Friday, January 23, 2009

Coming ultra forward generation!!

Remember the time we were kids? We were so proud when entrusted with a grown up task and looked at grown ups with admiration when they drove a car or did something we thought was uber cool! The kids of these days on the other hand are not the hero worshiping tots we were at their age. My niece for example told her Dad when he bought a new car home that she would buy a bigger and better car when she was his age!! Poor Dad. His joy and pride evaporated in a second. Here are two instances from my gene pool a.k.a my family that will give you a sneak preview of the coming generation.

My cousin sister’s daughter is all of eight and half years old. The young lady went for Confession to church and this is the conversation she had with the Priest during Confession.

Priest: And what sins have you committed since your last visit *smile*
Brat (shrugging): The usual!
Priest: WHAT????
Brat: The usual you know!
Priest: Ahem…I don’t remember what you told me last time, so please elucidate!
Brat: The same things you know! Like, fighting with my brother, not doing my home work, not listening to amma etc.

The priest was ROFL! For the sake of non Catholics, let me explain that you don’t tell the priest “the usual” but spell out your sins! :p

The second instance is another eight year old brat in Kochi. I called her up last week and this is how the conversation went.

Me: Congrats! I heard you got fourth rank this time.
Brat (unenthusiastically): Yaah!
Me: Last time you got fifth rank or was it sixth?
Brat: Sometime it is fifth, sometimes it is sixth. This time it is fourth. Oh chechi I am so fed up of this rat race!!

It was my turn to go ROFL this time!

Have a nice weekend folks. Keep smiling! :)


Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

Did Brat 2 actually say 'rat race'? :O
On a more serious note(after all the post is on thinkpad), *sigh*@the way we kids are brought up with emphasis on ranks and all that.

ROFL@'the usual you know!'

silverine said...

Karthik: I thought so too when I heard it! :)

Rockus said...

The little girl is wise beyond her years! Or is it that I am too dumb for my years?!

mathew said...

smart girl..she is already practising time saving techniques!!

I remember a confession of my own as a kid..not particularly funny..

Me:"Achoo..njan muttaayi(candies) kattu eduthu "

Priest hears it as Motta.(egg)

Priest:"Mone..Motta ellavarkkum vendi ullathu alle.. "

Me:"Ishe..Motta aarengilum kattu edukkummo achoo..njan muttaayi aanu"


I have never confessed with the same Priest ever after.

Shimmer said...

hehehe :P nice :D

silverine said...

Rockus: I am not venturing into that question cos the answer will apply to me too! lol

Mathew: LOL!! In school we had confessions on Friday and we would have a couple or more Priests to take confessions as this was convent school. Soon word would spread as to which Priest was giving less Penance and that Priest would have a serpentine queue of girls for confessions! :p

Shimmer: Thank for dropping by! :)

dsk said...

its all the same yaar..

you parents wud have been saying the same a decade ago..... lucky u.. there were no blogs then for them to spell it out.....

thomman said...

"My niece for example told her Dad when he bought a new car home that she would buy a bigger and better car when she was his age!!"

I would make a bigger and better blog when I'm silverine's age. :P
Times are changing old lady. Yeah yeah you heard it right, OLD!

silverine said...

dsk: Lucky we indeed! :)

Thomasina: heh heh cant be bought. To make a beter blog than me you need twice my talent, aptitude, *cough* capability, capacity, expertise, facility, faculty, flair, forte, genius, gift, *cough* *cough* inventiveness, savviness, skill, smartness *cough* the goods, and what it takes *cough* to make a better *cough* blog! :-|

Kidding he he make it 'thrice' instead of 'twice' ;)

thomman said...

Oh, you forgot to mention intelligence!! (assuming you have some) :P
P.S. Does the "cough" come along with thesaurus?

mathew said...

@Anju @Thomman

Vivek Menon said...

ROFL @ "rat race"..LOL

silverine said...

Thomman: It was my modesty and constraint coupled with my humbleness, humility, lack of pretension, self-effacement, and simplicity that made me refrain from using more words like "intelligent." The cough was ahem just a touch of sore throat! :-|

mathew: :p

Vivek: :)

scorpiogenius said...

Ranks are still used in our schools??? I thought they were abolished..Or is it only in the X Std that you are 'graded' than being 'ranked'?? Whatever...nice bloke...he must really have meant it :))

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

Pillarude oru kaaryam! Ithokke valuthaakumbo enthokke kaanichu vekkumo entho

Pratz said...


yamini nair said...

Kids used to render us speechless sometimes. Now everytime we are speechless in front of them!

Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

Legacy of Bush article was right about Iraq war.
I'm not sure about the 'list of ponzi schemes' in the other article though. To quote you out of context, "What’s the proof?"

Mind Curry said...

as long as they dont all say "shit!!" in suresh gopi style, its okay! :)
jokes apart, sometimes it gets scary to see them grow beyond their ages!! whatever happened to childhood, i wonder then!