Thursday, August 24, 2006

A quiver of quills

I was tagged by Jina thought I mistakenly thought it was Quills after reading her tag. Apologies Jina :) Wot to do, am growing old :p So here my tag dedicated to both of you lovely ladies :)

I am a very confident person and care two hoots about what others think except my family

I said be happy with what you have yet do not stop giving your best to everything in life

I want a world devoid of hunger

I wish that every child and dog have a loving home

I miss childhood

I hear “song sung blue”

I wonder and hence I Google

I regret nothing…yet!

I am deeply affected by human tragedies like the Tsunami, I lashed out at God and asked “Why?!” I lost a little faith when it happened. Then regained it back all over again.

I dance very well

I sing all the time

I cry at the drop of the hat. I am an expressive and demonstrative person

I am not a person who beats around the bush, am brutally frank

I write for my bread and butter and clothes, shoes, cosmetics and perfumes… :p

I confuse between Kannada and Tamil. I tend to use both while talking.

I need to have my family around.

I should stop being so friendly and open with people I meet for the first time.

I finish what I have started ...never leave things undone

I pass this on to anyone who wants to take it up.


Mind Curry said...

i like you :) especially the fact that you care two hoots about what others think. thats the way.

I dance very well

I sing all the time

awesome! i dont know if A.R.Rahman is listening!

excellent! may you always be the person that you are.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could sing very well and dance all the time:-)

How can you confuse Tamil and Kannada? I don't know the latter, but I have heard it being said that Telugu and Kannada are more alike.


Riggs said...

You hear Neil Diamond? What a voice, eh?

Dhanush said...

I too miss childhood.. but only vacations ;)

Enthu resayirunuu alle.. padikkandu aadipaadi nadakkan...

Nice one Sliverine :)

neihal said...

nice tag :)
"I wonder and hence I Google" LOL.

mathew said...

childhood is somethin we all miss..u got a time machine or somethin..;)

Alexis Leon said...

Nice one. But the first one was ' I am thinking' ('I am' is down as item no. 9).

I wonder and hence I Google That was a nice one :-)

So do you sing while you dance? I think that is a recipe designed for disaster (DFD) ;-)

I too am brutally frank. Many times that quality had brought me trouble.

friendly and open with people I meet for the first time. This is not a Cancerian trait at all. May you are a Cancer-Leo cusp (just guessing)...

Another 'brutally frank' post :-) Really enjoyed reading it.

calvin said...

Should I ?

Fleiger said...

Another nightmare in microsoft red... Silverine writing something serious ;)

Anyways, childhood? Yes, I miss it too, with the school and the friends and cricket matches in the breaks.

Jiby said...

nice...especially loved the "I wonder and hence I Google" one!

Wish i cud get friendly with people the first time i meet them...havent made much friends after studies got over!

quills said...

Silverine! I am honored. :) To score a title referencing moi blog on the most popular blog in the kingdom. :)

I think, another blog buddy Jina started this tag. Jina, good going! :)

And yeah, as you mentioned on my site, we do have some things in common. :))

And I do like the confidence bit and the singing, dancing,. Good going!

Great tag!

silverine said...

mind curry: Thank you doc :) I hope I will be the person I am always circumstances permitting, do pray for me.

Kajan: I tend to use both while talking and in Blr people know both language so they understand what I am trying to say :))

riggs: Awesome voice!!!

dhanush: You said it "padikkandu aadipaadi nadakkan..." LOL

Neihal: Thank you, you notice all these things I see :)

mathew: I don't, but if I find someone who has I will be the first to take the ride back in time :) I want to eat my Ammachi's naadan pork fry *drool*

alexis: Actually I posted this tag with a severe headache, it's a miracle I got to post it today and so was in no mood to check all the points and I made the blunder of thinking it is Quill's tag too :)
"This is not a Cancerian trait at all. May you are a Cancer-Leo cusp" I don't have the 'word' stranger in my dictionary, never fel awkward with new people. I am now cultivating the habit of being restrained because some people try to take advantage of this :))

Aashik: Yes, of course!!! Looking forward to it :)

fleiger: LOL

Jiby: As I told Alexis, the word stranger does not exist in my dictionary and I am comfortable wih people I meet for the first time.It is a miracle I was not kidnapped as a child, I would talk to anyone :))

Quills: I loved the title and oops forgot it was Jina. Have corrected the same. And most popular blog in blogdom? No way!!! There is Sidin and Great Bong and many more :)

Anonymous said...

I remember a small girl with big brown eyes bossing everyone in the school bus...

Can you guess who am I? ;-)

Mind Curry said...

@ anonymous - me first!! the bus-conductor?

silverine said...

Anon: I have a faint idea :)

mind curry: ROFl
grrr doc you want me to lose my dinner again?? *hmph*

that was too good!!!!

Fleiger said...

Oh, btw can we make a deal? Pass some of that "familarity with strangers" stuff onto me, and I will trade "distance from strangers at first" with you...

silverine said...

Anon: o.k now I know who you are :)) Dumbo!!!!! :p

fleiger: Deal!!! *phew* didn't know it would be this easy :))

Anonymous said...

Clever girl! I have a wordpress account so dunno how to comment here. btw buchi gave me your link, wuz just reading about office blogging ha ha ha. Archana still with you guys? I saw her the other day, gave me the cold shot. Neways have sent you a mail. Do reply princess :p


mind curry >> ha ha you are right! :-))

Mind Curry said...

@ akshay - :) so sweet of you to take the joke in the right spirits buddy!

p.s. you could comment under the "other" option and that lets you use your name and blog-url.

venus said...

u are confused between tamil and kannada? i think, I'm confused between tamil, kannada, malay everything.. so you have nothing to feel bad about :)

I wonder hence I google, nice one!

I write for bread, butter, shoes, clothes.. that was funny how u said it though it's a fact!

I think, I should also stop being friendly and open with people when I meet them for the first time...

silverine said...

Akshay: Guess you got my mail Maharaja of Nojobpur :p

mind curry; He actually used to behave like a conductor, wouldn't sit down in his seat making the driver so nervous while driving. Would get shouted at for that , real 'ants in his pants' kind of guy :))

Venus: Ah, a kindred soul, thank you dear, nice to know I am not weird :)

ursjina said...

phew..yipee..finally i found it..hehe..i guess im gettin some ' ' pleasure outta cin these tags written..well maladies of friendlessness..:)
Thank you gorgeous lady