Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone. And like other Valentines Days the day held no particular significance to me as I am single. In my office we were all greeted with a single long stemmed rose on our desks, but part from that there was no sign of the day being Valentine’s Day. By mid morning most of the guys had given me their roses as I am the only girl on the floor and the facilities people bought me a lovely cylindrical glass vase to keep the vases complete with white pebbles. It looked awesome and the flowers are still fresh.

In the evening married or girls with boyfriends sent the usual mails telling us about the gifts that they received. This year both my brothers got together and bought me a Valentine’s Day gift. It was a heart shaped red gift box with a heart shaped glass bowl with some metallic pebbles corresponding to the number of years I have been on this earth. According to my chetan the pebbles represents the number of years that the family has been blessed with my presence. According to my second brother, the pebbles represents the numbers of years of screeches, scratches, hair pulling, tale telling etc etc etc and other tortures that I have put him through… which you all know is absolute and total lies.

I took the gift to office and most girls (the suckers of mushy stuff they are) think that it the THE CUTEST Valentine’s Day gift they have ever seen. And guess what? Poor single moi has been voted to have got the best Valentine’s Day gift. My desk with the heart shaped glass bowl has become a shrine of sorts and I am sure hazaar BF’s and husbands must be cursing my brothers for the “You should have Silverine’s Valentine Day gift, why didn’t you think of something like that? And she is single too!!!”

However the most unique gift that I have ever received was “Valentino”, a handsome Snowman made for me by a friend in -14 degree cold.

Errr he is a lil drunk as the creator of this masterpiece gave him some Vodka to keep him warm :p But isn't he a dish?


Fleiger said...

Now that's what I call a gift... for humour. In one stroke, your brothers have achieved a lot, namely
1. made you a nice gift, which made you like them (I am guessing here, but I think I am safe making the assumption)
2. Showed you how much they like you, and how much 'pain' you caused them
3. sowed mayhem in all your acquint., since now every girl you know is hitting her bf/husband over the head.

One gift... so many meanings ;)

silverine said...

Fleiher: "One gift... so many meanings"
LOL well said!!!

alex said...


Soon, everyday will be some special day. And then it will be chaos! ;)

The picture of the gift your brothers gave would look great.

mathew said...

my tribute to your bro...I ll nominate them for the presidenital bravery awards... :-P

Do they suffer from hallucinations..perpetual shocks..and do they come home after you have slept??

On a serious note..great times you are having...Tell them to blog about that we get the real story!!! :-P

Anonymous said...

valentino Khush hua!!

Fleiger said...

Well... the other description was:

One heart-shaped bowl : Rs. 150
Some pebbles : dhone ke liye pani ka kharcha
Showing your love to your sis: Priceless
Causing mayhem in every couple you know: Beyond priceless... ;)

Ganja Turtle said...

"isnt he a dish" he is! he is! A slightly, perturbed woozy dish...but still a dish!

Synapse said...

the snow man is so meaningful! pairs well with the ice maiden of the blogosphere! :D

naan said...

hmm.. couldn't help wondering where was this valentines day around 10-12 years ago..

Its kind of scary how a media developed 'day' has become so popular that it has become almost a sin not to know when is valentines day...

btw the valentino looked cool..

Neihal said...

For most of my b'days my brothers gave me a 'hug', and no, I am not happy abt it, but they are always broke, and if I want a gift, I have to sponsor it. So hug is all I get.

*howcome they are never broke when they have to buy gifts for their girlfriends*
Need to make some calls Silverine.
And yeah....can I borrow ur brothers for my next b'day. :P

silverine said...

Alex: I will try and post the pix!

Mathew: LOL I think it is me who should get a presidential bravery award for putting up with M :P And thank god he is too lazy to blog :)

Anon: Great to hear that! ;)

fleiger: Hats off!!! That was priceless :))

GT: Yeah he is a dish alright complete with potatoes and carrots :p

synapse: I am no Ice Maiden ;)

Naan: lol he looks cool alright :)) Somehow this year V Day was a damp squib in Blr.

neihal: Dont give me brothers ideas girls brrr And you can borrow them alright, though I would advice taking the elder one :p

Jeseem said...

for a moment, I thought it was you in the snow :)

and a happy Valentine. wishing that next time, your Bros are outsmarted and out-gifted by a handsome looney
(he's got to be looney to fall for you :P )

and a happy Valentine day to you ( hey I know its late, but you for you, their should be a valentine everyday :) )

Ajith said...

Why is that always guys have to buy gifts to girls on v-day ? Why not the other way round .. Its totally unfair :( :( :( .. In Korea and Japan, gals give gifts to guys on v-day..And guys are supposed to give back gifts on March-14 called 'White day' ..
..Wonder when will that kind of a system will come to India

Fleiger said...

Thank you, thank you... It's hard work maintaining the "Patron Saint of Commenters" title you bestowed upon me...

Mind Curry said...

And like other Valentines Days the day held no particular significance to me as I am single.
not true!! i think single people have the best Valentines day :)

silverine said...

Jessem: LOL that was soo funny and so sweet *hugs*

Ajith: Well I dont know, but if a "loony" (see comment above yours ) guy were to fall for me and I am loonier to fall for him then I would def get him a gift :)

fleiger: You dont have to work hard at it as you do it so effortlessly :)

MC: Very true, no pressure to think of gifts and special dates and stuff...ahhh the joys of being single ;)

flaashgordon said...

Tough call eh?? I mean on which is the better Valentine gift ..Am sure the former is the winner but then why do i think that the second is special ...mebbe due to the effort involved.What else could it be ?

Neway u know what i got as my valentines gift - i mean .. i believe that ws a better one :-))

Fleiger said...

Thank you, thank you...

And I am one more member to sing about the "joys of being single". We have t-shirts and mugs in our club too ;)

silverine said...

flaash: lol ;)
Your wifey's gift was the best!! :)

flieger:LOL You have T Shirts and mugs too? I wanna join this club!! :))