon said...

My congratulations to your friend...

If she survived in your company, then I don't think she would have any problem in her life :-)

Harjee Kapur said...

Hey… that was so sweet… we all have a ‘bholu nath’ friend in the group who is the first to get scandalized and freaks out on the smallest things… but they are the most loved of the lot…

You should plan an ultimate scandalizing event for her… plan a bachelor party… male dancers and all… I am sure she’ll love it…

You’re in Kerala? You’re on vacation? You enjoying the rains?

I’m sulking now :-(

silverine said...

@Thanu: We have orgnanised her bachelorette party. And the show stopper is a secret :)
@Alexis: LOL She did survive my company and we survived hers :))
@Harjee: We are organising a party. We would love to have a male dancer, but dunno where to get one ( okay I can see a lot of hands going up :p )

I am back now :)

Paresh Palicha said...

You did the impossible i.e. getting a typical Gujju girl drunk.

Write a post on how she survived her father's anger the next day. Must be really interesting. Being from a non-typical Gujju family & knowing a few typical Gujju families where parents create ruckus if a neighbour's cousin (male) who became a friend during the summer vacations wrote a letter on a post card.

Nice post.

Mind Curry said...

so sweet..s sounds like that innocent cute girl..i think theres nothing like the times we have during univ and the friends we make then.

am meeting up my gang from med school in blore next week..after 5 years almost. will be great for sure.

my hands been up right from the time i entered the comment section here..dunno why..


silverine said...

@Paresh: The Gujju girl is a Vodka aficionado now :p But Gujju's are very conservative.I noticed that in S 's family. And were you the "neighbour's cousin (male) who became a friend during the summer vacations wrote a letter on a post card"?
That was so sweet :)
@Mind Curry: Hey you will have so much fun when you get together. We get together quite often as most of us are in Blr. Hope you blog about it :)
And ahem I did'nt know my blog had therapeutic qualities :))But I am glad your hand's alright now! We gals just cannot afford to lose one of our favorite bloggers to a 'handicap' you know :)) But I do know that some people would be glad to get rid of their nemesis..the Save Kerala Blogspot creator. Maybe Mis Fiskas was their inside agent rofl

Paresh Palicha said...

No way. I won't risk my life doing that.

Dr.asish said...

you people r so wicked!:D