Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Musings of an obscure blogger...

There is something about personal blogging that I have learned in my three and half years of blogging. If you are a likeable person, people will like your blog too as your blog reflects your personality and your thoughts.

You have to strike a chord with the reader. And this happens naturally. No power or widget on earth can do that for you. Some of you may connect while some will not, no matter how hard you try. And this is the secret of the popularity of certain personal bloggers like Sidin and Great Bong. It all boils down to the blogger. I can say with a certain guarantee that there is nothing anyone can do to get readers, except perhaps letting people know that you blog by a comment or joining a directory like Kerala Blogroll or Blogstreet.

Good writing skills also matter I agree. But I know so many good writers who don’t get readers. Therefore I conclude that good writing skills, your personality and your outlook towards life in general is what makes a blog tick while others go phut!

Blog for yourself and leave the rest to God and readers.

So why am I writing this? Because I get several mails asking me tips to popularize a blog. And I have always written back that blogs are like movies or books. It is left to the readers to decide whether he likes your content. I also get comments like, "you suck and your readers too as they read such crap" And I feel only pity for those frustrated souls. I wish life was this easy! Wish we had widgets and gadgets and applications to make people like us. But life is not that easy is it?

Have you noticed that only blogs with a good amount of readers get virulent tripe while the same content at a lesser known blog would be ignored? I don’t think those people who post angry comments themselves realize this. But if they looked deep down and analyzed why they dislike a particular blogger, they will realize that it is because of his/her readership. I know that many of those people have not analyzed this or realized this. And those who have realized this have quietly integrated into this large, friendly and tolerant community.

I wish bloggers who go crazy for readers and those who hate people whose blogs have readers realize this. A lot of rancor in blogosphere, sorry not a lot of rancor, but some people with such rancor would sleep in peace in the night if they reconcile with this.

And I wish such people peace of mind! Hakuna Matata!