Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Oops! Did I step on your self esteem?

The real Aishwarya Rai. Thanks to Philip for the link!

Have you ever watched an Aishwarya Rai interview? It is perhaps the single most tiring thing to watch on TV after the saas bahu serials. After the interviewer finishes his question, you turn to her expectantly for the reply and what do you get? A lot of umm errr hmmm ahem before and after each word in the sentence till you realize that it will take a long time for her to reply and when she does, in between all those umm errr hmmm ahem the reply shocks you with its inanity. Most of the questions posed to her are more intelligent than the answers and the poor interviewer continues with his questioning for the sake of the program whether the reply makes sense of not!

Unlike other beauty contestants, Ms Rai still lives in the beauty pageant. There is very little of her that comes through in an interview. Every word she says is carefully and calculatingly delivered for maximum impact. You can see some furious thinking going on as she talks pausing before each word as though weighing it, leading to a very protracted and labored replies to questions. Her pose i.e the chin up as soon as the camera turns on her, also reeks of Miss India training.

Now she is married to a man who is not only eloquent but knows what he is talking about. The decimation of Ms Rai has begun.

I was watching a CNN IBN program the other day. The program played host to the entire Sarkar Raj Bachchan clan i.e Aishwarya, Abhishek and Amitabh with Ramgopal Verma. While Abhishek handled the questions with aplomb, Aishwarya came off as an air head with her err umm hmm routine. In fact she did not manage to say a single sentence and hubby had to intervene to save her face and airtime. And intervene he did with a grim face and none of the newly wed infatuation he displayed not too long ago. The charm of Ms Rai seems to be wearing off.

There was a moment in the interview when the interviewer turned to Abhishek and asked “How does it feel being the son of one of the best actor in the world and being married to the most beautiful mom in the world.” The “mom” was a slip of the tongue. Aishwarya corrected him immediately, and then realizing that she may have insulted the MIL turned to hubby and said ingratiatingly “Of course he has the most beautiful Mom in the whole world.” The decimation of Aishwarya Rai, the person was complete.

Whether at a Awards function or film premier, Aishwarya stands behind the Bachchan men and hubby even replies to questions thrown at her as she characteristically wastes time on the umm errr hmmm ahem routine.

The fact that she was now a Bachchan was delivered rather bluntly by hubby when he said “My father is the center of my universe”. I gasped and looked at Ms Rai, she sat like a dumb blond without batting an eyelid.

R.I.P Miss Aishwarya Rai. Long live Mrs Airwarya Bachchan.

Was it really worth it? I mean marrying into the so called “First Family” of Bollywood for the sake of the title Mrs Bachchan! Or was this an enormous endorsement campaign? Perhaps the Bachchans and the Rais laugh their way to their separate banks. Nothing else can explain this marriage.

p.s Ms Rai Bachchan, your neck shows your age. Time for a neck lift!

p.p.s I neither like nor dislike Abhishek or Aishwarya. But I am a huge fan of Amitabh’s older movies.

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The Smokin' WDM2 said...

Do you remember Time magazine titled their wedding "Hollywood's Father, Son and Holy Babe!"
I HATE these kind of uhhm.. erm.. pompous ladies on TV. But salvaion is just a channel flick away :)

Anonymous said...

Dont you think talking about ash and her hubby is a total waste of time. It's pointless even if you are kicking their arses!!

ya...and this was good. I liked it. I too am a fan of Amitabh's older flics..:D

Philip said...

Very true. Miss Rai-Bachchan is the closest any Bollywood star has come to being plastic. Everything about her is so artificial (from her smile to her accent). And she can't act for her life.

I was once watching an interview of Ash by David Letterman. She was decimated (as u put so aptly) and everybody was laughing at her and a flummoxed Ash was looking around wondering why everybody was laughing. Will post the youtube link once I get home.

Deepti said...

I always feel Abhishek behaves like a puppy when she is around :D

And to top it all she starts blogging tooo ... to bring a bad name to celebrity bloggers like you ;)

Anonymous said...

Hah! I couldn't agree with you more; what a shame.

I remember seeing that and cringing in my seat as she made a right ol' fool out of herself..

what! she blogs too? where?

Thomas said...

@philip: Touche man, touche. You said what I had to say. Forget acting, that fake accent is what irritates me, aargh!, now i just switch the channel when i see her.

silverine said...

Sriram: "Hollywood's Father, Son and Holy Babe!" Wow! :)

nitin: I don't think of topics and write. I write what strikes me at the time! :)

Philip: "Plastic" would describe her the best! And please do post the link. I guess she is our national shame and fame! :)

Deepti: He doesn't do the puppy act any more! And you mean "to bring a bad name to ordinary bloggers like you" She is the celebrity blogger! :) And I am sure she will have her posts written by a hired hand :p

Anon: Shame? The media dotes on her and she has corporate houses lining up for endorsements!!!

a million different people said...

And I am sure she will have her posts written by a hired hand

Hehe, just like the FIL. =)

Seriously, the other day, I was watching the news and Sarkar Raj's premiere at the IIFA was being discussed (Apparently, not many "important" people other than the family attended and there was frustration in the air.) and this woman cannot answer questions she's asked but she will butt in when the husband answers. Obviously, in her Miss World mode.

And, why is she not being sued for killing trees and their kin?

Santosh said...

That was a wide angle shot on bachan pariwar.

Thanks a ton for adding a link to my blog (massage story) You brought lots of traffic to that. Thanks again.

Philip said...

The fake accent is very jarring (Bombaayy) and notice the fact that Ash doesn't get it most of the times when Letterman takes potshots at her.

Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...

The joke in my family is that ash passes one of those charming smiles of hers when she doesnt know how to answer questions and hope it'll mask the fact that she really doesn't know how to speak.

mathew said...

Good that you were talking about Aishdumbo...You talk about Vidya Balan or Konkana sen, I ll send the Army out in Bangalore!!;-D

I always thought Aishwarya was like the Barbie Doll ofcoz without the brains...whereas Sushmita easily made use of her looks and at the same time exuded real confidence and intelligence...

Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

Well, I'm actually glad to hear the fake accent the way it is. A little worse(or better depending on how you see it) and she might've said 'As lolita', instead of 'As lalitha' (At 6:20 into the clip) :)

Gardenia said...

I enjoyed reading this so much. All this time, I'd thought my reactions to Ash were just nasty. Poor thing, all ashes, or, as you suggest, are they laughing their ways to separate banks? Ash looks jaded, faded and tired. Youth doesn't last, and she's way past it. Abhishek says his father is the center of his universe? Excuse me, I'm feeling a little ill. He and his Dad need to see a shrink.

The Smokin' WDM2 said...

oops.. I meant "BOLLYWOOD's Father, son and holy babe"

Shubhika said...

This is so well written and I completely agree with you. She is one of the most fake people who are out there. Her interview on Oprah was terrible.

SR said...

Oh Sweet Mosses! I love this post. Came in at the right time when every Indian news site were posting Rai-Bachchan duo pictures right on the front page. For some days I thought that nothing was happening in India except for Sarkar Raj. Keep it up Silverine and God Bless Aish-Abhi's "million dollar" marriage deal ;)

Anoop G said...

intelligent or foolish... dont care ... she is still beautiful !!!

anN-series said...

but for hrithik roshan in dhoom2, i would have stabbed myself to death watching her sunehri-'like'-act!!

Hari Shanker said...

I've perennially hated Ash for her attitude. Don't think she doesn't have enough time as an actress with her age... The bachchan surname would just extend the time to attain celebrity shelf-life, that's all!

And the woman's got some attitude, yes!

Neena Padayatty said...

"Was this the face that stopped a thousand ships..."
Well,well,well...but no denying that few other beauties share her fame.Hope their personal conversations are much more articulate :)

g-man said...

somehow, i don't think this matters. i mean, sure, let her make a fool of herself if she wants to, and let her hubby step in to save her royal arse, but is it of any consequence?

silverine said...

SR: oops I missed you out while replying. Apologies and thank you! :)

million diff people: So pa in law also has ghost writers? :p One of these days the trees she married will come after her for alimony!

Santosh: That was one hilarious post! :)

Philip: I haven't felt so embarrassed in a long time!!! I cant believe what I saw. She made a fool of herself!!! Compared to her the Hollywood actresses are so articulate and down to earth! My ears burnt as I watched this! :(

lakshmi: It is surprising how much she can mask with that smile! :)

Mathew: Please don't compare Sushmita with Ash! That would be insulting Sush! :|

Karthik: Did you see that video clip of her movie they showed! The dialog was so cliched and her swimming off in a huff was so 70's Bollywood! I half expected the Hero to burst into a song and go after her to manaofy her brrr

gardenia: I thought so too...that me and my friends were the only people who didn't like her. After writing this post I am relieved! :)

Sriram: I guessed as much! :)

Shubika: I can imagine! Oprah knows how to detect fakes and she would have made mince meat of Ms Rai!

Anoop: Whats that got to do with this post!?

Ann-series: lol!!

Hari: That makes sense! This might explain this marriage! For her it is extension of shelf life. For him the connection with her name!

Neena: You are right! She does have fame and she is pretty.

g-man: It is ...and thats why I blogged about it! Else you would have not seen this post!

kochuthresiamma p .j said...

C'mon. be more charitable. her business is to be just beautiful

Anonymous said...

Sweet Jesus...what an awesome post!! Agree with you wholeheartedly!